‘Mutant’ Daisies Near Fukushima Spark New Radiation Worries

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Editor’s Comment: Wow! While this mutation is interesting for its uniqueness, it is also yet another disturbing sign that something is very wrong in the areas affected by Fukushima… something that has been unreported and hidden from the world’s view, concealed from the worry that could motivate something to be done to stop the radiation infiltrating the ground and flowing daily into the waters that we all rely upon for life!

Deformed daisies spotted near Japan’s Fukushima province where a disastrous nuclear power plant meltdown took place in 2011, have sparked new worries of radiation-induced mutations. But not all experts think contamination has affected the flowers.

The city of Nasushiobara is well over 100 kilometers from Fukushima and reported levels of radiation in the area remain normal and suitable for living. However, here is a photo taken by a Japanese Twitter user @san_kaido of several flowers with obvious abnormalities.

The Fukushima Diary blog translation in English is: “The right one grew, split into two stems and had two flowers connected to each other, having four stems of flower tied in a belt-like fashion. The left one has four stems that grew to be bound to each other and has ring-shaped flowers.”

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