‘Mutant’ Daisies Near Fukushima Spark New Radiation Worries

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Editor’s Comment: Wow! While this mutation is interesting for its uniqueness, it is also yet another disturbing sign that something is very wrong in the areas affected by Fukushima… something that has been unreported and hidden from the world’s view, concealed from the worry that could motivate something to be done to stop the radiation infiltrating the ground and flowing daily into the waters that we all rely upon for life!

Deformed daisies spotted near Japan’s Fukushima province where a disastrous nuclear power plant meltdown took place in 2011, have sparked new worries of radiation-induced mutations. But not all experts think contamination has affected the flowers.

The city of Nasushiobara is well over 100 kilometers from Fukushima and reported levels of radiation in the area remain normal and suitable for living. However, here is a photo taken by a Japanese Twitter user @san_kaido of several flowers with obvious abnormalities.

The Fukushima Diary blog translation in English is: “The right one grew, split into two stems and had two flowers connected to each other, having four stems of flower tied in a belt-like fashion. The left one has four stems that grew to be bound to each other and has ring-shaped flowers.”

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  • The major difference between Chernobyl and Fukushima is the latter has never been stopped from spewing copious radiation into the environment.

    • The OGS

      And apparently Chernobyl is ready to spew once again, since its concrete ‘sarcophagus’ has deteriorated and is close to being compromised…
      Nuclear Disasters – the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Fortunately for the Ukraine, Chernobyl was subcritical when it was encased. Fukushima has never gone subcritical, as evidenced by the continuing production of steam and new radionuclides.

    • willynilly

      and no one is talking about it, swept under the rug like it never happened. wth is next? I don’t even want to know

      • “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  • Robin Raven

    I have daisies in my garden in Montana that have grown like this for ten years.

    • Frank Energy

      Send me some pictures


      • Voodude

        Hi, Frank. Before Fukishima – this photo was taken in 2008

        Those “mutant daisies” – as well as other fasciated plant life, have been documented by botanists since 1590 (or before).
        Bacterium fascians: Corynebacterium, Phytomonasi, Pseudomoms, Rltodococcus, Rhodacoccus; viral infections (cauliflower mosaic virus, saguaro cactus virus) even nematodes are common causes.

        ”The phenomenon is called fasciation. And although it can be the result of a mutation that affects the meristem’s ability to maintain its shape, it can also be caused by anything that can simply kill off a few meristem cells: bacterial or viral infections, mechanical injury to the plant, even a heavy rain after a long drought. According to University of Massachusetts plant biologist Elsbeth Walker, it’s actually pretty easy to find plants with this condition if you’re looking for them. «If you go into any greenhouse to buy a houseplant you’ll probably find at least one–they’re a dime a dozen.» Even more likely, you’ve eaten one—strawberries sometimes fasciate into enormous fan-shaped berries.”


        ”The malformed, band-shaped stems called fasciations, which have been observed in many plants, have drawn the attention of mankind for centuries. The grotesque shapes of the huge plants of the Arizona cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) and the araucarias of Australia (Araucaria cunninghamii) are well known. Other fasciations are objects of superstition; a fasciated Cucurbita pepo growing in the well-manured garden of a merchant in Coïmbatore (South-India) is believed to be the incarnation of Nagasarpa or King Cobra and huge crowds of people come with offerings to worship it. Since 1590 botanists have paid much attention to this curious phenomenon, which can be classified among the monstrosities.”

        Gorter, Christine J. 1965 “Origin of fasciation.” Differenzierung und Entwicklung/Differentiation and Development. Springer Berlin Heidelberg


        ”Because of its widespread occurrence among vascular plants, fasciation has become a relatively well-known plant monstrosity, or teratological abnormality.”

        White, Orland E. 1948 “Fasciation.” The Botanical Review
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8f8aee822660fae5db103a51e5ddf0619a66f5b89dac7d4718a9243311d33551.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4ff09611a1d54383bc850ab562d5eabaf6d6834c8d896e1ab3e8221acd74322.jpg

        • Frank Energy

          Ya eh, I am not hanging my hat on those “mutant daisies”

    • The OGS

      That’s strange! Since radiation has been flooding Montana for only four years and a bit…

      • Robin Raven

        Perhaps it’s not caused by radiation. I don’t really know, I just sent Frank a photo I took of one in 2006.

