Much Lauded “Background Checks” Failed to Stop Dylann Roof

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There’s a certain class of anti-gun activists that, rather than suggesting we completely outlaw guns, believe we should have “sensible” gun control. This usually entails applying a more rigorous system of background checks and registration. There’s only one problem with that though. These measures often fail to stop violent criminals.

That seems to be the case with Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Contrary to previous assertions that the background check on his firearm was done properly, the FBI has since admitted that they screwed up. Due to a drug arrest Roof shouldn’t have been allowed to buy a gun, but after some bureaucratic mishaps between the feds, the county, and the local police department, his background check took too long. After three days had passed without any objection from the authorities, the seller was allowed to hand the pistol over to Roof.

And as you might expect, both sides of the gun debate are seeing this issue differently. While gun activists view this as proof that background checks are worthless, gun control advocates think we need to improve the system. Senator Chuck Schumer was quoted as saying “We simply cannot be allowed to have a background check system that fails to keep guns out of the wrong hands,” and suggested that we need tougher background checks. Meanwhile, The Brady Campaign called on Congress to support a bill that would add $400 million to bolster the failing system. As per usual, these people think that more laws and more tax dollars will solve everything.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • SovereignPatriot88

    Usually when people screw up, you don’t punish them by giving them more money and power.

    • Nathan Togain


    • You reward them by electing them to public office.

    • BigGaySteve

      In govt non Asian minorities can fail upward

    • Mike

      You do in the government. Especially under this administration.

    • gato felix

      Here in America that seems to be standard protocol!

  • SRVES339

    Many states do not allow the purchase until the background check is completed… 3 days or not.

    It is the gun nut lunatic fringe in SC that would not allow for extending the 3 day period, because we all know that ANY new gun reg is just a slippery slope to… sanity actually, but I digress.

    But hey “sheeple” fans, go ahead, blame this tragedy on gun regs… the multi millionaires who profit from your obsession thank you from the bottom of their bank accounts.

    • Gearmoe

      Three days or not, it makes no difference, a killer will find a way to kill. The wait time is a fantasy and makes no one safer, it just feels that way. Wisdom will come for you one day, keep trying.

      • Nathan Togain


      • SRVES339

        Statistics are a real pain I know, but hundreds of thousands of applications have been denied based on prior issues.

        But of course the lunatic fringe insists it’s their right to have “open season” at gun shows to protect the arms dealers $6 billion annual gravy train…

        Hey, what’s a few thousand more americans dead in the street… most of them are poor anyway, right cowboy.

        And there’s the real problem with your entire position… no other country in the world treats guns as a god given right, and no other country in the world comes even close to US gun death totals (btw the 2nd Amendment gives all citizens the right to own a gun in the greedy minds of the NRA… a sane person can plainly see the reference to an armed militia… needed to defend the country in the 1700s).

        But then, no other country in the world spends over a $Trillion a year on national defense (without a clear enemy… other than those purposefully “manufactured”), enabling it to roam the world, overthrowing governments on behalf of international corporations… and a certain war mongering, genocidal, apartheid country on the east mediterranean shores, whose dual citizens have co-opted your government (and all on your dime, while 50M americans need food stamps to feed their kids… and 6 of the Top 10 Homeless Cities in the world are in the US).

        Even your “crazy uncle” (the UK) bans guns (police actually voted to remain unarmed recently) and is now going after knives… I know “knives don’t kill people…” lol!

        USA… USA… USA…

        Send me your number and I’ll have “wisdom” give you a call if she shows up.

        • The watcher

        • WinstonSmithy

          You are quite the rare species. Normally, gun grabbers see and portray the U.S. Gov’t as being a benevolent entity that knows better than the people themselves what is best for them and cares only for their safety, especially the safety of the “chilruns.” You rightly see it as a corrupted perpetual war racketeer acting solely in the power and profit interest of itself and its controllers and cronies. Yet, you want this entity to disarm the American people contra the plain language of the Constitution anyway, because “statistics” and “every other country is doing it.” Wow. Just wow.

          • SRVES339

            Speaking of lunatic fringe… it may very well apply to one who believes a few hundred thousand cowboys (that’s if they could ever get past the me against the world stage) armed with a sub military issue gun a piece could put a dent in that power.

