Must-See Police State Video: “You Are At My Door With Guns And I Fear For My Life… I Have Committed No Crime”

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The following video footage, captured by Avel Amarel and uploaded to Youtube, shows how easy it is to stop police state tactics dead in their tracks.

When two police officers show up at the door claiming to be looking for a wanted fugitive, Avarel begins recording.

What you’ll see is nothing short of shocking, as police attempt to first enter his home without a warrant, and then attempt to turn him into a criminal for refusing to submit to their demands.

Keep in mind that entire conversation takes place on Avarel’s doorstep, with him standing inside of his home as police continue to push their way forward making unlawful demands.

But instead of intimidating him into submission, they get a lesson in the U.S. Constitution and the letter of the law.

(Video via Infowars)

Officer: Can you turn that [camera] off?

Avarel: No, I can’t.

Officer: I said turn it off.

Avarel: No.

Officer: Turn that off because I don’t know what it is.

Avarel: It’s a CELL PHONE.

Officer: What’s your name?

Avarel: I don’t have to tell you that. Do you have warrant? First of all I need three types of I.D. to explain who you are, because you could be anybody dressed up in a uniform.

Officer: You wanna play games? I’m gonna drag you out…

Avarel: That’s why I’m recording this. Straight to Youtube.

[Police continue to threaten to search the home and request the man’s identification]

Avarel: Do you have a warrant? Or do you suspect me of committing a crime? There’s nobody in here. If you want to check, please go get a warrant.

Avarel: It’s the law. And right now you are in violation of color and law, because you are at my door with guns and I fear for my life. I have committed no crime. This is law. I am not harboring a fugitive. You have no evidence, video or audio. There’s no fugitive.

Officer: Would you allow us to search your house?

Avarel: Get a warrant.

[door closes]

The only ones playing games, it seems, are the police as they attempt to make up circumstances for why they have the right to search this man’s home without a warrant and threaten to “drag him out” for no reason whatsoever.

The police state is in full effect. But Avel Amarel proves it can be beaten by citizen’s holding their government and its myrmidons to account.

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  • Joe Woolf

    I like this article but, don’t think it will end here. In many departments, there is a secret list….. you don’t want to be on it….. and, I’m pretty sure this guy just made the list.

    I’ve never been on a list like that… My ex brother in law made it on a list like this…. He was harassed constantly, ended up in jail many times for no reason…. He was a douche bag but, he didn’t deserve to be treated like he was treated.

    • i hope i’m on the list, i want to add more lien debtors to my maritime liens .

    • Chantal_Designer

      That’s the problem, TOO many cowards.. I commend Mr. Avarel.. this is not an “officer” he is a PIG..

  • Rebel Mel

    Name a instance where a cell phone has been turned into a weapon. When ever you hear a cop say they don’t know what a cell phone is, it is code word for the cop is above the law and he can make up ANYTHING and that he is a complete lying POS. Cops that do this should really be mentally evaluated. The snappers in their brains are not snapping at the right time or not at all in some instances.
    I was under the assumption that cops had to go through mental evaluations before being hired, guess I was wrong.

    • cops are evaluated to be sure they are sociopaths

    • Chantal_Designer

      They only accept followers.. Mr. Amarel was thinking on his feet when he said “the tape is already in the cloud”.. fat pig understood that much, he KNEW his clock [whether real or perceived] was ready to be viewed..
      I believe that is WHAT saved the man & I congratulate him.. nasty comments [on yt] from many cowards who would rather pee their pants than fight..!!
      I am a FIGHTER myself.. 😉

  • Not bad, he testified as to the alleged perp though, 1st hand eyewitness, in Detroit they automatically arrest you if u say u saw whatever ‘crime’ – that practice may have ended, but it was their policy. A lawsuit slowed them down a couple years ago. NEVER TESTIFY TO THESE SCUM

  • Zakath

    Two apparent LEOs show up at someone’s door asking to search the premises for an alleged assailant… and one of them states (@2:45) “we don’t know what he looks like”… something is very wrong with that scenario.

  • Justin OB

    good. fuck those cops

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Let them know that the video is going straight to the internet and the judge is looking to be watching it when he issues the warrant for his arrest. They don’t like witnesses, but the fact that the recording can be seen by thousands is a good deterrent.

    • Cracker122049

      The recording and going straight to U tube was the only deterrent because those pigs could care less about the law or the mans rights they were trying to stomp om. How would the same thugs like that to happen at their door? Of course that would never happen because they are a member of the GANG!

  • Matheus Grunt

    He didn’t beat it at all. He simply just delayed his unlawful arrest when it comes. You gotta shoot these bastards with badges all over in America now because it’s only going to get worse until we do what the colonists did to the British soldiers who did the SAME CRAP.