MSM Pushing Old Conspiracy Theory That Katy Perry Is Really JonBenét Ramsey to Make Alt Media Readers Seem Crazy

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This one is making headlines all over the place in the last 24 hours, and it reeks of the same agenda-driven psyop gusto that’s behind the flat Earth theory: something over-the-top put in place and widely publicized as much as possible to make all conspiracy theorists (aka critical thinkers who do not automatically believe everything they are told by the government and mainstream media outlets without questioning said events) look insane to the rest of the general public, thus discrediting them, all conspiracy theories, and the entire alternative media movement.

See the video that started it for yourself:

Now check this out, via NYDaily News:

Ramsey — a 6-year-old girl from Boulder, Colo. — was found strangled to death in the basement of her family home in 1996, but to this day, the case remains unsolved. For some reason, this has fueled speculation that the child beauty queen’s death was actually faked, and she instead grew up to be famed pop-star Katy Perry.

A YouTube video of the conspiracy was posted back in December 2014 by Dave Johnson, but recently started getting attention. [emphasis mine]

“JonBenét Ramsey did not die, nobody died, nobody got hurt,” Johnson says in the video. “But she was sacrificed: That sacrifice was in name only, and that sacrifice was to get something, and that something was to become a star.”

The more important question is, why is a conspiracy video that’s over a year old being splashed around in headlines everywhere today? Why did it “recently” start “getting” widespread mainstream media “attention”?

Here’s a real conspiracy for you.

Is something about to happen that would require a huge lambasting and discrediting of so-called “conspiracy theorists” and the alternative media beforehand so that when it does, people can say, “Yeah, but those guys are a bunch of whack jobs, they’re the same people who believe Katy Perry is really JonBenét Ramsey”…?


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  • Enough is enough

    These days everything that comes out of the main stream media is a big fat lie in some way.

    • Anita Tant

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    • bill lopez

      Its n a big fat lie, its Entertainment – always has been, always will be. The problem is the sheeple have been lead to believe that it ISN’T entertainment.
      Always remember that if its on TV its Entertainment.

      • Mr Gadget

        They don’t call it TV programming for nothing.

    • EnemyOfTheState

      The reason this came up again is because of Trump calling out the Bush/Saudi connection to 9/11, people awaking and etc. People are getting scared at the top and they are pulling out all the stops. There will be a lot of this discrediting happening now.

  • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Maybe she is. Stranger things have happened in this world….

  • LiberalsRLost

    the cee-aye-aa…is also producing lots of ‘flat earth’ videos on boob-tube ….. using AI for commentaries….it is a distraction from the real issues…yet we see how many fall for it……even so called big pastors…..unless they are also part of the game…of psy-Ops…..

    • CORRECT! They arr muddying the waters to protect their big secret.
      Authentic flat earth resources:

      Use authentic researchers, get authentic info, use shills as a source, get led around in circles.

    • Flat Earthers just took a big hit over calling a Nasa video a Hoax green screren.
      It wasnt , they are now just about finished.
      Proof has also emerged that flat earth channels are actually PAID to peddle nonsense.

      • LiberalsRLost

        Thanks for being that extra data point of validation…… the agencies using AI at war with its own people…
        .. a concept…..that I still struggle to wrap my head around ….
        …as a baby boomer brain washed with usa…usa..usa 4th of july mattress sales and then as I am awakened from this matrix of a holographic lie….I just take a big deep breath and holler WOW…..!

  • Broos

    Too Old NEWS; she’s 32. But twits, facepalm, dispinterest, et al; regularly regurgitate over-digested diversionary tripe. Standard fare at the Company cafeteria!

  • kirkpatrick

    Katy’s not nearly that pretty.

    • bill lopez

      yes she is.

      • It is pretty obvious why Perry’s attempt to become a professional gospel singer was a complete failure.

    • Reverend Draco

      Horseface Perry – with no talent to match her homely face.

  • It would be interesting to have someone “age” a photo of JonBenét Ramsey to see if she’d look anything remotely like Katy Perry. I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

  • Andrew Miller

    I’m a flat earther. I became one after sitting around bored watching youtube one day, and I thought, “HAHA! This idiot says the earth is flat! What a retard! Let’s watch the retard video for a laugh!”. Then I tried to disprove it, and couldn’t. But if you still believe NASA, then you’ll probably never apply any critical thought to the question. NASA is full of s**t even if the earth isn’t flat.

