Must See Footage: Muzzle Flashes Seen Coming From Helicopter During Las Vegas Massacre

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In an investigation where each day seemingly gets weirder than the last, the latest shocking revelation in the ongoing cover-up of what actually happened during the Las Vegas Massacre comes in the form of video footage that may prove that victims of the attack were fired upon from the air.

Multiple videos posted from the scene of the attack show a helicopter flying around the area which many have speculated could have been used for surveillance or dispatched by police after the shooting began.

Astonishingly, new footage has emerged that may show muzzle flashes coming from the helicopter in what looks to be evidence that a team was firing into the crowd from the air on that fateful night.

Despite claims by some that these are “strobes” it remains unlikely that this is the case, especially when you consider other footage of the helicopter taken on the night as well as research by a group of investigators who believe the first attack on October 1st was carried out from the air.

Notice how the shooting seems to stop immediately after the helicopter goes behind the hotel?

The following two videos look into the possibility that this was a coordinated air attack:

At the very least the above evidence deserves further attention. Consider the fact that we already have 100% proof that authorities have openly lied about what happened during the massacre.

Who is to say the entire official story isn’t complete disinformation?

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  • AlanH

    Alex, take a Valium will ya. While I acknowledge the strong ‘fishy’ smell permeating this whole sad incident, those indeed ARE strobe lights on the chopper… one on the top and the other on the bottom. My qualifications? 11,000+ flying hours, including military, airline and police!

    • Clamb

      Wow your arms must be tired!

      • Ieat hummus

        Nowhere near tired, as the Pea that is your supposed “brain”.

        • Crazy One

          You need to take your sarcasm detector to the shop…

          • darkhorse

            C’mon…girls just wanna have fun…

          • Crazy One

            Sorry, I didn’t know he was a girl… :b

          • Ieat hummus

            And you need to follow the
            Yellow Brick Road, Scarecrow.
            Those are (FAA required)
            aviation hazzard lights blinking.
            You stupid mutt.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            See MY response to AlanH’s, above, Einsteinowizc.

          • Brad

            If it is hazzard lights blinking then it shouldn’t be hard to duplicate the video.

          • NonYo Business

            Hard to believe you whether you are correct or not. Your very new account would suggest your a dis infonaut. Plus compare the “strobe” pattern to any commercial news helicopter.

          • Ieat hummus

            You truly are also a
            stupid mutt.
            Those are anti-collision
            lights underneath the aircraft.
            With idiots like you, posing as
            Anerican citizens, it’s no wonder
            the communists and cucking
            cum felchers are easily winning.

          • NonYo Business

            Whatever it is that you are trying to communicate is lost when you sink to immature name calling or whatever it is you call that blathering. Think logically… is it more likely that a crazy nut brought 50 weapons into a hotel room and was able to do what he did; or is it ANOTHER false flag? Think about it… wipe the dribble off your mouth and reply with something sophisticated and less inane.

          • Vassya Illich

            nice now

          • Crazy One

            If you can’t pick up on sarcasm, then you are failing in communications and will have problems in society…

            Get it fixed or no one will want to talk to you…

            End of conversation…

          • Ieat hummus

            Right.….… you were being “sarcastic.”
            Sure you were you stupid mutt.
            I give less than afuck if you, or
            any other dumbass, wants to
            speak with me.

          • Crazy One

            Ahh… So it comes out… Problem child aka troll…

            phuc off…

          • Ieat hummus

            Take rodham’s dick out
            of your mouth, and stop
            talking with your mouth full.

          • Crazy One

            You’re nasty… doesn’t mean you’re cool, though…

            Good luck in figuring out life… Punk…

            This guy is you…

          • Ieat hummus

            So, you’ve removed rodham’s dick from your mouth, and replaced it
            with the dick of Sayfullo Saipov.
            You NASTY muzzie sucker!

          • Crazy One

            Bet you get your account revoked soon…

          • Crazy One

            You need to put the glue down for a few days… So you can smell the present I left in your dryer…

      • darkhorse


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    • New Man

      the same thing with the ground shooting footage shooter….it was a security guard with a flash lite on strobe setting….I have the same flashlite….

      • Steve

        not in the much longer video of the people hiding behind the steps. That is most def gunfire coming from about 5 to 10 yards away at most. Been around firearms for 30+ years, and I too have a flashlight, a Fenix TK15 – 1000 lumens with strobe.

        • New Man


      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Weelll, hell-O, “NEW-mun”….Sooo, riddle me this: WHY has that vid DISAPPEARED?

        • New Man


    • darkhorse

      Wow…you got some resume, cowboy!!

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      As a nearly life-long performing musician and FOH audio engineer, I feel duty-bound to ask: Just WHAT was a chopper doing hanging around a concert where (at the time) nothing was happening except music performance? I can practically guarantee that the headliner, the sound company and the FOH engineer would preclude such audible AND UNNECESSARY intrusions into the concert by even going so far as to put it in the rider of their contract. I call bullshit on your bullshit, sir. That vehicle had NO PLACE being there in a ”normal” and uneventful (as in non-catastrophic) event. It was there for “other reasons”. And, a big hearty WHATEVER to your ”qualifications”, sir. I have MINE, also….

