NASA’s SOHO Telescope Captures Planet-Sized Object Near Sun

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Researchers are baffled and speculation in internet forums abounds over images captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on January 10, 2014.

According to some the images depict a physical planet-sized object near the sun, while others have suggested the “object” is lens flare, a camera effect where light scatters across the camera’s lens.

We’ll let you decide:

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  • disqus_AHJwAM8cnR

    Here come the Nibiru comments.

    • Ms. Meds

      as use suspect but you dont want them to tell u to take off the tin hat.

  • Andy Fife

    Ah, i can forget the student loan now.

  • Free thinker

    Kinda looks like a smoke ring.

  • Wolve Rine

    This is not the first such an image has been photographed. Each time, the flippant and unscientific answer is “lens flare.” Right………..

  • Crosstown

    Wish they showed more than 2 frames. Looks more like an odd shaped Coronal Ejection, not a planet. And I am positive that is why the “uploader” choose to only focus on 2 or 3 frames of the video, stinking trolls.

  • Stu

    That’s no moon…

  • jim_robert

    It’s very large, so I think it MUST be that $1.6 billion Obama crony Jon Corzine “lost.”

  • anybodys guess

    It could be Shiela Jaxzuns big, black azz

  • Real
  • BillClinton

    There are more rogue planets in the universe than there are stars, but this isn’t one of them.

  • terrahertz

    It’s astonishing that anyone could think that either ‘an object’ or ‘lens flare’. Even the most casual observation shows it to be just a roundish gap in the ejected solar wind. Roundish as seen from this angle, which doesn’t mean it’s actually spherical. It’s not even perfectly round, if you look closely. Plus, given that the image central black circle is the camera’s obscuring disk – which is quite a lot bigger than the Sun’s angular size at SOHO’s distance, the ‘object’ in these images is nearly the size of the Sun. Ha ha… yes, no one noticed it before, right?

    Thanks Real, for posting the link to the actual, full SOHO movie.
    I’d decided the original article and video had to be troll BS, just from the sound track. Which reminded me of a hilarious video advert for canned baked beans.
    Interesting to see the reality.

  • Archie1954

    Any physical object of that size would cause gravity perturbances within the solar system which would be measureable by scientists. In other words it isn’t there!

  • Defiant

    Yeah…that’s what that other guy said…Nancy Pelosi.

  • Be awear


  • dr.jimbones

    hello.its a plane its a bird,its NOT planet X,Is our star part of a binary star,and the other one is on an ecliptical orbit on a 3600 year loop and is now coming into view?who knows,how can we trust N.A.S.A. after the Apollo hoax?Gus Grissum hung a Lemon on the door of the Apollo module also while strapped into the command mod.while on the ground said”how are we going to get to the Moon if we can,t evan communicate between two buildings?”Then the fire,and the emergency latch didn,t work so gus and the other two astronuats fried right there on the Luanchpad along side gus!!!The head of N.A.S.A.Safety for the entire Apollo missions presented an over 500 page report to congress,listing All the reasons why it was impossible to get a man or men to the Moon and back with the Saturn booster rockets safely ,for the simple reason of the weight of lead shielding it would take to protect the astronauts from the radiation while flying through the Van Allen Radiation belts.Not to mention the radiation beyond those and to the Moon and back.The Saturn booster rockets were simply not powerful enough to lift all the weight!!!END OF STORY..By the way one week after giving Congress that 500 page report,he,his Wife and step-Daughter were murdered.See where my skeptism comes from about N.A.S.A.!!!

  • PaulFrancis

    This is no mystery and not only do we have contact with ET’s, we have discourse. The planet sized object near the Sun is actually a planet and it has been added to our solar system. It is currently cloaked but not for long. Nibiru was moved to the Kuiper Belt and is no longer of any concern to Earth. The new planet is called Taus or Enoch and was brought from the Pleiades. It is fully encapsulated and takes on energy when near a star. Currently the final positioning of Taus is taking place. It will be very close to the Sun to minimize influence on the orbits of the other planets.
    Why was Taus brought here? Well, Earth has come of age and became a teenager as of Dec.21,2012. Earth is now in transition from a Level 0 civilization to a Level 1 civilization. This is reflected in the Schumann Resonance (SR), that is now at 16 Hz. Anyways, Earth will need lots of help to become fully Level 1 and that is where Taus comes in. This planet has a large population of humanoids. Humans share much DNA with these beings. Many Pleiadians have been on Earth and went undetected. Right now all of the Pleiadians have left Earth and are on Taus. The populace of Taus will serve as coaches for Earth during the transition to Level 1.
    Many people say that Dec.21, 2012 was a disappointment because nothing happened. In fact, this was the most significant date in Earth’s 4.5 billion years. It took an Arcturian to explain this to us but the picture becomes clear when you look at this playlist.

    Also on Dec. 21, 2012, Earth joined a galactic community of STO ET’s. There are many galactic communities in the Milky Way and we joined the newest one, which is 18 million years old. They help fledgling planets like Earth and this causes the planets to want to be part of helping others. Earth is a long way from being of much help to others but we are being treated with incredible kindness and it will inspire our doing the same in kind.

    The STO ET’s are protecting Earth as follows :
    -no bad guy ET’s dare bother Earth in any way from now on
    – no large rocks will hit the planet
    – there will be no nuclear war
    – no large CME’s will hit Earth

    The days of ELE’s on Earth are over but there are still large natural disasters ahead that the STO ET’s will help us get through.

    TPTB will gradually disappear and won’t be able to reincarnate on Earth because of the elevated SR. Currently, only Level 1 or higher consciousness souls can reincarnate on Earth. Level 0 parents can have Level 1 or higher children. TPTB and their minions are all Level 0.

    Five years ago 5% of humans qualified for a Level 1 civilization; today that is 30%. TPTB are going to get really brutal as power and control slips from their grasp and their numbers dwindle. Rough road for us.

  • Pilgrim

    “The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.” –
    K – Men in Black