MSNBC Warns That Trump’s Comments Could “Literally” Trigger Nuclear War

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The mainstream media is busy ushering the entire nation back into the cold war, blithely discussing nuclear weapons and launch codes like it’s about to be 1957 instead of 2017.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes kicked the fear porn up a notch recently, saying, “Trump’s comments about nuclear weapons have experts worried he could literally inadvertently trigger a catastrophe.”


His guest, Esquire writer Charlie Pierce, went on to say:

We have what, I think the total is 7100, individual nuclear war heads. I don’t even want to know what the destructive capabilities there. And we’re about to hand the launch orders over to a guy who can’t stay away from his phone for 15 minutes… So yeah, I think we’re all good to need a refresher course in what nuclear weapons are all about.

Thanks for that, mainstream media.

You have to feel sorry for anyone who truly believes MSNBC is delivering “news” and not propaganda… those people have got to be living in a waking nightmare where we’re all going to spend the next 1,460 days walking on eggshells to “literally” avoid nuclear war, and all because Trump has vocal chords.

But hey, at least the warmongering psychopaths running the show have the perfect patsy under which to launch World War III which they’ve only been working on and building towards for years now.

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  • James Wood

    Seems to me handing over launch codes to either candidate is somewhat worrisome. Were we not at defcon level 3, just 15 minutes from launch, during the last and final debate?

  • The only thing Trump will blow up is their fake news narrative 🙂

  • ahuxley

    If you’ve been listening to Obumbler’s anti- Russian vitriol lately it should be obvious that he want’s war with the Bear in order to preempt Trump’s attempt to form a friendly bond with Putin. I predict war prior to January 20th…
    Please feel free to mock me if/when I’m wrong. I’ll gladly accept that criticism…

    • The only ones who deserve to be mocked are the suited frauds pretending to be our leaders, we’re all wrong sometimes.

      • ahuxley

        Good to see you, Rolly…

        • You too, man, I won’t be around much after Q1 starts but for now I am!

          • ahuxley

            Q1 ?

          • Quarter 1, 1st quarter of next year. I’ll be up to my neck in projects so I won’t be here as much but it’s all good, I’d rather be busy than not.

          • ahuxley

            I hope you have a great New Year…

          • You too!

  • L Garou

    MSNBC does realize only a teeny weenie itsy bitsy number of people are listening to their crappola, don’t they? (LOL)
    Ten times as many people are watching’s propaganda lite..

  • Joe Blow

    Negrobama, the gay, Marxist, Muslim, using a phony birth certificate and illegal SS#, living with a man and two adopted girls in the WH threatened Putin with war and falsely accusing him of medling in our election, without one shred of evidence. In contrast Trump says no more aggressive wars of nation building.

    So who is the most dangerous here…a sissy bitch throwing a hissy fit or a very successful business man?

  • gmatch

    …sending 1200 tanks to the Netherlands does not? Trump is bad and every US President except Carter was a murderer, pervert or hudlum of some sort.

    Americans don’t ignore the piles of dead bodies their policies live behind abroad. Shame on you!

    • lan

      Islamic terror state of Iran was Carter’s gift to the world.

  • gabe

    It has nothing to do with the constant arrogance and offenses of the Obama admin. It has nothing to do with the American left blaming their loss on Putin and threatening sanctions against Russia. It has nothing to do with Obama’s constant display of weakness. No it is Trumps fault even though he is not even in office yet… As someone who voted 3rd party, I have to say the lefts attackers and BS is really making me like him more by the day. With all the flack, he must have hit his target.