    • Adults who have watched aircraft at night, would know this fact, but thanks for your input.
      As for a question to you – How do I stop LAPD from violating FAA 14 CFR 91.119 ? They do it as an SOP, sometimes flying only 300ft. above ground.
      FAA seems to defer me to airports & I don’t have a $3,000 scanner to record Transponder ID & measured altitude, nor an expensive camera to capture the numbers on a helicopter tail.

    • Mark

      Mr Alan…how do you ex[plain the way the flashes protrude downward away from the helicopter, Strobe lights and aviation lights go out in all directions and not just downward as the flashes in the video. These were flashes from gunfire as the flash goes in the same direction as the volley of bullets do. 11 thousand hours of flight will not give you any common sense

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        And too many rough landings tend to take it away……..

    • Teresa Briggs

      The Helicopter vanished before the police cars arrived at the scene. The Helicopter didn’t use search lights either. As for strobes Lights on Military and Police Helicopters — They don’t flash at the speed of a automatic weapon.They flash/blink much slower. The problem FBI/Intel Agencies/Police & Military face these days is the fact there’s a lot more of them (including experts) now working and living the civilian life, than all branches combined. A lot of contractors out here too.

    • I hope you follow up and give some ideas about why the chopper would be flashing strobes lights that shoot downwards in short bursts at the speed of an automatic weapon. Would it be designed to pretend it was a weapon? Or is there some other purpose? That pattern doesn’t look to be decorative or festive.

    • dav1bg

      A strobe lite flashing that fast would easily cause vertigo in a pilot. I have NEVER seen a strobe or pair of strobes flash that fast. And they are different colors, one is white the other has yellow in it. Circling over the event during the attack, they leaves? And nobody knows who it is? Flying in Controlled airspace?

  • beastofsteel

    The “false flag plot” thickens.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Noooo: SICKENS……

  • Ill Will

    Flashes and smoke are well below the chopper skids…no strobe lights down there…

  • Thomas S

    Sorry to burst your aircrew bubble AlanH, but you can clearly see the strobes on the helicopter. In addition to the strobes, what appear to be muzzle flashes are also clearly visible. Like III Will comments, there are no strobes in the location of the “muzzle flashes”. My qualifications? 20 years Air Traffic Control!
    This is a False Flag!

    • darkhorse

      of course it is…aren’t they ALL???

      • Vassya Illich


  • Scott

    Those are lights on the ship.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      You could call it Planet X/Nibiru/Sitchin’s Folly/etc. and retain just as much credibility as your ignorant post, Scott-ee……as in: NONE.

  • darkhorse

    Did I tell ya? Never ending…this has become a weekly serial….

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Don’t like the present narrative? Wait a week, it’ll change… Like JFK, we’ll still be debating what happened fifty years from now.

      • darkhorse

        no, Ill be dead long before that…THANK GOD!!!

      • Debate is over if you have a brain. The Italian Mafia put the Irish Dynasty on the throne as a Front, so they can rule from the shadows. Scumbag JFK, like all USA puppets, promised you the sun and the moon, but did the opposite. “Operation Bay of Pigs” – actual attempted invasion of Cuba by mercenaries – failed. Adultery with Marlyn Monroe ended up with assassination as she was pregnant and threatening to reveal her relationship to the press. Then the Kennedys agreed to the cold war moon landing hoax.
        How are the Kennedys different than the Clintons ???

        • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

          I’ll play! I’ll play! Pick me!…….Ummmm, they didn’t eat babies and fuck pre-teens? What do I win????? Btw, Phil did NOT equate the Kennedys w/ the Clittin’ Cabal. YOU did.

          • Only because they are one and the same, you worship false idols, Trump & Osama promised to stop foreign wars for profit too.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      “Pree-ZENTED by the Tom Sawyer Paint Co……When you need whitewashing NOW, we’re THERE”…….

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    “G.L.O.B.A.L.I.S.T.S.” – HANG them ALL.

  • Oh How lame, Now the fire is coming from the air, Tell me this, Why is every on the ground video directing their gaze towards the stage or the Mandalay Bay? These two clips of supposed fire coming from the helo don’t show that at all, the helicopter is flying low, as is required for this sort of operation the anti collision setting for the strobes is a NORMAL thing to see used. The flashes are easily countable and they show normal anti-collision operation. There is not any video of any of the fire directed at the venue yet.

    • Can you not play gunshot sounds from stage speakers and fake it all ?

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        With today’s “Better-than-the-album-sound” Live PA technology, absolutely. Wasn’t very long ago, tho: not so much.

        • After a very careful assessment of the body cam audio from the police, i can say with a pretty confident tone that the PA system was part of this event. It’s a great way to sell the BS narrative to the cellphone cameras..

