Naked People Terrorize Missouri Town, Synthetic Drug Flakka Suspected

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Several people went on a rampage in a small Missouri town that included barking like dogs, yelling, breaking into buildings and showering naked in soda water. The incident is being blamed on a synthetic drug that often causes extreme behavior.

Police believe the man-made drug Flakka was the cause of the behavior, which left the town of Sullivan in eastern Missouri reeling and searching for answers, the Kansas City Star reported.

Two people were arrested in relation to the incident, while several were treated at the hospital. The drugs recovered have not yet been tested, but police think the users mixed methamphetamine with flakka.

“We had multiple incidents this past weekend of people on some kind of substance acting out of their minds,” Police Lieutenant Patrick Johnson said, according to the Sullivan Independent News“Barking like dogs, running up and down the street… entering people’s homes, breaking into a business, yelling outside of local businesses.”

One business owner described a theft that took place during the incident.

“My dad came in Saturday morning ready to open the place (up) and noticed that the doors by the machine area were opened up and came in and noticed one of our cash registers was knocked over on the floor,” Alec Ockrassa, the general manager of Sullivan Bowl, told KSDK. The thieves took more than a thousand dollars from the register, Ockrassa said.

Flakka, which is also known as alpha-PVP, has a similar chemical makeup to drugs known as “bath salts,” according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is typically sold in a white or pink crystalline form, and emits a foul smell.

Users consume the synthetic drug by either eating, snorting, injecting or vaporizing it in an electronic cigarette device, according to the institute.

Flakka also featured in several incidents last year in Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio, according to the Star. It caused everything from overdose-related deaths to a slew of emergency room visits by people who used the drug.

The synthetic drug featured in a highly publicized case in Florida five years ago, in which a man who was reportedly high on flakka attacked another and proceeded to gnaw on his face. The ‘zombie’ incident led to the victim becoming disfigured. The attacker was shot dead by police.

The Missouri incident comes as the nationwide opioid crisis has been attracting government attention. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the opioid epidemic one of the top “lethal issues” in the US.

About “60,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses” in 2016, Sessions said in August, pointing out that this was a “big increase” from the 52,000 deaths that occurred the year before.

President Donald Trump has declared the opioid crisis a “national emergency” and stated that the issue is a “serious problem the likes of which we have never had.”

One of the main contributing factors to the crisis is the prescription opioid Oxycontin, which is used for pain relief and is highly addictive. A report released earlier this year by the Commission on Combating Drug addiction and the Opioid Crisis said that America faces the death toll equal to “September 11th every three weeks,” as up to 142 people in the US die from opioid overdose every day.

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  • They all sound as sane as most elected officials I have met.

    • Mike

      you got that right, and the sad fact is the use the US military to not only guard the poppy, but load it onto planes and bring it to the US for distribution.

      • The poppy plants never see the US. They are taken to Columbia to be processed into opioids which are then transported to the US on CIA front airlines.

        • bendo’er

          It’s Colombia dunce..shut up or learn how to spell

        • Mike

          either way, they use the US military to help guard and transport the plants to be processed.

          • I don’t have or see any evidence that the CIA would relinquish possession to the military of harvested poppies.

          • Mike

            I have seen pictures from retired military friends of the poppy being loaded up by US military onto cia cargo planes in the middle east.

          • Which would indicate that the military isn’t providing anything but loading and on-site protection. One has to wonder what the CIA would have to do if the militaries of countries who are suffering from the CIA’s trafficking were to start shooting their planes down. Did your friends happen to say how often those flights departed the middle east or what kind of planes they were?

          • Mike

            four or five shipments a month, and they used standard military cargo planes and took them to off the grid airports so the shipments could be divided up.

  • John C Carleton

    i can tell none of you made it to one of Wille Nelsons early 4th of July picnics.
    Getting all upset about a bunch of naked people.

  • darkhorse

    ha ha ha ….

  • dav1bg

    In a recent speech on the state of the Afghanistan quagmire, Congressman Thomas Massie (R) KY, exposed some hard truths that very few people in Washington are courageous enough to address. While most politicians cheered Trump’s insane decision to increase US presence in Afghanistan this week, Massie blew the lid off of it.
    For years, Massie has pointed out that the US has blown billions of dollars on failed projects alone. As of last year, the number of failed projects totaled over 100 billion.
    To put this number in perspective, the entire amount of money the United States allocates to spend on rebuilding America’s crumbling highways every year is less than half of what it’s blown on failed projects alone in Afghanistan.
    Of that wasted $100 billion, $8 billion was spent failing to eradicate the Afghan opium trade. Not only did the this massive amount of money not stop the opium trade and production but it doubled it!
    USA spent $8billion to eradicate poppy in Afghanistan and they doubled annual production of poppy (opium). What’s wrong with this picture?
    — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) August 21, 2017
    Western profiteers are making a figurative killing off of heroin for the literal killing of people in Afghanistan.
    A former British Territorial Army mechanic, Anthony C Heaford released a report three years ago, and a series of photos, which he says proves that British and American troops are harvesting opium in Afghanistan.
    It is also no secret that Afghanistan opium production has increased by 3,500 percent, from 185 tons in 2001 to 6,400 in 2015, since the US-led invasion.

    • You’re on the wrong track.
      Get with the USA Senate Drug Cartel, importing $8bil. worth of opium, paid by tax dollars and Laundered by your politicians. It becomes pure profit to the middle men mafia – government.

      • darkhorse

        you betcha, Cy…did you know that the CIA brought drugs into the USA in the bodies of dead American troops?? Yep, that’s your ZIO CIA!

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  • I say not enough die from overdose, more need to die.
    Until we get rid of most of the idiots that use narcotics.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      Time we quit messing with the self filtering mechanism of the human gene pool.

  • James

    Secure borders would help fight this. Then take the head of the dragon as Duterte does. A few mayors chief of cops gunned down & the problem starts to go away.

  • bendo’er

    “Show me” state


    The most racist place this side of Tel Aviv?