Mountain Lion Snatches Dog From Family’s Bedroom in California

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Most people don’t really have to worry about mountain lions, even if they live near their habitats. Mountain lion attacks against humans are pretty rare, and are almost nonexistent outside of state and national parks. However, attacks against pets are a different story, as one family in Pescadero, California recently learned.

Early Monday morning, Vickie Fought and her 12-year-old daughter were sleeping as their small Portuguese Podengo dog laid at the foot of their bed. Earlier in the night, they had left the bedroom door open in case the dog wanted to get out. They woke up hours later when the dog started barking ferociously, but their pet went silent moments later. Then Vickie saw a dark figure slip out of the bedroom door and into the night.

“For a second, I thought ‘Oh, she recognizes Leo, our bigger dog.’ Then I saw the lion walk back out the door,” Fought told NBC Bay Area. The mountain lion had casually walked through their bedroom door (which was only a foot away from their bed), snatched the dog and walked out.

Vickie went outside with a flashlight to search for the dog, but only found footprints. She called the police, who would later find that the prints matched the description of a typical mountain lion print. The police searched the area, but as you might have guessed, they failed to find the dog or the mountain lion.

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  • NonYo Business

    One more purse dog bites the dust.

    • Freespirit

      I’ll never understand why anyone prefers those “carry around” dogs. They are just as much work as a LARGE or GIANT dog, but at least the Larger -type dog can protect you

      • Razedbywolvs
        • Freespirit

          I am quite aware of Dogs Hunting Rats BUT that does not answer my question about the people who have “Carry Around ” Dogs. They DEFINITELY DO NOT have them to hunt rats but thanks for trying.

          In response let me help you:

          STOP PLAYING the GAME of Liberal vs. Conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, Right vs. Left, Communist vs. Fascist. “Government” no matter, its stripe, the WORD “Government”is from the Greek/Latin and means MIND CONTROL, so investigate something TRULY Different
          and CORRECT for your RIGHTS to Life, Liberty and Property ownership: AND

          Take care now

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Those people have “carry around dogs” for companionship. Even those ditzy celebs who probably are getting more real love from the dog than anyone in their circle of human friends.

            They are not carrying the dog around for survival or self protection. You are being an ass by confusing two entirely different things. I doubt even Paris Hilton would enter the danger zone, strike out to survive in some disastrous situation, expecting to rely on a puny, yappy rat sized mut for help.

          • Freespirit

            Thanks for your feedback

      • NonYo Business

        Yeah, they are bred into stupidity and uselessness.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        I have had rabbits for years as companion animals. They have “protected” me on several occasions. Once waking me in the early hours of the morning to alert me to intruders breaking into and trying to steal my car. I caught them red handed thanks to my rabbit’s silent early warning. A rabbit doesn’t alert the intruders, they jump all over you to wake you up. I am not joking.

        The second time was camping and the rabbit awoke me to alert me of intruders entering our campsite. Both times the rabbit’s senses were way superior to any dog, he was reacting long before the intruders even had begun to intrude. Somehow their incredible hearing and other senses give them almost a sixth sense for danger.

        You with your big dog may have been given a last minute warning and your big dog might even be capable of tackling a bad guy or two and at least give you some time. However he also would give away your position and the fact the intruders had been pinged. My bunny is the silent and secret weapon. I am ready in good enough time to put on my glasses, get dressed and arm myself before surpising the intruders.

        I suggest that blunt simplistic thinking is far from as useful as subtle and creative approaches to survival. Be careful before you rubbish another’s choice in companion animal or defensive posture.

        I am not for a moment suggesting a rabbit can replace a dog for many of the traditional uses for which dogs are used. However for purposes of night sentry especially they’re phenomenal and I’ll put my camp security up against yours any day if you have a dog and I have a rabbit. You have a fighting chance but I will have many more choices with more time and the element of suprise. Also rabbits don’t need to consume extra rations. Anybody who suggests they can also become rations…FU! a DOG is at least a bigger lump of meat for that!

        • Freespirit

          Although I don’t agree with some of what you say, what you do say is well-reasoned and by the way my big dogs DON’T sleep in my bedroom.

          They sleep where they can be near the main entrance DOORS on teh MAIN floor, so that any wrong – doer trying to enter will be attacked such that the noise will alert me, thus providing plenty of time to take defensive action

          I also like rabbits but things like Rabbits and Hamsters and even white mice were something of my very young years _”When I was young I behaved as a child.When I became an adult I put away childish things”. No offense meant, just my take on life.Remember I am 76 and may look on life with those years of experience and thus now prefer the challenges of more advanced creatures, like HUMANS or more useful, such as LARGE DOGS.