        • The records have been around since WWII and speakers were perfected in the 1970-80s.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Urine idiot. We’re done here.

      • Yup, a wireless microphone on the gunman, those that are having trouble with levels might look at this. I am very confident that the sounds of the shots that did the killing were amplified on the PA either because the shooter was close to a microphone that was on the PA, or had one directly for the show..

    • And just to point out, country music bands tend to get a tad carried away with PA systems. Until a full assessment is done into that PA, nothing is going to be proven with audio recordings.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor is reporting that a woman named Kymberly Suchomel, who was at the concert during the shootings and who, just days ago, posted her very detailed account of her experience there, insisting there was more than one shooter, has died of “natural causes”. She was twenty eight years old. Coincidence?

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      THANX RJ! This is ANOTHER ‘smoking gun’….And, I do not believe in coincidence.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Nor do I!

    • Have a verifiable link to her death ? You know that actors have secret identities and that might not even be her real name ?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        No-just saw this in the am & haven’t had an opportunity to look further. The article was written by Shepard Ambellus on October 13th. The woman’s Facebook post was allegedly October 4th and she supposedly died October 9th-according to this article.

        • Facebook shenanigans took place in other hoaxes like Sandy Hoax, Virginia reporter, FL nightclub & Charleston NC. Not to mention that in many of the hoaxes, it was accidentally revealed by Fake News Media that the victims got millions in payment from the Feds.. Can you say Witness Relocation Program ? (no victims, officially dead, but not really)

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Anything-and I mean anything-is possible with the sick fucks in charge. I happen to believe that at some point, they’re going to start actually sacrificing innocent citizens to compel The People to give up their guns. If they haven’t started already. Las Vegas is beginning to look a lot like what I’d imagine in that scenario. Their story keeps changing because they failed to account for all of the variables when there are actual deaths and bodies. Either way-this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

          • That is what I am against – People’s want to believe that so many were murdered, to finger point, scapegoat & then do nothing about it, like InfoWars. Instead of investigating the truth.
            I have seen no deaths in the videos, nor injured.

    • James Peters

      Jesús Campos is missing and I presume he’s now dead. The whole thing stinks and nothing adds up.

      1. ”Burglars” broke into Paddock’s home even though it’s under investigation.
      2. Agents took wiped mobile phones for evidence.
      3. No CCTV footage from the hotel.
      4. The FBI claim to have taken interior footage which has the “shooter” on it but nobody has seen any of it.
      5. What was the $100,000$ for? No one seems to know.
      6. Still haven’t identified the “stripper/prostitute” that supposedly is the second person the the receipt was indicating.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        I’d be surprised if Campos is ever seen alive again

  • Vassya Illich

    horrible video

  • Larry A. Wolff

    So, tell me, with that “fact free zone between your ears”, how will you account for eye witness accounts about ‘shooters on the ground’?

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      What makes you think that they are mutually exclusive?

      • Larry A. Wolff

        Exactly. The speaker in the video seemed to claim it was only the helicopter.

  • William Zabel

    Strobe lights. This was an Active Shooter Drill and nothing more.

    • Do you know any “inactive” shooters ? Stop using PC Language.
      Language control is thought control.

  • Yeah, this is a bad theory, aircraft strobe timing does not match rate of fire, even if you could hit 600 people in a limited area while they are scattering.
    You’re making it easier for them to fool 100% of the people 100% of the time.

  • Savage_111/11

    Police helicopters have strobes. It’s not muzzle fire. Do you guys not have ghetto birds flying around your city? It’s pretty typical around here and more so in LA.

    • dav1bg

      You can see the strobe light in this video also, which is steady. But in my experience as a pilot they simply do not flash that fast, and they don’t stop and start several times. I agree this needs to be considered, but further analysis will show that the muzzle flash color is different than the strobe color. Strobes are white, muzzle flashes have a yellow tint. This looked like a much bigger gun than an AR15 to me. I would not have wanted to be down there.
      If this is true, then this had to be an “agency” operation. So what kind of people can fire on helpless fellow citizens??

  • Alleged-Comment

    IF this is true I do not know ANYONE who would shoot at people like that, unless deranged, brainwashed, coerced, threatened or promised something.

    Which means you have DERANGED people ruling you. Remember Pearl Harbor? 9/11? Sandy Hoax? Vietnam? Kennedy Assasination? Obamanation, and many, many, others.

    One thing is stopping them from the New World Odor. Armed Americans and it seems they are getting very desperate.

  • Peter Okeefe

  • John Cheek

    Does any one see any muzzle flash coming from the hotel ?

    • Machiavelli

      Cant say I have and I have watched about 15 different cellphone videos.

  • kimmmmm

    Immediately following the event, there was a video showing the stage and right up above the stage lights was movement. At first the person analyzing the video thought it was a person, but realized it was a helicopter, low, over the stage on the right side and traveling to the right.

  • eddivision15

    One more red herring to confound the people.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Hey, youse guise might wanna check out what this dood has to say:

  • Mark