Naked Woman Who Shut Down Major Texas Highway for Two Hours Said ‘CIA Was Out to Get Her’

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A naked 25-year-old woman dancing on top of a big rig completely shut down the westbound lanes of a major highway in Houston, Texas yesterday morning.

She had reportedly been involved in two separate car wrecks before making her way out into traffic on the highway, taking off all of her clothes, and climbing on top of the truck.

Helicopter footage (below) shows her dancing naked on the truck.

“She wasn’t making any sense. A lot of times she was real quiet, but then she had outbursts about the FBI and the CIA is after her,” firefighter Brian Shirley told local news channel KHOU. Other responders said the woman was talking about the CIA, Wall Street, and aliens.

It’s the kind of thing that sounds “crazy” in the context of a local news story, but as the story got shared on social media, others were speculating if the woman was a “targeted individual”.

After about two hours, the whole scene ended peacefully without incident. The woman, yet unnamed, was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation and has since been moved to a psychiatric center.

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  • She is lucky it wasn’t my truck. I would have taken her for a ride.

  • I forgot

    Couldn’t she have left her clothes on and done the same?

    • She wouldn’t have stopped traffic if she hadn’t taken off her clothes.

  • SP_88

    This is how people who are on drugs behave. They should check her for drugs after they are done checking her mental health.

    • Wouldn’t it be easier to draw some blood and check for the drugs first, since the vast majority of peculiar behavior is a result of taking drugs, as opposed to preventing it?

      • SP_88

        Yes it would. But from what I interpreted in the article, they had already put her in a mental institution. They didn’t mention any drug testing. I would have thought that they would have done that first. Her behavior is definitely a reason to suspect drugs.
        They seemed to have gotten it backwards. So I figured that when they are done screwing around with her mental health and trying to find an excuse to give her some sort of psychotropic drugs that they could give her a drug test, just in case it was not a mental disorder.
        They could have tested her for recreational pharmaceuticals before they shipped her off to crazy town and the article just didn’t mention it. But it certainly should have been the first thing they did. It was certainly the first thing that I thought of. And getting her off drugs would certainly be more productive than getting her on drugs. With coke, weed, crack, smack, crank, E, PCP and whatever other drugs people take for fun, they wind up naked in the road or passed out on the floor, doing some sort of crazy nonsense. But when people start or stop taking drugs for anxiety and depression, etc, they become very dangerous, and now they end up killing a bunch of people and/or themselves. So I would definitely feel better knowing that she is not on any drugs whatsoever, but if she is going to be on something, I’d rather it was coke or weed or something to get high than for her to be on those psycho drugs, because she could become violent and dangerous, as opposed to just being an amusing nuisance.

        • Of course, she could just be a transdimensional from a place where there are no clothes:-)

          • SP_88

            You laugh, but wait until we are bombarded with trans-this and trans-that people. There was already an article about a trans-animal woman who thought she was a cat. Between the trans-sexuals and the trans-genders, I’m already at my limit for weird people. So if suddenly kids have to sit in class with someone who refuses to wear clothes because they are transdimensional nudists, I’ll blow a gasket.
            It seems like the normal people are being labeled as mentally ill and the mentally ill people are being forced onto us by morons who demand tolerance yet refuse to tolerate normal people.
            The loonies are running the asylum.

          • If we don’t have the sense to leave the asylum, we deserve what we’ll get. I don’t really care what other people do as long as it doesn’t interfere with my life. Those who refuse to signal their lane changes cause me more grief than those who overtly signal their perversities, letting me know who I’d have to shoot first.

          • SP_88

            That’s a good way to look at it. No point in worrying about people who don’t bother us with their problems. Usually when I see someone doing something ridiculous I’ll just shake my head and keep walking, don’t make eye contact, don’t make small talk, just keep looking straight ahead and walk away. Otherwise I run the risk of getting trapped in a perpetual conversation that I don’t even know what it’s about.

          • I generally only get involved in conversations of the last kind when the bureaucrat engages me.

  • Frank

    Paranoia, compulsion to remove clothes, suspected mental illness; yes, definitely some kind of CIA involvement. There were probably hidden GPS and audio transmitters in her clothing, so it was a smart move to remove all man-made articles from her person. Due to long-term exposure and transference of reality-altering substances infused into her clothing through her skin, it will probably be a few days of being completely naked before the effects begin to subside.

    • In other words, they should look for man-made objects or substances that she didn’t remove?

  • kirkpatrick

    I wouldn’t mind if she was hot. See the size of that redaction? She was indecent from neck to knee.

    • How would anyone survive being redacted from neck to knee?

      • kirkpatrick

        A redaction is a blacked out area. See the photo. Notice she is blacked out from neck to knee? Are you that slow?

        • Redaction is done on a document, not a video. The video was edited, not redacted, so no, I am just refusing to use the wrong word, which is in no way a sign of slowness, unlike bad choices in word selection.

          • kirkpatrick

            Redaction means blocking things out. It is done frequently on documents. There is a tool you can use called Google.

          • Ever thought of abstaining from ad hominem?
            I don’t love any politician, let alone Hitlary.
            The image was taken from a video that was edited to cover her genitalia.

  • Publeus

    — We used to call that college…

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor


  • Maybe they were just trying to send her back to blubberon.

  • whiteberry

    Sounds like good old PCP to me…

  • Julian

    I believe her claims, she was targeted it happens a lot.

  • Gambeir Bay

    So a naked dingbat holds up traffic for two hours, while an old man making soup in his own kitchen gets his door kicked down and tassed by nutcases wearing uniforms, is this about the size of it?