    Let me guess…it’s just the rest of the government that lies to us all the time. Not NASA! NASA is a pillar of honesty amid the sea of lying filth that the rest of the government is?

    • Lynn Collins

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    • Doc Holliday

      Totally agree about NASA. Take a moment to look into flat earth people…you might be surprised at what you find, Could be one of the biggest lies in the history of mankind.

      • Don’t trust your validity Doc Holliday, nobody knows about flat earth truth and has only 8 posts….

        • Doc Holliday

          Watch it, you’re ignorance is showing. Your gauging my flat earth knowledge on my post count here on the sheeple? lol, okay.

          • My ignorance or vigilance 🙂
            Give me a reason to think otherwise then, doc. There are more shills and trolls and disifno agents concerning the flat earth than ANY other topic I have ever encountered online to date and I’ve been at this for a bit.

          • Doc Holliday

            Sooo…because I tell people to look into flat earth on their own, without providing any links or directing them in a certain way. I might be a shill, or troll, or dis-info agent huh? Paranoid much?

          • Nope, vigilant much! It’s from experience.

          • Health Fitness Cafe

            Try I am not saying I believe, however, I can’t prove it either way. After watching some videos on this web site, it makes you wonder though…

          • That’s a good resource!

          • Health Fitness Cafe

            Then there is this video debunking flat earth theory.


          • Thanks! I LOVE those especially…

    • emmanuelozon

      Government been lying to me for 66 years.

    • I forgot

      That’s all they know how to do…lie.

    • Publeus

      — Travel broadens the mind. A sundial can make it tall.

      When people say that people used to believe that the Earth is flat, they typically mean the European Christians because if any dared to point out the obvious fact of a round Earth that practically every culture in history was aware of, and wrote about, then they would be burned at the stake. Thank God that the evil Roman Church is no longer able to enforce an obviously lie under penalty of death.

      Medieval…Dark Ages…What a thing to go back to.

      • But practically every culture in history was aware of our flat earth, not a freemasonic sphere. What history were you using?

        • Publeus

          — Documented history, in the form of ancient texts. Even the O.T. alludes to a round Earth. Some Asians said it best; I think Indians…

          “The Earth is a sphere and everyone’s feet points to each other, so who’s to say who is uppermost?” (paraphrase)

          — Those old Indian Texts are funny. Very practical, with just a touch of philosophy. To suggest that no one knew that the Earth was round is to ignore thousands of years of physical evidence. The spherical form of the Earth is simple to deduce and demonstrate. If you’re interested, you’ll have no problem finding legitimate, and verifiable, references and methods. Sundials are the easiest.

          Just ask Plato. Even some Europeans new, though they dare not mention it after Rome seized Christianity. Ptolemy had to know. He had the old evidence. He lied.

          • The O.T. alludes to a round Earth?
            1 Chronicles 16:30: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable.”

            Psalm 93:1: “Thou hast fixed the earth immovable and firm…”

            Psalm 96:10: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable…”

            Psalm 104:5: “Thou didst fix the earth on its foundation so that it never can be shaken.”

            Isaiah 45:18: “…who made the earth and fashioned it, and himself fixed it fast…”


            Ancient Buddhist, Vedic and Jain traditional cosmologies state that at the North Pole magnetic center of the Earth is a mountain of magnetite called Mount Meru. The Puranic and Sumerian traditions also spoke of this “Mount Sumeru.” In Ancient Iran they spoke of Mount Hara Berezaiti with a celestial spring on its highest peak in the realm of the stars. In ancient Chinese writings there is Mount Khun-Lun with a bronze Pillar of Heaven at the summit where the immortals dwell. The Turkmen tribes of Southern Turkestan speak of a copper pillar that marks the “naval of the Earth.” The Mongols wrote of Mount Sumber or Sumer with the Zambu tree on its summit. The Buryats of Siberia talk of Mount Sumur with the North pole star fastened to its summit. The Egyptians wrote of the “Mound of the First Time” which was the first land to appear from the Waters and is the dwelling place of the High God, the source of light. The Muslims write of Qaf and Zoroastrians of Sogdiana wrote of Girnagar the world encircling mountains. The Navajos spoke of “encircled mountain” which was surrounded by four directional mountains. The Dogon tribe of Nigeria spoke of a cosmic pillar spanning 14 worlds which is the “roof-post of the house of the high god Amma.” The ancient Greek mythology tells of Mount Olympus the Home of the gods. The ancient German told of “Irminsul” a universal column which sustains everything. The Norse Edda spoke of Asgard, the burgh of the gods rising in the center of Midgard, the circular earth. The 14th century writings Inventio Fortunata by Nicholas de Linna and The Itinerium of Jacobus Cnoyen mention the magnetic mountain being so powerful that it pulled the nails right out of explorer’s boats! The encircling whirlpool and four directional rivers surrounding the mountain were said to change every 6 hours causing the tides, comparing them to the “breath of God” at the “naval of the Earth,” inhaling and exhaling the great seas. Even Gerhard Mercator, of the Mercator projection map we still use today, back in 1569 made a detailed map of the North Pole showing an Iron Mountain at the middle called “Mount Rupes Nigra” at the North Pole with four rivers extending outwards at right angles.