      • sunshine

        Maybe there’s a high level of local radiation? Montana is not too far from Hanford, right? Isn’t that the one that’s still leaking radiation into the Columbia River and is an awful mess?

  • sunshine

    Fukushima is going to be the thing that will kill us all.

    • Anothereno

      look at the bright side sunshine, at least we won’t be annoyed by hipsters any longer.

      • sunshine

        Lol, thanks for the laugh!

      • deb371

        I also appreciate your humor. Great way to start the morning. Thanks sunshine.

  • Frank Energy

    Cancer Started Sky Rocketing in 1945, What Else Happened in 1945, Could It Be The Start of the Nuclear Cartel?

    It fairly hard to find historical data on cancer incidence.

    Cited near the bottom is an article that state circa 1900, 3 of 100 deaths were due to cancer.

    A chart from the town of Boston 1811 showed 5 cancer deaths of 942. Link and picture is at the far bottom herein.
    What are the current stats on cancer deaths? Honestly I haven’t included any information here except in links. I deem the answer to that question as so absurdly obvious to not deserve energy put into it.

    How many people do you know who have cancer right now?

  • Frank Energy

    More Fukushima effect, Oregon was pelted!

    Oregon Covers Up the Fact That All the Fish Are Dying, With a State Wide Fishing Ban


    • way2inform

      I live and work next to the clackamas river. Often we float on innertubes down it for a good time did so last week actually. The water is very low, lowest in years because of no snow to melt and no rain at all this summer. I have seen some bloated salmon, but nothing alarming. Its hot and dry and low, go figure some fish wont make it in that environment.

  • Chir

    If they start saying “Feed Me!” Run like hell.

  • way2inform

    Photoshop? C’mon guys, we are supposed to question everything right… even our precious alt media

    • The OGS

      No photoshop. There were multiple photos, from different angles, of the abominations.
      All taken by the very brave Japanese Iori Mochizuki and first posted on his website fukushima-diary.com…

    • deb371

      Really!? The last 4 springs I have been picking dandelions with up to 7 heads on one stem. Don’t you dare call out photoshop. This is real and what a relief to have open discussion about this nonsubject. There are sights for people like you, fox news for instance.

  • The OGS

    New radiation worries…?
    There’s nothing ‘new’ about Fukushima – it has been disgorging radiation into our precious environment day after day, week after week, since March 2011!
    What’s wrong with people?
    Daisy photos capture their attention but the dead Pacific ocean does not?

    • Rick E.

      What’s wrong is that this is an “out of sight, out of mind” type of scenario. It is easy to ignore because radiation is colorless, tasteless, and invisible.

      Most people deliberately remain oblivious to the radiation, as it is too uncomfortable to think about.
      At the very least our government, Canada, and the Japanese government should be testing radiation levels regularly and if necessary, educate the populace on the best ways to shield themselves to the constant flux of radioisotopes from Fukushima.

      It is criminal neglect that nothing is being monitored and that it is being ignored by our government and the MSM. All the while the radiation is slowly spreading all over the Pacific
      Ocean and into the air, every single minute of every single day!

      Instead we hear ignorant and nonsensical blather about “global warming”!

      • deb371

        I appreciate what you are saying, but tasteless until you have a metallic taste in your mouth.

  • Abram2

    John Wayne made a movie in Utah awhile before he died. I think it wasn’t too far from where they were testing A-bombs back in the early 50’s. They said several people in the casts and crew died from cancer and that’s what John died from, I’m pretty sure.

    • deb371

      You are correct. When I lived in Aztec, NM and Pahrump, NV I witnessed a sea of people 95% from 70 and up all on ventilators and wheelchairs. All were radiated when they were very young. Sad, very sad.
      But, evil is just rejoicing in the misery since PEOPLE just ignore the obvious, what they see. Too afraid.

      • Abram2

        Thank you for the reply to my comment. There were several a-bomb tests out there in the open air before they started testing them underground. No telling how many people were affected from this. Radiation can spread in the air currents and last a long time.