‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons

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Discussion that would have instantly caused anyone involved to be labeled a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ even a few weeks ago has now made its way into the mainstream media.

Following reports that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had called police just weeks before the mass shooting in D.C. to claim he was the victim of gangstalking and a target of microwave energy weapons that left him hearing voices and unable to sleep, now reports are surfacing that the military contractor had carved “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into the stock of his shotgun prior to the shootings.

As reported yesterday, the mainstream media painted initial accounts of Alexis’ stalking claims as further proof he was mentally unhinged. With these new weapon carving revelations, the media’s tune has changed.

As if its just any other news day, now the likes of The Washington Post and The Washington Times are openly talking about the existence of directed energy weapons, Manchurian Candidates and even ways that ELF, or extremely low frequency waves, can be used in “weather efforts” — a direct reference to the fact that this technology can be used to modify and control the weather.

In “Officials: Navy Yard shooter carved odd messages into his gun before carnage,” The Post casually admits, “ELF generally stands for ‘extremely low frequency’ and can refer to weather or communications efforts, among other things.” Weather efforts? Pray tell. The military research project H.A.A.R.P. is mentioned which, among many other interesting and controversial abilities, has the demonstrated ability to modify and control weather, although the line, “HAARP is often cited by conspiracy theorists,” is also tossed in for good measure.

The article goes on to discuss how Alexis sought help for insomnia on Aug. 23 from a VA facility, just weeks after his report to RI police that he was hearing voices through the walls and being attacked with microwave weapons, only this time he claimed his insomnia was work-induced. He returned to a VA emergency room just five days later after his prescription sleeping medication ran out, needing more. This time Alexis was prescribed the antidepressant sleep disorder drug Trazodone, but adding mind-altering synthetic chemicals to an already tenuous situation could not have been helpful.

If Alexis was stalked as he previously claimed, he was likely hesitant to tell the medical officials at the VA, considering the officer from the Aug. 7 report had written, “showing signs of some sort of mental deficiency“. Alexis probably realized how crazy his story would sound to someone unfamiliar with directed energy weapons. Support groups for this type of stalking specifically warn people not to mention the technology to law enforcement or medical officials, as they will likely consider anyone who does to have a mental health problems and might commit them to a psychiatric ward.

The Post goes on to note that Alexis had been estranged from his family for many years…could that have made him as easier target?

The Washington Times article “42 days after ‘microwave mind control’ complaint, Alexis kills 12” openly discusses a self-professed U.S. military intelligence veteran who says directed energy weapons are used to create government assassins:

Julianne McKinney, former director of the Electronic Surveillance Project at the now defunct Association of National Security Alumni in Silver Springs, Maryland, and who self identifies as U.S. Army intelligence veteran, self-published “Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation” in 1992 and “Mind Control and the Secret State” in 2008.

According to McKinney’s 1992 paper, “the long term objectives of these harassment and experimentation campaigns appear to be…redirect the targeted individual’s feelings of hopelessness, anger, and frustration toward racial and ethnic groups, and toward select, prominent political figures… (and to) force the individual to commit an act of violence, whether suicide or murder, under conditions which can be plausibly denied by the government”. [emphasis added]

Again, these are themes that many who have researched declassified government programs such as MK Ultra are familiar with, but the fact that they are now openly being talked about in the mainstream media is astounding.

The Times also goes on to mention another military shooting where the killer had a similar complaint:

In an eerily similar tragedy, on May 30, 1991, Carl E. Campbell shot U.S. Navy commander Edward J. Higgins at least five times with a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol near a bus stop outside of the Pentagon, leaving the U.S.-Soviet arms control expert and 21 year Navy veteran dead.

A federal judge found Campbell innocent by reason of insanity: “In court papers, prosecutors said that Campbell, who had been treated earlier for paranoid schizophrenia, believed the U.S. government had implanted a mind-controlling computer chip in his brain”, reported the Associated Press. [emphasis added]

As previously reported, our government has been researching these types of weapons via programs such as the now declassified Project MK Ultra since at least the beginning of the Cold War. Their existence is not a secret, even if the majority of the American people are unaware.