            You of course play straight into their hands… divide and conquer.

            My take on the US gun obsession is and always has been the easily preventable carnage (a price the arms dealers and those along for the ride are more than willing to have tens of thousands pay with their lives for)… the statistics simply provide context.

            Otherwise, quite a reasoned reply.

            @The watcher… thanks for the vid… great song I had completely forgotten. My favorite way to find a great new song to learn… completely by accident!


          • WinstonSmithy

            Yes, yes, that almighty power that spent 20 years fighting guys in pajamas in Vietnam only to evacuate from the rooftops via helicopters or the same power that has spent the last 14 years fighting rag tag goat herders in Afghanistan and tribesman in Iraq to such clear cut victories and regional stability. Definitely no dents there. No siree. Yes, yes, your desire for this entity to disarm the population is simply to unify and “secure” the people. Got it.

          • The only purpose in both Vietnam and Afghanistan was to secure the CIA’s source of opiates for their covert drug trafficking to fund their black ops.

          • WinstonSmithy

            That may have been a purpose but not the only one. Certainly not the most lucrative. That would be the totally “legal” and “above board” trillions looted from the Treasury in the form of windfall profits to the MIC and the banksters. Ol’ Smedley Butler had it pegged 80 years ago. War is a racket.

          • You didn’t follow the string to the fact that the majority of the CIA’s black ops are dedicated to keeping the military-industrial complex making weapons and money to fund their less black ops plans, like stuffing everybody’s pockets who will play the game.

          • SRVES339

            I’m sure you’d be out there defending your honor with a hand gun against a battalion of Bradley’s big guy… lol!

            Big talking gun nuts are all hat, no cattle!

          • WinstonSmithy

            Good luck finding a whole battalion of guys named Bradley… 😉

          • sunshine

            You know why I have a gun? Because I’m a small woman and can’t fight off an attacker. A gun gives me a chance. Sure, they could get the gun and shoot me, but having been raped before I’d rather be shot than raped again. So, until you get in a situation where you are utterly helpless, unarmed, and begging like a sniveling worm to someone who doesn’t give a damn, how about you just shut the fuck up?

          • Awesome!

          • sunshine

            EXACTLY. And who is going to be running the US military? A bunch of sub-85 IQ browns and blacks. Let’s not pretend that this won’t largely be a race war, and I’d put my money on the rag tag whites. Once the weapons break, they’ll be out of luck because they certainly won’t be capable of fixing any of it.

          • SRVES339

            Finally some truth from a brown with an awesome IQ… of 86.

            It’s all about dog whistle racism… and somewhere Lee Atwater is smiling down on you.

          • sunshine

            So science is racist? Funny how it’s only a problem when whites are racist, but when so-called minorities are, and it erupts into violence that gets whites hurt or killed, it’s no big deal. If you think this is all some big, grand plot to get people to fight when they’d usually get along, you’re nuts. Why do you think they’ve imported millions of incompatible foreigners into the US? History proves that multiculturalism never works, all the way back to the Roman Empire, before Lee Atwater or anyone else. Human nature is what it is, and people prefer to be among their own. That will never change.

          • SRVES339

            So why aren’t you living in Mexico?

            I guess you forgot the part about multiculturalism being the essence of America… you may want to review the inscription on the Statue of Liberty…


            I live in a city filled with people from all over the world (I’m white of British decent)… in fact, while considered a white country, I am a distinct minority in this downtown core.

            Our crime rate (especially gun crime) is maybe 10% of the typical US city of similar size (probably much lower).

            The only guns I ever see are carried by police… and they are rarely even taken out of the holster in public.

            Guns make you less safe, and you’re all being played for profit.

            Last post for me here… entrenched dogma permeates the place.

            Hate is a destructive force… for those persuaded to join in, by those that profit from it.

          • sunshine

            Why would I live in Mexico? I’m not Mexican, not Indio, Criollo, Mestizo or any of that.

            Perhaps YOU should review the words of the people who actually founded the United States, not some crappy statue given by France, with a Jew’s words plastered on it. The Founders wanted, created, the US to be for WHITES OF EUROPEAN DESCENT. Nobody else. And there’s a difference between multiculturalism, like that of many European citizens coming together to share their European heritage, and multiracialism, which is what we’ve got and what history proves never works.

