Must-See: Shockingly Blatant Propaganda As Washington Post Changes Immigration Headline: “Doesn’t Want You To Know Illegals Are On Benefits Paid By… You”

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They’re not even trying to hide their bias any more.

Despite efforts by the mainstream media to convince an ever disinterested public that they are still relevant and non-partisan, a last minute headline change by the Washington Post proves just how desperate they are to maintain their big government narrative.

After running an immigration article entitled “Immigrants are now cancelling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them,” someone at the Post decided it just wasn’t impactful enough. That illegal immigrants were cancelling food stamp benefits seemed to suggest the Trump administration was acting in the interest of overworked and underpaid American taxpayers.

And we definitely don’t want to give anyone the idea that undocumented immigrants entering the country illegally are somehow putting a burden on the system. Thus, the only solution is to flip-flop the story so that it looks like President Trump and Americans who support common-sense immigration policies are putting a horrific burden on the people collecting government benefits illegally.

In response to this disastrous mistake to their own narrative, the Washington Post modified their title to ensure all of the blame was put directly at the feet of Donald Trump by updating their headline:

“Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them”

And boom, just like that they are able to mold the minds of their millions of myrmidon followers.


There’s no doubt that this report will immediately be dismissed as fake news with claims that we and others have completely made this up since a record of this no longer exists at the Washington Post.

Not to worry, there’s another screen shot that confirms the legitimacy, as noted by the following Tweet:


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  • Frank

    It’s ILLEGAL for any non-US citizen to collect any form of public benefits such as welfare, food stamps, or anything of the kind. Perhaps we should be shouting that LOUDER than the Libtards are decrying the inhumanity of the Trump Administration for taking action to enforce the law. No public money should be spent supporting indigent foreigners who come here with no intention of supporting themselves by becoming legally employed. The US has become a Welfare Nation and our nation is flat broke, continuing to function on credit (increasing debt). I see nothing wrong with the Illegals refusing to accept public benefits, for whatever reason – the result is the same, less non-productive people riding the (failing) system.

    • gingercake5

      Bill Kristol (one of the traitorous ruling 1%) said that the American middle class should just give up their jobs and relax — let the immigrants have their jobs. He thought people should have had enough of working and just retire and have a good time. He’s one of the class who have never had a job other than offering their opinion and getting paid for it. He was deadly serious, and no one (in that room) called him on it.

      • Robert Kahlcke

        kristol’s opinions are like rectums, everyone has one. He’s another operative of the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization.

    • Tom Buyea — Fla.News service

      illegals should Not be allowed to Breath Our Air !!

      Where does it say that it is illegal for illegals to get benefits ?
      I would like to get that to President Trump and the US Attorney

      • Frank

        Reference: Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 – 8 USC, Ch 12, Subchapter II, Part II, ss1182 – Inadmissible aliens, (a) Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission, (4) Public Charge

    • Cut all welfare, including Medicare and Social Security. Fuck these wetbacks.

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    • Kendo

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  • Robert Kahlcke

    Oh well, I’am certain we have hungry American citizens, who won’t try to behead us.

  • Snow Monkey

    But….I voted for him so that immigrants would starve. The only point in feeding them is if we are going to use them for body part transplantation…….which is probably the best solution for America, but we have wussies in Congress.

  • Tiger

    Either way the headline doesn’t move me except that it is true they are getting benefits, which by law they are not entitled to but if they go hungry, well go home.

  • William the Resolute

    You expect less from Bezo’s…..Globalist Scum.

  • omni

    let them go home and eat there where I don’t get the bill!

  • Ho Lee Fook

    Such a perfect way to describe Washington Post: liberal smear tabloid

  • Larry

    Let the illegals damn well die! They came here illegally! They are mooching bottom feeders, bilking the American taxpayer out of billions of dollars every year. LET THEM CRAWL AWAY AND DIE !!!

  • D.Moore

    Damn, I’m going to have to stop buying anything from Amazon, that puke tard.

  • edrebber

    Bezos built a wall to keep the immigrants off his property.