MS-13 Gang Members Allowed into U.S., but Wife of Marine Veteran Thrown in Prison

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Oleksandra Bronova and her American husband, Bryan Price

While the Obama regime is rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens as they cross our border, one woman found herself thrown in a high security prison. You see, this woman was not of Mexican descent. This woman was not of Central American descent. Oleksandra Bronova is a Ukrainian National and she was singled out by border agents as she tried to cross the border with her American husband.

Unlike the majority crossing the border, she knows English. In fact, she is a Cambridge graduate and actually speaks five languages. Also, unlike many crossing the border illegally, Bronova has no criminal history. Yet, she was arrested while known members of the notorious MS-13 gang have been granted entrance in their illegal crossing into America.

Many crossing the border are stating they are looking to be reunited with family. In many cases, those family ties are made up. This woman, however, is married to an American citizen, a former Marine, Bryan Price. He was with her when they were attempting to cross the border and she was apprehended.

Bronova left her country because of the danger in the war-torn area. Fearing for her safety, after her family fled the Ukraine, Price leased her a house in Juarez, Mexico. She had a visitors permit there and they planned to work on her U.S. visa paperwork.

As news of tens of thousands of people crossing the border became widespread, a friend suggested to Bronova and Price that they attempt to cross the border as well, stating they would likely be okay since Price is an American citizen.

After they legally married, they traveled to the Santa Teresa Bridge in El Paso with their marriage license and all other pertinent documents. That is when the nightmare began.

KFOX14 reports on their story.

He said border agents immediately pulled the couple into a secondary room.

“They started to ask, ‘Well, why didn’t she finish her documents in the Ukraine?’ And I said, ‘Well, there’s a war in her region. That’s the reason why.’ And they started asking us why she just couldn’t return and I said, ‘Well, there’s still battling going on to this day there,’” Price said. “She was then handcuffed and taken into another room.”

Price said he spoke to the man who was processing them and said if there was a serious issue they would just go back to Juarez.

“He ignored me. About an hour later, he comes in, and gets me and says we’ve decided to detain her,” he said.

Price said the agents took his wife to an El Paso processing facility, which wasn’t unexpected.

However, things changed when he called the next morning.

“They informed me at that point that she had been moved to Otero federal prison facility — Otero unit one. Well, this is where things started to go very bad,” Price said.

Price said he was told El Paso facilities were filled to capacity, which is why Bronova was transferred.

He immediately drove to the Otero County Prison see her, and she greeted him shackled and chained.

“She was already shaken. When she came in the room it was (tears). I mean she was shaking and crying,” Price said.

That was the last time he saw his wife and he was told she was only allowed one visit per week. She also wouldn’t be able to make any phone calls.

Not surprisingly, Price said he is shocked at how his wife has been treated, thrown into a prison with murderers and rapists. He said, “I’m shocked, as a U.S. veteran and a former Marine that has fought for this country, I’m appalled.”

The couple’s attorney is working on asylum for Bronova. Whether or not she receives it will determine if she gets to stay in the U.S.

KFOX14 has inquired with federal agents why Central American illegal aliens, many with criminal histories, were being granted entrance, while someone with no criminal history has been thrown into a maximum security prison. The feds demanded a privacy waiver from Bronova before answering. Although the news station secured the privacy waiver, federal officials have still not responded to the question.

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  • Phoenixsst

    explain to me why this administration would want educated immigrants in this country

    • Justin OB

      they dont. they want more third world slaves who arent used to having a Bill of Rights so they wont complain when its completely shredded

    • 1stworlder

      They only want low IQ 3rdworlders that will produce low IQ spawn. Forever voting for more free stuff because IQ is mostly hereditary.

  • lan

    White genocide, lock up an intelligent highly educated European woman that will better the country and roll out the red carpet for hordes of uneducated criminal browns that will destroy it.

  • matism

    Kill the filthy chimp for his treason. And kill every one of his “Law Enforcement” enablers.

  • Rick E.

    If her last name had been Gomez there would have been NO problem!

  • Justin OB

    shes white so she doesnt qualify as a “dreamer”

  • Thomas Rice

    Id rather one Ukrainian over ten thousand beaners

  • Reverend Draco

    Well, Price – that’s the sort of thing you signed up for when you became an enforcer for the State. Welcome to the world you helped create.

    Now piss off, crybaby.

  • haroldcrews

    Please God bring an end to the evil obscenity that is America soon.

  • Bring it

    It seems to me that besides the VA scandal obama is focusing on destroying our military and there moral. It seems he is really going after us.

  • GeorgeW

    You need no more information than this to know that the Mexican border crisis is intended to take place.
    It is intended to destabilize your country. Intelligent Caucasian women are not going to contribute to that.

  • GeorgeW

    AND this is also a great way to continue the divide and conquer meme.
    Black on White pot stirring was (is) not enough, they will bring in another player, and make sure all groups will feel frustrated.

  • Free thinker

    Too bad all the military people have betrayed their oath to america.

  • Nexusfast123

    The treatment of this woman is bad. However, her numbnut other half and her were stupid to cross into the US without the proper documents. You are dealing with a bureaucracy. They don’t think grey only black and white. No papers means you are entering the country illegally.

    • 1stworlder

      Really MS-13 members must commit a felony in order to join. The big difference is Obama wants lots of low IQ 3rdworld scum who will spawn more low IQ voters for the party of more free stuff, paid for by productive Asians & YT.

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    How dare you bring an non criminal, educated, employable illegal woman into this country that might actually contribute something to society, didn’t you get the memo, the dream act, aka obama amnesty is reserved for diseased, illiterate, leeching 3rd class citizens of 3rd world countries only.

  • emptymag

    None of the idiots celebrating our Independence Day have any idea what the Holiday is for. They all think it’s “Fireworks day”! And it NEVER crossed their minds where ALL the profit from those fireworks goes. Just another few BILLIONS to CHINA!

  • 1stworlder

    Taxpayers actually pick up the difference, as they will leech up more taxpayer paid benefits that they get paid.

  • DontLikeWimps

    No they only want diseased ridden mentally ill criminals to terrorize American citizens in their own homes, streets and schools and places of business!!!

    • Rick E.

      DLW, you just described quite well, the Obama administration, the TSA, and Wash DC in general!

  • DontLikeWimps

    No they want illiterate, disease ridden animals stalking and terrorizing Americans in their own Country and Neighborhoods…

  • antiliberalcryptonite


  • John Mergendahl

    Maybe, if she had posed as a Mexican with no paperwork, she would have been let in. “no hablan Inglés”