            Are you in the US? If not, then kindly refrain from telling us how to live. Unfortunately our government doesn’t abide by this policy but I assure you that most Americans could not care less how others live nor do we want to dictate how you live. If you aren’t in Europe I would imagine you are in Asia somewhere, or somewhere where the dominant culture/race has a firm grip on things. You likely don’t have many blacks. BLACKS are the cause of American gun problems. Funny how before multiracialism, Americans managed to have guns, carry them everywhere and have almost zero issues! Seems like a recent social problem that’s arrived along with the vibrant diversity! But you don’t want to admit it, because truth is racist and you’ve been conditioned to never, ever notice anything like that, and play it off as “hate”. Reality is racist and if it’s considered “hate” to notice, oh well.

            Who do you think is profiting off of this? Is it a drop in the bucket of those who profit off of the chaos and misery of diversity? Do you think that, if society was gun free, that a woman like me could fight off a rapist, robber or anyone else? Ever looked at South Africa and what happens to whites there? You think a gun might help save some of those people, or do they deserve it for the sin of being born white?

          • You win. Take the rest of the day off.

          • BigGaySteve
        • Reverend Draco

          Here’s the reality of your magic waiting periods.

          “In March of 1991, Bonnie had inquired about getting a gun to protect herself from a husband who had repeatedly threatened to kill her. She was told there was a 48 hour waiting period to buy a handgun.
          But unfortunately, Bonnie was never able to pick up her gun. She and her two sons were killed the next day by an abusive husband of whom the police were well aware.”
          (This is the first “Brady victim” but far, FAR from the last)

          “In September 1990, a mail carrier named Catherine Latta of Charlotte, North Carolina, went to the police to obtain permission to buy a handgun. Her ex-boyfriend had previously robbed her, assaulted her several times, and raped her The clerk at the sheriff’s office informed her the gun permit would take two to four weeks. “I told her I’d be dead by then,” Ms. Latta later recalled. That afternoon’ she went to a bad part of town, and bought an illegal $20 semiautomatic pistol on the street. Five hours later, her ex-boyfriend attacked her outside her house, and she shot him dead. The county prosecutor decided not to prosecute Ms. Latta for either the self-defense homicide, or the illegal gun.”

          Be honest and admit it – you would rather see someone’s mother, sister, daughter, niece – raped and strangled to death with her own pantyhose than see her in possession of an effective defense. . . you sick fuck.

          • Apparently Switzerland in not in everybody’s world atlas.

          • Reverend Draco

            I didn’t think he could find Switzerland on a map if his life depended on it – which it sorta does – so I thought it best not to confuse him further.

          • I doubt that I could either, frankly.
            The only reason why I can pick out the states of the union is because I’ve spent part of the last quarter century finding routes to and through them in a truckers atlas.
            I still haven’t figured out which roads to take to Honolulu, though:-)

          • SRVES339

            Oh yes, another lie to protect the profit.

            Swiss laws require all possible recruits to maintain a rifle for use in militia… the same as your 2nd Amendment. They do not carry then around or keep them under the bed (they must be locked up for safety).

          • They aren’t recruits, they are citizens, and they earn their civil privileges the same way the “recruits” in Starship Troopers did. They also remain soldiers into civilian life, with the responsibility to respond to defend their country in the unlikely event it is invaded.

          • BigGaySteve

            Switzerland has a shortage of what commits the majority of murders in the US despite only being 13% of the population. Black crime is even more disparate in San Fran than Ferguson.

          • SRVES339

            Cowards use guns… and you forgot to mention the 30,000 gun related deaths a year.


          • Where is the rest of the sentence you started with Cretin, moron?

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah – that woman who was actually murdered by her ex was a coward for wanting to be able to defend herself against being murdered.

            Anosognosia is treatable. . . you should look into it.

            Your ignorance makes me want to puke.

          • The level of ignorance present on this site is probably enough to induce anosognosia in some cases, being quite unreal at times.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah – some of these dimwits are, frankly, unbelievable. . . I mean, how can a person possess that small a number of brain cells, and not forget how to breathe?

          • Maybe they are undiscovered anencephalics, the brain stem being the only thing required to breathe.

