Mysterious Sniper Has Been Picking Off ISIS Leaders in Libya

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Since their rise to power in the Middle East, ISIS has developed a reputation for attracting fearless and brutal fanatics. However, that fearlessness has been called into question over the past month. Since January, ISIS fighters in Libya have been living in terror after several of their leaders were picked off by an unnamed sniper in the city of Sirte.

One Sudanese Sharia court official was killed on January 13th, while another leader was shot dead near his home in Sirte. A high-ranking ISIS commander was killed as he stepped out of a mosque on January 23rd. After each death, ISIS fighters fired their guns randomly in the air to scare the inhabitants of Sirte, as they searched the city for the marksman. A witness to one of the incidents admitted that “a state of terror prevailed among the top ranks of the Isil ranks after his death.”

The sniper seems to have disappeared since January, though it’s difficult to know for sure since very little news escapes the city of Sirte. In any case, that hasn’t stopped the locals from speculating about him (or her?). The residents of Sirte, many of who are tired of living under the tyranny of ISIS, have since dubbed the man the “Daesh Hunter.’ Some have theorized that he is a locally trained marksman, while others believe he may be a member of the US military. Whatever he is, the sniper has become something of a folk hero among the locals of Sirte.

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