            To suggest that no one knew the Earth was flat was to ignore many more thousands of years of ancient knowledge.

          • Publeus

            — There were any centers, and navels, of the world. As for the O.T., I seem to remember a passage about a prophet taken into the heavens and seeing the ‘Earth in the round’. The fabled mountain is a matter of continuous debate. Like the fabled Atlantis, it is claimed to be many places. Most give up and consider it symbolic. I don’t think that’s a real answer. By the way, I’ve been to Alaska. The North land teaches that the Earth is round.

            Seriously, it’s a moot subject. The spherical shape can be measured. You might as well argue against the existence of gravity, or temperature. Keep reading, but remember…

            “Interpreters read in more than they read out.”

          • The Earth can be round AND flat, ya know 😉

            Seriously, it isn’t moot and this is far from the last time you’ll hear of it as this truth gets out, one awakened soul at a time. The establishment is in damage-control overdrive:

            – They have the “astro-physicists” creating rap “dis-tracks” because everybody knows in order to properly refute irrefutable logic that you need a good “dis-track,” lol.

            – They have multiple flat earth shill videos to coax the reader in and then say something totally illogical in order to make you believe “this flat earth stuff is crap, these people are lying”

            – They have created entire fake societies online in order to discredit their most coveted of all secrets, the flat earth society being the most obvious.

            – They have shut down the 2 best forums on the topic in the last 2 months

            – + many more examples.

            I can use your very measurements and couple them with the distance lighthouses are able to be observed and I can clearly demonstrate via mathematics using YOUR globe-earth measurements to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth is not curved like they say it is and in fact is an extended flat plane.

            “Interpreters read in more than they read out.” – math is logical thus no need for interpretation.

          • Publeus

            — I can use your very measurements and couple them with the distance lighthouses are able to be observed and I can clearly demonstrate via mathematics using YOUR globe-earth measurements to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth is not curved like they say it is and in fact is an extended flat plane.

            Incorrect. I’ve made those measurements. No one had to tell me. I’ve noticed lately that “Do the math!” is used to dismiss, by people who don’t do the math. Get a sundial, and a sextant, go for a drive, and find out for yourself. That’s the only way we learn, after all.

            Belief, by definition, is not real.

            I’ll bet even the Patriarch Abraham the Chaldee, a Sumerian and a trained astronomer and mathematician, figured that out.

          • Belief, by definition, is not real.” – you got that right, you must run on faith alone for your sphere model but as soon as you involve mathematics the non-sphere is proven thus you must have faith that it is a sphere… you only need logic to disprove that though but I am not one to tell people what to believe, I will only defend my position with facts when challenged.

            The Dunkerque Light in southern France at an altitude of 194 feet is visible from 28 miles away. Spherical trigonometry dictates that if the Earth was a globe with the given curvature of 8 inches per mile squared, this light should be hidden 190 feet below the horizon!

            Salar de Uyuni – 4000 square miles of almost completely flat terrain = not able to exist on the sphere.

            Stick with the facts, not fiction or beliefs and it will become clear to those that can do so.

          • Publeus

            — I was trained in navigation, land, sea, and air. If you attempt to travel a straight line around a curved surface, you’ll go way off course. Bad math is no substitute for real world experience. Simple surveying is no real feat. To repeat inaccurate claims that you have not even attempted to verify destroys any credibility that you may be afforded.