          • Reverend Draco

            I dunno. . . I think we discovered them.

          • Unlikely, since anencephalics have nothing but autonomic functions, although some of the thought processes here do seem rather amoebic at times:-)

          • BigGaySteve

            Crack smoking leftists like you even named the Boston marathon Moslem as a gun related death.

          • What about the automobile related deaths? Ban cars? I know, they’re working on that….

          • sunshine

            EXACTLY! I said that exact thing. I’ve BEEN raped and would rather, GLADLY, be dead than ever go through that ever again. It is awful beyond people’s ability to understand and it’s been over 10 years and I’m still messed up from it. You NEVER get over it, no matter how much therapy you get, you feel sick, worthless, damaged and filthy, it destroys your ability to enjoy sex, relationships, makes you hate your own body, messes with your mind and so much more. But this pile of crap idiot wants to put more women in that situation! And he has the nerve to preach and lecture like he’s some kind of brilliant genius tossing his pearls of wisdom before us dumb rubes. Well FUCK HIM.

          • Check out Australia’s rape stats since they took all of the guns, more women being raped than ever before! Rapists just love gun grabbers like SRVES339.

          • sunshine

            I had a friend in Victoria, Australia and he told me that crime went way up when they banned guns and it was awful. He was relatively liberal too, at least to an American mindset and he hated it! So yeah I believe it, and we all know that what’s reported is only the tip of the iceberg, and governments always manipulate crime stats (S. Africa is a fine example of that) so who believes gun control really works? Only evil pieces of shit like that guy!

          • I am a male, reverse “rape” victim. Some girl I was messing with lied about being raped and I almost went to prison for a VERY long time because of it. You are guilty if you are even accused of rape if you are a guy, believe me on that one. I gathered enough evidence to prove she was lying but they still did nothing to her, their only focus was on me and what they could charge me with. I only treated that girl nicely, I couldn’t believe she was doing that to me for no reason at all, then I found out she had a boyfriend and I was unknowingly caught up in some BS relationship drama between her and her boyfriend, her “rape” consultant that was clearly seen coaching her on what to say in the hearing room. Long story short I proved my innocence but was still slapped with a felony drug charge because I had GHB. Apparently merely handing someone a forbidden substance is now a felony. No worries though, real justice caught up and now the bitch is dead!

          • sunshine

            Whoa, I am so sorry that happened to you and so glad you didn’t get thrown in jail. Women like that sicken me and they should go to prison for a long, long time. And how did she die? Can’t say I’m sad to hear it, scum like that make all women look like liars and come under scrutiny when they’re telling the truth.

          • I DID get thrown in jail, just not for 20+ years. She died from cystic fibrosis, she knew she eventually would though. Maybe that’s why she decided that ruining my life wouldn’t matter, I dunno. I do know that I gave her no motive and treated her well so what she did was pure evil. She felt terrible for what she did a few months later but it was too late by that time, I am not forgiving something like that. My record doesn’t go way because she is now sorry and didn’t mean it. What I went through pales in comparison to actual rape like what you went through though. I have no nightmares or problems having sex, that is just terrible and I feel so bad you are scarred like that so some sicko can get an orgasm(how do rapists even “get it up” while forcing someone down against their will? They must have damaged arousal systems or something. Fighting or struggling physically with someone would not cause that kind of arousal/reaction in me at least). I just have legal problems now like I can’t own a gun for the rest of my life and I have to go through life being a convicted felon all because of this loser that I unfortunately ran into when I was younger. If they ever took away your right to armed self defense you can ignore them which is what I would do or you can still stay legal and protected with a little gadget like this: – I am sure any rapist would have much rather been shot after receiving the business end of this weapon provided they live more than a few minutes.

          • Reverend Draco

            As a general rule. . . men who want women unarmed want them that way so that they can safely rape them. 99.8% of all rapists prefer an unarmed victim – the remaining 0.2% enjoy the thrill – until they find themselves writhing on the ground watching their life spill out.

            For example, see pathetic pig-ignorant fuckwit above.

          • SRVES339

            Anecdotal evidence is a fools game…

            Trump has lots of it to “prove” Mexico is sending their rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and disease carriers across the border… you jumpin on that wagon?

