N. Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Launch; UN Meets to Decide World Response

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It’s all over the news: North Korea is claiming it successfully launched its first hydrogen bomb which was so powerful, it caused a 5.1 man-made earthquake.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has recorded a 5.1 earthquake 21km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea at a depth of 0.0 km, so that would at least initially support the claims.


Meanwhile, experts are reportedly saying the test was actually a failure, as the earthquake it garnered was too small to be a meaningful threat. The UN Security Council is set to meet and discuss a response.

Considering that North Korea is a lukewarm threat at best, and everything they do is terror theater, one has to wonder what else is going on worldwide right now that we should be paying attention to instead while this news continues to suck up all the headlines like a mutant vacuum cleaner.

Here’s the announcement on Korean news, which has been translated (supposedly), although it kinda comes off as an SNL skit or something.

P.S. – Here’s the first comment underneath it:


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  • Meltonmark

    Strange how anyone is a threat except the White House. Tell me again, who has invaded over 70 countries since WW2?

    • NonYo Business


  • Rick E.

    There are several reasons why the USA and the UN doesn’t attack N.Korea, nor will it compel them to do shit regarding the nukes that it has.
    1), it doesn’t have vast amounts of oil and other natural resources to plunder. 2), it can and will, fight back with nukes, north Korea isn’t a piss ant country that the bullies can easily overwhelm. (such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.)
    3), Israel isn’t calling for the destruction of Korea

    • North Korea is going to do anything with what resources?
      North Korea is a Chinese ally, so anyone who is worried about it should be looking elsewhere for the launch of ICBMs.
      How would you overwhelm Iraq and Afghanistan if the US military couldn’t?

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Hi Rick. I agree with you on your 1st 2 points. However, on the 3rd, just because Israel has said nothing I can recall about Korea that does not mean they do not want to set up a Rothschild owned Central Bank which will progressively strip North Koreans of what little assets they have and make the country even poorer than it already is.
      Picture the scene:- a tax stream being siphoned out of the country in a highly immoral way to fund the greedy lifestyles of billionaires who live elsewhere, probably America, Europe and Israel.
      Then the vaccines, chemtrails and men in their 30’s still living with Mum will start up.
      Korea is far better off as it is under its Dear Leader and occasional visits by Dennis Rodman. Believe you me.

    • GRAMPA

      Take out their generating resources and cut their manufacturing abilities. The one rocket they might get off could be shot down. We have the ability. sending them back to the stone age would allow the people to overcome the military that is nightly percent show but non operable. let the south invade on its own and remove that dictator by its own force. The UN would only need to tell china to stand down.

  • How can anything that can trigger an earthquake be a failure?

    • jaguar

      Exactly!!! They just destabilized fault lines for thousands of miles… In 2006 when they also set off a Nuke test, we here in Hawaii had a 6.7 earthquake a few days later !!!

  • Smarty

    I’ve never seen John Belushi in pink before…..

  • Frank

    Well, I would expect that the NSA/CIA/NGIA collaboration would have some kind of imagery to verify the test actually occurred, as it was supposed to have been conducted on the surface.

    • mirageseekr

      Every one of those agencies would lie and or fake data to suit the needs of their zionist masters. How many times did Russia supposedly attack or move troops into other countries that we were told about that later when pressed the US could not backup their claims and Russia would even provide the evidence that the US was lying?

  • Aug Ust


    Hydrogen Bomb out of his Fat Ass Hole when he sat down

  • ccambridge

    Why doesn’t obummer called for that looney’s overthrow like he’s done to all the other sovereign countries leaders he doesn’t like.

  • mirageseekr

    Fear porn from TPTB.

  • SP_88

    Hydrogen bomb? Isn’t that what they were using back in the 50’s when they were new?
    This country is a throwback.

  • bozotoo

    Is that video the North Korean’s version of Saturday Night Live?

  • sunshine

    I said the same stuff over at Breitbart and some wacko went nuts calling me anti-American and all this other stuff. He never did seem to manage to rustle up any care for any of the soldiers that have been sent out to be maimed and killed for these elite scumbags, it’s more important to fit into a narrow box of “American” that evidently doesn’t include American tax dollars going to use in AMERICA or keeping our fellow citizen-soldiers out of pointless and idiotic foreign entanglements! Lol and he called me, a IRL, unironic Nazi, a “liberal”! What a world!