MSNBC Won’t Say “Islamic Terror”: What if France Terrorist Just “Mentally Ill Person Who Took a Moment to Challenge Society in a Horrific Way?”

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Ever wondered just how far establishment agenda talking heads really will go out of their way to say anything but the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist” on air?

Now you know.

Check out this guy on MSNBC who actually sat there with a straight face and described ISIS fanatic Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man who drove a truck into a crowd of hundreds of innocent people killing over 80 and wounding another 200, even reportedly murdering ten children in the process, a man who then jumped out of the truck and started shooting into the shocked and devastated crowd as:

“…just a person with mental illness who took a moment to try and challenge society in a really horrific way”.

That’s some really stellar bullsh*tting there, isn’t it?

Then again, you also have newspaper headlines omitting the terrorist all together, as if the it was a self-driving truck that committed these heinous acts:

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  • Nothing to see here, just the latest MK-Ultra mind controlled false flag killer. Time to move on.

  • BBC reported he was on SSRI’s

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Isn’t it funny how these same a$$holes have no trouble referring to “teabaggers”, gun nuts and so on, when referring to their fellow countrymen?

  • Dan Morgan

    These MSM clown’s really are dim bulbs.

  • .44 Magnum

    LOL! MSNBC is literally a training wheels news show for retarded libs who are transitioning from VH1 and Disney Channel to what they think is news. I got “news” for ya, MSNBC is not news. It’s liberal BS brainwashing comprised of lies, misinformation and fabrication. Like listening to Matt Olson. Lol.

  • davee

    Well he wasn’t a radical Muslim terrorist. So for once, it looks like MSNBC is telling the truth! Not everyone who commits a crime these days is a terrorist.. Unless he has a foreign sounding name. lol

  • Frank Energy

    The Koran also says it is totally fine to rape your daughter as long as she is just a step daughter and not your direct blood daughter.

    Don’t be an apologist. You are complicit as an apologist.

  • bowecho

    Ban all assault trucks.

  • bowecho

    Religion is learned insanity, and Islam is completely and utterly based on insane ideals.