            Don’t take my word for it. Use a measuring tape, and do some trigonometry. I have. It’s fun, and useful. You are preaching to someone who is not in the choir.

            Life has not afforded me the luxury of belief.

          • BAD MATH? HAHAHA, prove it! There is no room for B.S. when using numbers just like my example above that you can use math to try and disprove and you will see for yourself that I am correct. I have endless examples with the numbers that go along with it to prove my point. You’ll just have to deny mathematics and that’s fine, believe what you will but don’t tell me the calculations I have already worked through are wrong, they are not, which is easy to prove… it’s math after all.

            Ever heard of the many sailors who have died in the last 500years while sailing near the ice wall because they were using spherical trig and not plane trig to navigate? You can get away with spherical trig in the north but in the south things really start to go way off the farther you travel.

            Salar de Uyuni is sitting there right now disproving that we live on a ball of any size, it is 4000 square miles and almost completely flat, 1 meter difference in height all throughout. – it is a fact that it exists and is sitting there, not a belief.

          • Publeus

            — Recitation is not knowledge. Your refusal to even consider a simple demonstration speaks volumes. Triangulation is a simple and beautiful process. It only requires one easy measurement. The angles don’t always add up to 180 degrees, demonstrating the curve. No more diversion.

            Verify. That is the beginning of wisdom.

          • Sir, I have already worked through the mathematics and I have already proven this mathematically using the theorem of Pythagoras, you’re not my first challenger, believe it or not.

            No refutation of the salt flats… why? Because there IS no refutation, it is flat and it is sitting there right now, just like the Suez canal, just like the Grand Canal in China… all provably and measurably flat, all sitting there right now as I type this.

            – And you haven’t used the Pythagorean theorem to verify the numbers of the lighthouse example which speaks volumes also. Numbers do not lie hence I like numbers, they will expose the misunderstanding whether intentional or accidental every time.

            Maybe you should try that verify thing too..

          • Publeus

            — Again, you present hypothetical math. I’ve traveled, and measured. Try it. You can learn something real. Otherwise, you don’t really know; you pretend.

            I recommend a trip to Alaska. When you see the sun on the horizon, and then don’t, you’ll understand. No juggling numbers can refute that grand observation.

            The priest lied.

          • hypothetical math? The theorem of Pythagoras is not hypothetical. Being there or not makes no difference, you still need the numbers to perform the calculations regardless.

            The priests sure did lie and it’s coming out with fury now so get used to it is my advice.

            I recommend a trip to Salar de Uyuni, the 4000 square mile, almost completely flat salt flat in Bolivia, can’t argue we live on a ball while you’re standing on a 4000 square mile provably flat plane.

          • Publeus

            — Sundown at noon, simply by traveling North.

            I love this world…

    • Everyone is lying except NASA and the religions, lol, [sarc]

    • chad

      I guess the moon is flat to?

      • Publeus

        — To reproduce the shadow on the moon requires globes, not discs. Another ancient discovery by thoughtful astronomers.

        • These flat earth goons are discrediting the truth movement , and whats worse evidence has emerged that they are paid to do it.
          ( well would you be as dedicated as that ? )

          • Publeus

            — Ignorance is a choice. We choose to ignore. It takes effort to be ignorant.

    • Al Mather

      In flat earth myth… all the stars and sun spin counterclowise around Polaris..the North Star in the center of a flat disc that we live on…

      Except in this real the southern hemisphere…the stars all appear to spin clockwise round a different star Sigma Octanis.. Follow?

      GO LOOK AT your flat earth “map” …

      South is every outward direction… how would it be possible to view the stars all spinning around Sigma Octanis THE EXACT SAME STAR
      looking “south from Bolivia, Australia, and South Africa simultaneously and have the same view???

  • Look at that little dig at the provable flat earth by Mrs. Dykes! So let’s try to equate the provable flat earth with BS conspiracy theories like this? Tryin’ to pass off the truth of our flat earth as a CIA psyop… “somebody(the establishment)” is getting desperate… hahaha!

    Truth is like a freight train and the Flat Earth truth train has already left the station. Get out of the way or get ran over.

  • Something big did just happen.
    The Flat Earth Psy Op called Hoax on a Nasa Video.
    they said it was green screen , but were discredited in about 12 hours.
    Flat Earth is dead. another lump of tax payers money wasted.