          Thanks once, more for you input

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Well as actual life and death experience has already proven, an adult can indeed make a fine and intelligent as well as useful companion from rabbits. I did not mention guinea pigs, hamsters or mice and I think your attempt to slide a subtle argumentum ad-absurdum past the judges was a wee bit sly. Not entirely un-amusing though. 🙂 I have acknowledged the blunt usefulness of large dogs, but my experience extends across a broad range of things and animals and my preference is for less troublesome and more pleasant creatures with whom I have long since learned to communicate effectively. Few people realise rabbits are as smart and complex if not more so than any dog. They are more for the subtle minded though. I am someone with all the experience you might imagine in survival including in life and death violent scenarios. My preference has long tended towards the effective tactics that rabbits display and typically run rings around dogs who in my experience are almost deaf and blind. Typically my rabbit will settle down inside our trade tent at a trade show having identified every dog in the place by sight and hearing. A dog will typically be sitting in the tent across from us for most of the day before finally waking up to something half the trade show has figured out by now, there’s a rabbit walking around the tent just ten feet away from that dumb dog. Then the stupid coot goes berserk as if it just discovered the greatest thing in the world. In the kayak my rabbit hangs over the side staring dogs down, unlike she’d do only and she thinks it is hilarious when the dumb dog in the kayak next to us loses control and capsizes it’s owners boat. She is smart enough to know she is in no danger and she knows exactly what is coming, the dog is clueless. Rabbits have a spatial outlook, an engineering eye which is amazing and useful when you recognise how it works. They can do calculations in their heads and act on them, dogs are pure instinct and blunder in where rabbits think fast on their feet. Once they are as mine are locked into a tribal mindset, we work together as a team very effectively. I have had dogs and cats and rabbits suit my techniques best. Good luck. But don’t be surprised when it is me who surprises you in the dark, not the other way around. Just be glad we’re good guys too.

          • Freespirit

            We AGREE where applicable and DISAGREE ,also, where applicable, so once more, thank you for your input

  • RMS1911

    you live near mountain lions and leave the door open?
    clearly the cat made off with the wrong mammal.

    • Janetwebb

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    • L. A. McDonough

      Shoulda’ taken the mother for being a slacker.

  • Smarty

    Who sleeps with a door OPEN? What about insects, mosquitos, mice….and all kinds of other shit getting inside? (Not to mention criminals). She should get the Darwin award, not the poor dog….

    • Razedbywolvs

      insects, mosquitos, mice don’t worry about it.. It’s not really a problem in tell you get to Skunk.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Our door stays open so our rabbits can go in and out. Many people leave a door ajar for their pets when they sleep. But we do not live in mountain lion country. That to me was definitely foolish. If you have small children or animals you’d have to be crazy not to make sure they were locked inside securely at night.

  • digriff

    Even mountain lions cant stand those little yapping pests.

  • L. A. McDonough

    I guess some stupid people leave entry doors to the outdoors open at night before going to bed. We keep doors locked at all times and dead bolted. Home invasions or petty thieves are everywhere today. Wake up stupid people, California is full of dim wits. Mt. lions are all over the U.S. nowdays too.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    One is clearly concerned about an aggressive lion. However, one cannot read such a shocking report without the fear that some even worse predator is offering us a million dollar industrial complex to protect us from the Lions. Say a vaccination which messes with your biochemistry so that you now give off a scent offensive to lions?
    If you don’t know me by now you will never ever know me and no I am not singing a song LOL.
    I would rather face the Lion than a Government Agency promising to protect me from the Lion’s bite.
    So help me God.

  • Freespirit

    I guess they will blame the Mountain Lion,for being a Mountain Lion or, as we call them in Canada, COUGAR.

    Never leave DINNER out in the open and easily accessible. Cougars do not respect nor recognize our BOURGEOIS/Civilized habits….

    ……….Or do as I do. I prefer GREAT DANES or other dogs related to MASTIFFS, and always at least TWO.

    2 of those dogs make Cougars, Bears and CRIMINALS think twice

  • Spunky

    Taste like chicken.

  • MrXtra Plate

    “For a second, I thought ‘Oh, she recognizes Leo, our bigger dog.’

    Leo would be on his way to the dog pound this week if he was my pet.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Was thinking the same thing. Even my rabbit would have done more to alert me.

  • Jackson

    Never said how the lion got into the house. I know they said the bedroom door was open. Who has a bedroom door open to the outside of the house? We have snakes, alligators,mosquito’s, rats,raccoons, panthers,home invasions, and on and on. We keep our doors closed and locked,day or night,and before opening the door look out down and around.

  • Tiger

    Mountain lions eat people. They attack in Colorado and they attack in California. We have black panthers here in Florida but they are not aggressive like California and Colorado. I have had three close calls with them one in Texas at age 13 and two when stationed in Colorado.

    Sad that they lost their little pet but who leaves a door open?

  • tonye

    Lesson: if you live near mountain lions don’t get little dogs, get BIG dogs.