          • Reverend Draco

            You need to go take your Ritalin – we’re not talking about Donald Trump, you fucking slackjaw.

            Reading is FUNdamental.

        • There is a country for you, this isn’t it.

        • sunshine

          So, is gun crime nonexistent in the UK now that guns are banned? Somehow I doubt it. If you don’t have knives, how will you cut your food? Will the government send people around and do it for you?

          NOTHING the UK does is anything we should emulate here in the US, they arrest people for Tweeting “racist” stuff, they arrest women and throw them in prison for saying mean things about foreigners on the tube, so don’t hold up the UK as any sort of bastion of sanity. London is identical to Islamabad and the native Britons are helpless to do anything to stop their invasion and destruction. Good thing the police are unarmed so they can stand around and watch while radical Muslims behead soldiers in the streets. They probably voted to remain unarmed so they don’t have to confront anyone dangerous.

          50M Americans are on food stamps, a large number of them are foreigners that have no business being here in the first place and aren’t Americans. The others are White Americans who can’t find work because their jobs have been given away to other foreigners, and the rest are lazy black welfare queens who wouldn’t work if their lives depended on it.

          I have a right to defend myself and my family from the criminals and foreigners that my benevolent government has imported to destroy my nation, and kill white people. If you don’t think that’s wise, then good for you, nobody is making you live in the US, own a gun, or anything. But, you and other gun grabbers won’t take our guns. I don’t care how many gang banging trash shoot each other, in fact I’d say GOOD RIDDANCE and keep killing each other, do it faster!

          But, let me guess. You’re European. That smug attitude screams European.

    • California conservative

      Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez comes across the border ILLEGALLY, several times, is released from custody even with a criminal background, obtains a gun ILLEGALLY, then shoots and kills Katheryn Steinle. Murder is still ILLEGAL. Which common sense reform would have stopped this?

    • Reverend Draco

      Pardon me. ., . your Recto-Cranial Impaction is showing. . .

      • Cranial rectalitis is common today, but so is a shortage of qualified, experienced, and affordable proctologists.

        • Reverend Draco

          Obamacare strikes again.

    • BigGaySteve

      Why no coverage of Omar Thornton the race reversed version of this guy? Same reason the triple murder on University of Maryland’s Baltimore campus on July 8 didn’t get covered.

    • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

      It was the 3 day wait period for buying a gun. Google 4473 go to the 2nd page halfway down. What happened was the gun store ran his background and likely got a “hold” for further review. From that point the fbi has 3 days to respond with either clear or deny. It clearly says on the back of the 4473 that if they don’t respond on 3 days the purchaser can take possession. So yes absolutely the background check system failed. The fbi dragged ass and didn’t do their job properly. It had nothing to do with the crazed gun nut south carolinanans and everything to do with the very system the left loves to tell us we need to expand because it stops the wrong people from obtaining firearms. I’m a licensed type 07 FFL holder ( manufacturer )

  • The watcher

    time taken its toll on you, the lines that crack your face.

  • Gearmoe

    I was shocked Roof went to an FFL to attempt to buy. He had to know he’d likely fail the check. Much to his shock, they allowed. So what, he likely had other options lined up as virtually 100% of guns in these incidents fly under the radar. I’m certain Roof would have acquired a firearm one way or the other. Background checks create a false security.

    • Politicians trade in false security.

    • BigGaySteve

      Never put faith in the capability of affirmative action govt workers.

  • frankw

    The anti-s will simply claim that the BG checks don’t go far enough and need to have even more regs piled on top of the ones we have, which will not work either, of course. So more demands will be made, and on and on. It really is time for a change…and I don’t mean voting for another Dem or RINO.

    • Reverend Draco

      Funny that, back home in Reality, a thing that broken is scrapped – but in TardoWorld – more of the same will fix everything!

      • revīvō

        any comments from thee that is seen after you read this, with in the next two weeks by the third ye shall have an accident.

        • Reverend Draco

          Wait. . . hang on a sec. . . let me go put on my boots so I can shake in them.

  • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

    I’m a type 07 FFL holder ( manufacturer ). I can tell you exactly what happened. He filled out his 4473 and the gun shop ran his check. Sounds like they got a “hold” for further investigation. Which is not uncommon. If someone with a shady background has your name you will experience this because they have to make sure you are not that individual. But it also clearly says on the back of the 4473 if 3 days have passed and the FBI hasn’t given you a clear or deny then the individual can take possession. I support background checks to keep violent individuals from owning weapons. All they are though is a buerocratic deterrent, nothing more. I think any other individuals such as felons who have served their time and show no convictions of violent crimes in their past should have their full rights restored. The answer here us not to throw more money and make a program that didn’t work in the first place bigger. Anyone suggesting that should be removed from the debate entirely. Those are not solutions at all. An expert would recommend identifying what went wrong, punishment for the individual who failed to do their job and offer a viable solution going forward to ensure this doesn’t happen again. The Brady campaign and “take your guns Schumer” are clearly no experts and are merely trying to forward their own personal agendas

    • Gearmoe

      You support checks but know they are baloney. You suggest they keep guns out of the hands of violent people yet acknowledge they are nothing but a deterrent.

      Actually you do not support checks because you know full well they are a feel-good measure and will never stop a criminal intent. Rather, the checks can stop a person from defending themselves if a criminal (who typically steals a gun) is out for them. Background checks are a direct infringement of the 2A against lawful citizens and stop no criminal intent.

      • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

        Yes I agree they are a violation. Shall not be infringed is plain english. However there is no current political will to remove all infringements so we take what we can get. The only thing I meant by deterrent was that felons know and for the majority won’t attempt to walk into a gun store and purchase one. So in a sense they are a small deterrent at best. We all know for a fact they will obtain them by other means

    • I support a background check that denies access to anyone who supports the continuing violation of the Constitution, including the second amendment.

    • BigGaySteve

      I ask leftists why they are not for common sense gun control of giving the death penalty to any felon caught with a gun.

      • Reverend Draco

        That’s almost as far from common sense as it’s possible to get, without forgetting how to breathe.
        How do you manage?

      • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

        It depends on the felon. Like I said I’m all for felons who have no record of violence in their past having their rights restored. But yes, extremely violent felons who take the life of another human being or habitual violent criminals should get the death penalty rather than sitting there the rest if their lives sucking up tax payer dollars

      • Some felons are felons because of bullshit charges, steve.

        • BigGaySteve

          Yea if the area is white enough lying about the size fish you caught is a felony.


    Yep it figures. Shumer wants to throw more of our money at it. Typical dem o rat.
    I have a ???. I read 2 differnt media versions of how he got the gun. 1 was his father bought it for his birthday. 2. Was he bought it.
    I can’t see a gun store that is on the up & up would skip a background check. He looks like a high school kid. Does anyone really know the true story ? Tons of rumors out there. Say it enough most believe.

    • There is a comparable republicrat to match any money Shumer will throw.

    • Reverend Draco

      The story I read says he bought the gun with money his father gave him for his birthday.

      The store didn’t skip the background check.

      • SBIAM

        ok thanks I read several different ones the left sites rant & rave that he bought it & oh horrors. If you want a gun bad enough anybody can get one. I bought & registered ours. Pump shotgun in living room by the door. Glock in the bedroom. In NJ where I live the gun laws are crazy almost as bad as NY. Went to gun range & took lessons, but in order to transport gun. It has to be in the trunk & ammo in the front. I was kidding with the cop instructor. I told him if I get car-jacked I will ask the guy to hold up while I get my gun out of the trunk, & load it. Stupid shit laws. My daughter went to Maine last year to visit friends & they have shooting pits everywhere. If she had got caught transporting them she would have been in deep do do. she wasted 400 rounds just having fun. She took my dog with her & she turned out not to be gun shy at all. She is a little dog that loves hiking that they did every day in Arcadia. Our friends live just outside Bar Harbor in the boonies. keep your powder dry.

      • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

        Nope what looks like happened is the store ran the background check and likely got a “hold.” The gun store from that point has 3 days to hold it until the fbi gets back with them with a clear or deny. After 3 days though if the fbi hasn’t responded it clearly says the purchaser can take possession. Look up the 4473, goto the 2nd page halfway down. I’m an FFL holder

        • Reverend Draco

          Nope what?

          Store didn’t skip the check, full stop.