Let’s recap. On Aug. 7, Alexis called police claiming that, after an altercation at a Virginia airport, he was stalked by three people and heard voices through the walls, ceiling and floor and that he felt the individuals were pulsing him with a microwave weapon, which kept him from sleep. By Aug. 23, he was in the VA complaining of insomnia without mentioning the stalking incidents. (Would you?) He was prescribed sleeping pills, but just give days later he was back at the VA emergency room asking for more pills, and he was then prescribed an antidepressant. Weeks go by, and suddenly on Sept. 16, Alexis is the suspected mass shooter of 12 people at one of the most secure locations in the country. He is killed by police, and can never tell his side of the story.

The fact that Alexis carved “Better off this way” into his weapon is chill-inducing to say the least.

The video below reveals a sonic billboard for a ghost hunting TV show called Paranormal State. The billboard sits atop a six-story building and when passersby walk beneath, they hear a female hastily whispering, “What’s that? Who’s there? It’s not your imagination” directly into their ears. 

The billboard in action:

The New York Times reports:

“The voices, which belong to A & E employees, were emanating from two large black speakers above the billboard, which contained a technology called directional audio. The speakers use ultrasound to produce a highly focused beam of sound, making people within their reach feel as if they are wearing headphones, listening to sounds intended for them and them aloneFor individuals within the beam, the sound is crisp and intimate. Those outside its scope, which in this case means anyone not standing on the north side of Prince Street between Mott and Mulberry Streets, hear nothing. This appears to be the first commercial use of such technology on a billboard.” [emphasis added]

This technology gives you a taste of what hearing voices via directed energy weapons would be like, but it is not nearly as advanced as the type patented to be beamed directly into someone’s head and heard by no one else but the intended target.

Can you imagine having voices talk to you, directly inside your head, for weeks on end? What if you went to authorities only to find they thought you were insane? What if those voices wouldn’t stop? What if they commanded you to do something you didn’t want to, something unspeakable, over and over and over, even invading your sleep without reprieve? What if they finally promised you rest, finally promised you that you would be “Better off this way” if you just did what they asked?

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  • Ken, your UK friend

    This is not a joke, just a conjecture. Do the voices go silent upon wearing a tin foil hat? Microwaves have difficulty penetrating aluminium. Please dont laugh. Thankyou.
    Failing that, and ruling out drinking, the prescription drugs outlined above may push a person over the edge. Islam and Scientology have the right attitude to intoxicants and I still believe Lee Rigby’s murderers were substance abusers.
    But staying on topic to this article I would also hestitate to ask for help upon hearing voices not only because I might get sectioned under the Mental Healthcare Act, the useless medication may hurt more than it helps.
    Just keep quoting Bible verses at the ‘voices’ and ask them “Has Jesus Christ come in the flesh?” This will torment them more than they are tormenting you. Hope this helps.
    The Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon Him is thought by many modern schollars to have suffered from a serious delusional schizophrenia/epilepsy like disorder.
    No way would I wish this on ANY worst enemy.
    So help me God.

  • Andy

    This could be happening,the government got into this back in the Cold War,also they got into the remote viewer program,if they did find a way to use this to communicate with persons through mind manipulation,it could be that they could have people do whatever they want them to do.Remember that Lanza had the same type of mental problems,could this be what the other mass shooters had also?At this time we don’t know but I don’t put anything past a government that spy’s on its citizens such as this administration does,if the technology is out there then this administration would use it to further whatever cause is on its agenda.one other thing,could the medications that have been prescribed to Aaron Alexis have helped in his mind control from outside sources?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • MojoNixon WasHere

    To what end?

    It is apparent that with every action to cut military budgets, there always emerges a ‘new enemy’ such that congress feels compelled to open the check book ‘one more time’. Sounds like a typical case of enabling a drug user, however the drug of choice here is money/power.

    And now that they have run out of foreign enemy’s, they are coming after the ‘created’ domestic enemies.

  • Fred

    Can we not turn these weapons on politicians and banksters to make them honest or at least tell some truth.