MTV Releases Racist, Sexist “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” Video; Hilarious Black Comedian Calls Them on It

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The very people crying outrage and racism and sexism seem to be the most openly racist and sexist people these days.

Do you remember the time back when MTV was actually about… music?

Those days are long gone; now all that channel does is push agendas upon the already emasculated, triggered, and safe space demanding millennial generation. (Check out MTV’s oh so touching guide to precious snowflakes after Trump won the election wherein they advised them to “Reach out to your loved ones. Hold someone’s hand” for more on that.)

Now MTV has released a new video titled, “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” which isn’t just stereotypical but racist. This outlet can rail on racism all day long, but apparently reverse racism and stereotyping is perfectly fine.

Watch this:

People reacted to this blatant hypocrisy as expected…

But one guy’s reaction, black comedian Sky Williams, takes the cake.

Williams’ vid was liked 43,000+ times and retweeted 18,000+; MTV’s original? Only 10,000 and 4,600.

MTV = owned.


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