Mother Arrested for Letting 7-Year-Old Play in Park

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The nanny state is at it again this week. A mother in Maine was arrested and charged with child endangerment, after letting her young daughter play in a park near her house. Because of course we can’t have kids playing in a park right? That simply won’t do.

The playground was only a few hundred feet away, and could be seen from her front porch. The local news interviewed the mother, as well the coddling, self-righteous police chief who threatened to take her daughter to the Department of Health and Human Services.

As Infowars noted, this is just one example of an alarming trend in America. “This is not an isolated case, it’s part of a disturbing pattern of parents across the nation being punished for allowing their kids to form any semblance of individuality and self-responsibility.” It should be abundantly clear now, that the government won’t rest until they’ve successfully raised a generation of helpless kids, who’ll only recognize the nanny state as their guardian.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    When I was 4 in 1951, I had a cap gun and thought it was humanity’s greatest achievement (till I discovered blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream on top).

    Back then I ran around with that obvious toy and nobody raised an eyebrow. Now? They’d call SWAT, lock down the hood, and pack me off to some psych ward to get pumped full of some crap. BTW… *are* cap guns being made anymore?

  • They would have executed my mother for letting me walk several blocks to first grade by myself at 6 years old.

  • MrAnthill

    The police are the predators here, especially since they refused to take her home 1/2 block away.

  • ccambridge

    Destroy the nanny state. Begin critically thinking and questioning authority



  • James

    In site of a American cop and it is worth your life. Save lawsuits against the city when they gun your children down. So as all it is self serving for them to do such. Keep your children locked inside and at site of a cop tell them to run inside for safety. If they are outside on the porch or in your yard.

    • Yes the badged criminals are much worse than the regular criminals now. The kids should be taught that too, it will help them survive in this criminal cesspit.

      • It is less in the badge and more in the gunbelt. The children should be taught to be suspicious of ALL arbitrary authority, regardless of its packaging. Then, maybe, if they have relented from accepting the indoctrination provided by the telescreen and the public fool system, they will be safer from all forms of manipulation.

        • CPS don’t carry guns and they are more dangerous to kids than cops but yes, they should be taught to be leery of all authority and they should also be taught about corruption and how the good guys become the bad guys because of it.

          • Patriots should be giving CPS more reasons to carry guns, so we can have a reason to return fire.

  • Rogoraeck

    USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 ! USA ! # 1 !

    • Now that we know that your problem is chronic jingoism, we have to raise your consciousness to the level where you recognize that you have a problem.

      • Rogoraeck

        IMO if you are reading this site, you should have recognized tongue in cheek satire !

        • I guess I missed the humor in Toby Keith’s asininity as well as the announcement that this is a humor site.

  • frankw

    Self rightious do-gooders will be the death of freedom in this country, in addition to the political fascism we have to deal with, of course. Part of the problem for the statist mentality is that many of us old-timers still remember when we had a modicum of freedom in this nation and have taught our children to prize it.

  • Mike

    That is of course what the government wants. It wants everyone to worship it so it has total control. Resist tyranny.

  • fatwillie

    The police chief should be removed immediately and taken out and shot after having a fair trial, he is a traitor to the oath he took to the people, the constitution, and to the Lord God almighty. I bet he was not raised the way he is demanding parents raise their children today. I bet he roamed free without worry and intervention from people like himself and this overbearing piece of shit we now have to think as government, with it’s unlawful laws and rules. People in that community should unite behind this woman her children and family and run all this scum out of office now. If you do not stand together to fight this evil it will continue to grow, United you can stand, united you can win,

  • Bob Smith

    I walked four miles to and from school, everyday, from 1st grade to all the way through the university. Believe it or not, it gave me walking time to think of all aspects of life. Thinking/walking time is very important and rare with most children today.

  • Brodie Costigan


    • Chantal_Designer

      Like your comment Brodie, just not all caps.. ;?))

  • evoval

    Arrested because its not safe with the 10’s of thousands of convicted violent criminal illegals released back onto American streets and those are just the ones we know about that where caught and released.
    Just looking out for your safety America!


    TO any /all that voted oboma IN, may YEW die in your sleep, and go straight to Hell-Tonight !!

    • That is a little harsh, you know he did lie to everyone. I didn’t vote for him that’s for sure but I don’t vote for anybody, I like to consider myself free.


        Jolly Roger-Life is Harsh, Reality is That They Deserve That, Especially the Fools who voted him in 2X

        • Chantal_Designer

          Not quite, as the votes were flat-out STOLEN; unless one counts 140% voter turnout normal.. some people were too scared/intimidated to speak up they voted Romney but the machine was “reset” for the queer immediately..

          • Yes! That’s where my comment was coming from! Thank you!

        • I have family members that think he is just great, I can even be around them because I can’t stand the ignorance. I agree.


            I totally understand that, I have actually Disowned , No Contact, No Commo with my elder Brothers
            and WTSHTF, IF it were even possible (5k) miles>, I would correct that problem they have Burdened Society with, But Cannot. The Pond is too wide.

  • Alleged Comment

    Sorry, but the world is getting so dangerous (thanks to Demoncraps) you have to BE by the SIDE of your child, even when she goes to use a public bathroom, much less playing in the park.


      that’s because Most Democarts are Sick/Pedo’s-thats why you cant let ur kids go potty alone nowadays

    • Chantal_Designer

      You have a point.. however, there is NOT one iota of difference between both criminal parties.. ;>))

  • jim_robert

    How do idiots get into positions of authority like this? What a jackass.

  • jim_robert

    Watching that jackazz cop made me vomit. I hope they vote this jackazz out in the next election

    • DinduNuffins

      She would just be replaced with a bigger jackass…only psychotic control freaks seek positions on the police force.

  • mirageseekr

    If the police had not over reacted they could have maybe asked her if she was OK and where she lived, walk her home and indeed check to see if she was being supervised. It should have ended there. The little girl looked clean, fed, healthy, and would have looked happy if approached the way you should in this situation, not kidnap them within site of their home.

  • James Michael

    Aggravated assault and battery and kidnapping without any cause of action with standing, is a felony on any state….These sworn public servants and the one making the false and malicious report…should be charged as the felons they are….


    Maybe we should Teach our Kids -when someone comes up and sez we are here to Help you-RUN & SCREAM HELP

  • DinduNuffins

    Teach your kids to run from the police at first sight…they are the real terrorists in this nation.