          • Mike N Sarah WaltonBuford

            Nope as in I’m agreeing with you they did what they were supposed to do. It’s all on the fbi

          • Reverend Draco

            Got it. . .

    • BigGaySteve

      Reason magazine published that the background check passed because of a clerical error by the FBI.

  • Gearmoe

    The delusion and fear campaign continues. No law stops a person like Dylann Roof. The law didn’t truly fail as it would not have stopped him even in the event he had received a denial.

    • If just one of the 9 murdered people had believed in the second amendment as much as they believed in Jesus Christ, 8 of them would be alive.

      • Reverend Draco


    • BigGaySteve

      Funny Omar Thornton didn’t get this kind of coverage for killing 9 whites, no one suggested we ban cases of beer either. University of Maryland Baltimore had a triple murder on July 8 I thought the press liked to cover that sort of thing?

  • It would be much easier to eliminate the federal agents, since the vast majority of them work for agencies that would be considered unconstitutional by a literal reading and understanding of the Constitution.

  • democrat CockRoach

    I think it’s almost comical they got all our federal employees personal data. They will be the FIRST to lose their identity now that the democrats have been allowing them to STEAL all our personal data and barry gave the communists our ICANN dns tables.

    • Where do you get the ignorant premise that only democrats allowed anyone to steal anything? We did that to ourselves by allowing people who lack the competence to secure a cookie jar to hold all of our personal and financial information.

  • democrat CockRoach

    It’s a known fact that PSYCHOPATHS can pass lie detector tests or any type of psychological screening test they LIE.

    • Lie detectors don’t. All they do is record the physiological responses of the test taker’s body to the stresses of answering questions. A competent polygraph operator can detect signs of deceit, which can be used to deduce falsehood. Some psychopaths and sociopaths have the ability to suppress physiological changes because of their self deception that they didn’t do anything wrong.

      • BigGaySteve

        Yea that’s why the guy that sold courses for how to beat lie detectors had all the legal problems.

        • Does that mean that you have a complete transcript of the court proceedings and have done extensive legal research into those proceedings, or you are just making gross assumptions about something about which you know nothing more than you saw in the media?

  • LibsBan 1st Amend-speech/ideas

    Every State has a law/ laws forbidding murder, how’s that working out?

    • So does the federal government. How much good did that do JFK, MLK, RFK, and the multitude of other people who were murdered for the federal governments reasons? How about the million plus Iraqis murdered because George W, Bush didn’t like Saddam because he had tried to kill Daddy, and wanted to stop taking Federal Reserve Notes for oil?

    • BigGaySteve

      We cant even keep crack cocaine out of Prisons or DC mayor Marian Barry

      • sunshine

        No, he’s drug free now! He’s dead and good riddance!

  • mirageseekr

    Still trying to pass this false flag off as real?

    • sunshine

      Of course, it has it all! Evil whitey and their sin of racism, the saintly church going blacks, a rayyyyycist white guy with a convenient manifesto, and all of this will be used to bludgeon whitey over the head with their sin of whiteness, get our Southern heritage further demonized and now removed (why I believe this is one of the stages of genocide), and the golden ring…attempt to take away our guns! It didn’t work with Sandy Hook, the “dead” white kids didn’t move us…probably because we saw the same BS in the UK and Australia and knew it was lies, so they moved on to the sainted negro, trying to push the white guilt buttons.

  • Gearmoe

    To understand more and clarify how far the liars are willing to go:

  • Joel W

    Or the whole thing is BS and that part of the story was made up suddenly to get people thinking that background checks don’t work so they may be more open to stricter laws. Remember, the stories that MSM runs are so rife with lies. That’s why they are called news “stories,” because that’s all it is, a story the generate emotional response, usually fear. Alleged dead children (Sandy Hook) didn’t work for their fear-porn anti-gun psyop, so the only thing left was to blame the system. And when does any government agency admit to a mistake when there really is a mistake? Statistically never. So I don’t buy this, nor any other part of the story other than the hush money that went to the so-called victims families (crisis actors anyone?).

  • Bo Wetstone

    too bad too. a McVeigh style demonstration would have helped protect the second amendment- of course the entire building and it’s contents would have been toast- tough choices vigilantes make.