Mysterious Virus Kills 20 Ukrainian Soldiers, Separatists Blame U.S. Lab

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Beginning in early December, reports emerged regarding a strange new virus infecting military personnel in Eastern Ukraine. To date, nobody really knows what the strain is, and the Western mainstream media has neglected to report on it. A recent update from the Donbass International News Agency (which appears to be a pro-Russian separatist website) suggests that the virus has an American origin.

The strain, which has since been dubbed the “California Flu,” has reportedly killed 20 Ukrainian soldiers and hospitalized 200 more.  The virus causes a high fever, seems immune to modern medicine, and the infected that die typically succumb within 2 days. According to the Vice Commander of the Russian separatists, the virus was leaked from a research lab near the city of Kharkov, which is run by “US military experts.”

Regardless of its origin, the virus has started to infect the civilian population as well, and is making its way through the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Doctors on the Ukrainian side of the border have failed to identify the viral strain, because the lab they need resides in separatist territory.

If this virus is real and the current casualty rates are accurate, then it would have a mortality rate of just over 1%. This would make it about half as bad as the Spanish Flu of 1918, but significantly more lethal than an ordinary flu virus.

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  • sunshine

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if our benevolent government was behind this. I’d be more surprised if they weren’t!

  • Mr Reynard

    Putin did it ! He bought the virus from Fort Derrick ?? The transaction is still on record, he paid for the virus with his AMEX Gold Card…

  • lou

    Yo, Sheeple herders, the 1% mortality rate seems way too low, was this a typo? Heck, the flu kills more than 1%, doesn’t it?

    “If this virus is real and the current casualty rates are accurate, then it would have a mortality rate of just over 1%”

    • the mortality rate of the flu (combined with pneumonia as a complication) is 15 in 100000 in the US (or 48,000 per year), which is a 0.015% mortality rate.
      By comparison, a %1 mortality rate of the 320 million people in the US would be 3,200,000 deaths. Thats about 66x more lethal than the flu/pneumonia.

      • lou

        Well, if you put that way, where I understand it, I must say thank you and yikes!

        • LiberalsRLost

          This is a tad more effective then the present chemtrails but the cocktail in that recipe is a slow agonizing painful illness of morgellons, lupus, cancer, etc.

          yes, we are being exterminated at so many levels that a book would take days to read about it all……

    • LiberalsRLost

      look at it as a lab experiment to fine tune the virus as a weapon, do not take all news as a “well it did not kill millions so this is just a normal cold’
      all weapons go thru trial testing…..from the folly of the F-35 to this virus….

      • lou

        Yikes again, deep inside I believe this.

    • John Cook

      It may have been intended to be 10% – 200 in hospital and 20 dead.

  • Mike

    Well, the US has done far worse things, so I would not put it past them.

  • LiberalsRLost

    For those still stupid enough to think HIV came from green monkeys there is no help….
    for the rest…..this is a hot trail to pursue until the luciferian dogs are cornered and them executed…….The ussa army has bio-labs everywhere….part of the globalist population reduction and the Georgia Guide-stones….these poor chaps are mere lab rats for the elite…….
    I hope they are outed and dealt with….

  • Meltonmark

    Do you think Zika virus is a random event?

  • clarioncaller

    Actually, I would call it the ‘NeoCon Flu’.

  • Alleged Comment

    Soldiers are the healthiest of us all. This would be bad news!

  • D.Moore

    The implications are there