Mysterious Planet 13 Times The Size Of Jupiter Spotted In The Heart Of The Galaxy

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An enormous planet thirteen times the size of Jupiter has been spotted in our very own galaxy. The mysterious planet is it the “heart” of our Milky Way.

The location of this planet is near the “galactic budge”, or center of the spiral galaxy we call home.  The object is thought to be about 13 times the size of Jupiter and at the outside edge of what is classified as a planet. It was spotted using “microlensing,” a process where scientists measure distortions in light when a star passes in front of another star, by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) collaboration.

The planet, known as OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb, is 22,000 light years away from Earth and orbits its parent star roughly every three years. Its huge mass puts the object right at the deuterium burning limit – the conventional boundary between planets and brown dwarfs. But researchers are being careful to say that it is possible that this planetary body is a brown dwarf.

Brown dwarfs are objects too big to be a planet but yet are not massive enough to sustain the nuclear fusion which makes stars burn. “We report the discovery of OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb, which is likely to be the first Spitzer microlensing planet in the galactic bulge/bar, an assignation that can be confirmed by two epochs of high-resolution imaging of the combined source-lens baseline object,” the researchers wrote.

The discovery of the celestial body could give scientists and researchers more of an opportunity to better understand the universe as we know it.


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  • darkhorse

    Wow! Have we found the place to ship all our monster betrayers of government! I’m so excited – I just can’t hide it!

  • emptymag

    My first thought was “How come it’s not a star if it’s that big?” Not enough mass. Maybe some day? With that mass it has to have major gravity. Sci-fi dreams.

  • SP_88

    They said it could be a brown dwarf. That sounds awfully racist. They should have called it a vertically challenged African-American.

    • davee

      How dare they assume how it likes to be identified!

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    • tonye

      Naw, the vertically challenged African-Americans are small black holes, like the one that swallowed malaysia airlines mh370 (according to CNN).

      Vertically challenged Mexican-Americans are brown dwarfs.

      • SP_88

        You are correct. Thank you for pointing that out. Does that mean that somewhere there is a big aircraft up on cinder blocks with all the parts stripped off of it?

        • tonye

          Ay Caramba!

          Claro que si!


  • It is not Paranoia

    Don’t you ever feel stupid watching all the pictures from space? It’s like thinking video games are real.

  • Yackety Shmackety…Blah Blah Blah… We can’t even get to a dead moon 132k miles away, dream on lil dreamers….

  • bendo’er

    13 times? ‘aluminumati’, guy in cave defeats NORAD on 09/11/2001(oh so easily)?

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson


  • Fingal Carson

    And yet still there is no way to get to there and see any of this autistic anglo universe known as “space”.