Mother Of Charlottesville Driver Repeatedly Called Police Over Son’s Violence

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Records show that the mother of James Alex Fields, the man accused of slamming his car into a group of protestors in Charlottesville Saturday, repeatedly called the police to her Ohio apartment due to her son’s violent tendencies.

Fields, a 20-year-old white nationalist, reportedly drove his car into a group of counter protestors at the white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., killing one and injuring 19 others. He is currently being held by police without bail. Ohio records show that the man’s mother, Samantha Bloom, called police to the apartment where she and her son lived a total of nine times between November 2010 and February 2013, reported Monday.

Bloom, who is wheelchair-bound, called in 2010 to say her son had stolen her phone, “smacked her in the head,” and “put his hands over her mouth,” according to police dispatcher notes. He also locked his mother in the bathroom after she had asked him to stop playing video games, CBS News reported.

She also called police in November 2011, telling dispatchers that Fields had spat in her face and pushed her.

Video recordings of the Saturday attack showed a 2010 Dodge Challenger registered to Fields plowing into a crowd of anti-fascist counter-protesters in downtown Charlottesville.

Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal, was killed in what police are calling a deliberate attack. At least 19 other people were injured.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced late Saturday that the Department of Justice and the FBI will be investigating the incident as domestic terrorism and as a hate crime.

The investigation will be conducted in Charlottesville, as well as Maumee, Ohio, Fields’ hometown.

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  • George

    Sad event. Horrible day. But what is maddening is the local police not only allowed mixing of two crowds vehemently in opposition to each other [how to promote a riot], but FORCED the egress of the [permitted] white supremacists through a gauntlet of illegally gathered mix of Anti-Fa, BLM and other rabble as the scene was shutdown. That’s not just stupid, it’s probably in violation of the permit, and is malfeasance of the lowest order – I’m sure they paid for “police protection” and instead were intentionally put in harms way.
    I don’t care for the message of any of the groups involved, and view the contest as the Toilet Bowl, but we must ask: who gave the order for police to allow Anti-Fa to usurp somebody else’s permit and endanger the public? The police chief? The mayor? The governor?
    And where did Anti-Fa get their info to run in out of state ‘professionals’ ahead of time? If the permit filed for at city hall was used against them [leaked, beyond normal public notice or media coverage], some officials need to be investigated for their ties to BLM and Anti-Fa, as they have proven themselves to be a domestic terrorism operation. Everything about the fateful day stinks, and the DOJ needs to crack open a monster civil rights case. Question remains, will the ACLU show up to backup their original support of free speech in gaining the original assembly their permit? And why am I having to read about leftist rabble using hairspray [or some other aerosol] in open arson attacks with near zero police response from sources in the UK? The American networks can live in ever loving shame for the blackout of on the ground events not spoon fed to them by their buddies at SPLC, and I won’t buy so much as bar of soap pimped by such fools. Judging by the governors response, he is part of the problem: actively aiding and abetting after the fact at a minimum. Fire the police chief, and don’t you dare re-elect McAwful, Virginia: he is prepared to let your state burn in service to his party [citizens be damned]. Had the police arrested the leftist goons illegally assembled from the get go, the event would be a footnote in the NYT, and we would all be shaking our heads at the collection of human debris that holds such abhorrent views… most likely with zero body count.

  • dav1bg

    Garbage like this doesn’t represent me or the white population. Even though the corporate press is trying to convince us of it.

    • lee ho fook

      it’s all fake, Dav, don’t sweat it…just another every-two-week PSY-OP perpetrated on the USA by the JEWS

  • lee ho fook

    Jewish George Soros backed PSY-OP…….AGAIN