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As some of you know, my former political site ‘’ has merged with I will be working with others to help make Nanny State the best source of information about both obscure and well known manifestations of the Nanny State. Information (and mockery! :) ) is the first step to fighting back. Please check out the short blurb below, and consider liking us on Facebook!


America, the land of opportunity, the last best hope of human freedom. People traveled to her wide open spaces to create economic opportunity for themselves, escape religious persecution, and live a life they couldn’t possibly have imagined living in their homelands, a life of freedom and opportunity. From sea to shining sea they tamed what once was harsh, unforgiving wilderness, blazed trails across dangerous land, planted stakes in the ground that symbolized that most precious of commodities, land they could call their own.

There they built cabins, then towns, then cities, then skyscrapers. There they created the most liberty-based government known to man, a government that encouraged, nay required rugged individuals, acting in their own self-interest, to work hard in order to prosper, so that their communities would prosper in kind.

Sadly, as with all good things, it was not to last forever.

You see, human government has a history of running in cycles. Like the rise of the Roman Republic and the birth of America hundreds of years later, new forms of self-government are often born from man’s yearning for freedom. After that initial birth, a golden age follows, with dramatic increases in inventions and prosperity. The golden age may last a couple hundred years, but it inevitably ends. People begin to grow complacent and, generation by generation, more and more decadent, lazy, content. Instead of traditional self-reliance, they want someone to take care of them. Instead of freedom, they want security.

They want a Nanny State, and, unfortunately, there have always been those who enjoy making a comfortable living giving it to them. Today’s Nannies want to control every aspect of our lives, and far too many are willing to let them. Law by law, regulation by regulation, we are incrementally losing the freedoms that once made America great, the self-reliance that inspired the greatest inventors and captains of industry mankind has ever seen to take the world to places it has never gone before.

The Nanny State is the opposite of that freedom. It is dependence. It is decadence. It is slavery. And it’s not just America – it is worldwide. The Nanny State crushes individuals, stifles entrepreneurship, and creates a culture where people falsely believe the government is able to protect them from anything that could possibly go wrong.

We must break the cycle! We must resist, and the first step in resistance is making the public aware. That is why we started We want to shine the spotlight on the Nannys at every level of government. We want report their silly, inane, juvenile rules, to mock them for the world to see. We live in a Nanny State, but it doesn’t have to be!

In the meantime…

We report the rules – YOU obey!

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Contributed by Scott Morefield of A Morefield Life.

Scott’s articles have appeared on Natural News, Liberty Crier, Infowars, Wake-Up World, and many other sites, including A Morefield Life where he and his wife, Kim, share their marriage and parenting journey. He is the founder of the brand-new website The Ninny State, where he hopes to document and ridicule government ninnyisms from coast to coast.

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