Video: Let’s Be Honest, Most of Us Simply Can’t Stand Ted Cruz

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Poster for sale in Ted Cruz’s presidential store.

Even if you agree with some of what Ted Cruz has to say, let’s be honest… can you really stand him? Could you stand to listen to him lead America into more Middle Eastern wars like he has vowed to do for four or possibly even eight years? Not even as a president but as a person… Be honest now (and no, this has nothing to do with his Bush past and ties, his Goldman Sachs CFR North American Union-endorsing wife, his crazy pastor dad, or that booger he ate).

Liberal agenda aside, Samantha Bee sums up the basic reality that the majority of people simply can’t stand Ted Cruz, (to be added to this article by an M.D. about how there’s actually a scientific basis behind why most people have an inexplicable urge to punch Cruz in the face).

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  • M_Avalon

    Can’t stand his voice. It’s kinda like a normal guy who sucked on a little helium.

    • jim_robert

      Great. You don’t “like his voice.”
      George Washington wore dentures when he spoke, and I’ll bet you would have hated his elocution, too.
      We have idiot Hilary supporters, and then people like you who will ultimately get her elected. You should be proud. Not.

      • M_Avalon

        How quaint, Professor; you actually think voting makes a difference. The US is the Titanic on an unavoidable collision course with an iceberg. It matters not who’s at the helm.

        • ahuxley

          Thanks, M, for beating me to the punch.
          The partisan, “my guy vs. your guy” meme that has been the perennial mainstay of political theater has kept the ruling-class insulated from the wrath of the under-class by transferring culpability to a bunch of sock-puppets who are nothing more than career bribe takers and two-bit decoys.
          Voting is almost as big a scam as fractional reserve banking.

        • Chosenone

          The mere fact that the Washington Globalist Establishment are PRACTICALLY KILLING THEMSELVES TRYING TO STOP TRUMP, reveals that IT DOES MATTER WHO IS AT THE HELM, and they know Trump will put a big HOLE IN THEIR HULL!!!!!
          PRESIDENT TRUMP 2016!

          • M_Avalon

            The massive outburst from all sides against Trump is not lost on me. Even with Trump as President, the die is cast. If Trump wins, there’s going to be a revolution. If Trump loses, there’s going to be a revolution.

          • Chosenone

            I don’t agree, the Globalist Controlled Media/ George Soros, who caused Arab Spring and other uprisings and a few Traitors in Washington are the DRIVING FORCE behind this insanity! We the People are a MUCH MORE POWERFUL FORCE IN NUMBERS! These tyrants goal is to make us THINK WE ARE DEFEATED! IF WE STAND AGAINST THEM IN UNITY, we can push back their goal to DESTROY AMERICA by causing CIVIL UNREST IN OUR STREETS!

          • Bubba T

            Trump is a clown and a Clinton shill. He’s a newfangled version of Ron Popiel. At least Ron had useful crap.

          • Bubba T

            Yeah, sure. Keep thinking that. Guess disinformation isn’t a word you’re familiar with.

          • Chosenone

            Obviously, the Truth is not something you are familiar with.

          • the Colosseum is full

            I admit it . I can’t stand Cruz…. I thought I was alone in this.. but apparently the subject matter here is pretty accurate concerning Cruz.. I can’t even stand the sound of his voice…

          • Chosenone

            Don’t worry, you wont have to listen to him after November!
            If Trump don’t get the Republican Nomination, Cruz will throw the race for Hillary, just like his Buddy Romney did for Obama!

      • Chosenone

        People are naturally repelled by Cruz, it is their inner conscience revealing that Cruz is a sleezzzy Liar!

      • Carroll Price

        There’s actually very little difference between Hillary and Cruz. They’re both war mongers.

        • the Colosseum is full

          Hillary is a war monger at the point of a gun and that gun is in the hands of the voters..

      • Zaphod Braden

        Hitlery will wipe the floor with Cruz. …… She-it fears Trump.

      • the Colosseum is full

        git you some olive oil or coconut oil brotha , yer coronary is imminent ! lol don’t invest so much heat into elections … er you’ll end up on that table. 🙂 lol
        laugh a little .. eh he!

    • Conservative

      Have you listened to Shillary? That’s like something out of the pits of hell and every single word is a filthy lie.

      • M_Avalon

        My comment was on Ted Cruz. It was not meant as an endorsement of the Hound from Hell.

      • the Colosseum is full

        and you and the rest love lies like popcorn 🙂 lol
        no like Chocolate candy.. which is what I am pretty close to eating right now. 🙂

      • Chosenone

        Yes, and the race with Berny is nothing but a farce! The Establishment picked an old do nothing communist (didn’t have a job until he was 40!) to run against Hillary who was an admitted card carrying Communist, who now just don’t talk about it! They are just putting on a show, and Cruz who since Harvard has been in the Pocket of the Bushes, cannot beat Hillary, their only worry is Trump! They know he will reveal their Evil Plans and Stop the NWO in it’s tracts! Pray for Trump and his family, you see they are coming against him with all barrels! Even got George Sors pumping money in these Hired Protester Thugs, and George Soros best buddy to run the Utah Election Process! Don’t let them Win! We will Not have another Chance to SAVE AMERICA!

  • Since I haven’t had to stand any politician since my last television was stolen in 1987, I have to wonder why I am the only person I know who thinks he looks like the late John Belushi, bringing up images in my head of him biting the head off of a clay gopher, a la Caddyshack.

    • I forgot

      At first I thought you said ‘he looks like he ate John Belishi’, but upon further examination, I realized I didn’t have my reading glasses on.

      • I have to remove my glasses to read, because although they corrected me to 20/40 when I got them, they now correct me to 20/30, making it impossible to read anything at less than fully extended arms length. I have improved both eyes by more than a diopter in the 15 years I have refused 20/20 correction. Muscles are muscles, exercise is exercise.

        • I forgot

          Have you ever seen those glasses that have the little holes everywhere on the lens part? They really do make you focus better!

          • They make your brain pay more attention. They don’t improve your vision.

          • I forgot


    • Doc Holliday

      That was Bill Murray.

    • Horsenut

      Dumb ass; that was Bill Murray.. LOL But I saw the compression too.

    • tomw

      I think that was Bill Murry

    • Smarty

      I’ve gotten a lot of use out of your TV since 1987. Thank you….

      • How much did it cost to fix a television that wouldn’t work on AC and only cost about $40 in the first place?

  • Plasmael Homunculus

    “let’s be honest… can you really stand him?” – HELL NO!
    “The most difficult choice a politician must ever make is whether to be a hypocrite or a liar.” –Unknown.

    • Sam Fox

      Plasma, Or both! That’s Teddy boy.

    • the Colosseum is full

      that sounds pretty reasonable 🙂 lol

  • I forgot

    The poor man got hit with the ugly stick.

  • rhondareichel

    Monsanto’s preacher…..that’s what they call Ted.

    • I think we should make sure there is plenty of glyphosate in his holy water.

    • Chosenone

      Monsanto’s Prostitute is more like it!

  • Patrick

    He’s not even a natural born citizen ,he is Canadian ,his parents were in not in the military,bible workers ,no matter that his mother is an American he is still a Canadian natural born citizen and should not even be allowed to even run for the President We have a boob in they now who is a pathlogical liar and so is Cruz

    • You should read Minor v Happersett so that you can understand that you are correct in your assumptions even though you are wrong about your facts.

      • If you dig a little deeper, you will find that Cruz is not even a LEGAL U.S. Senator. Cruz ran for, was elected and sworn in as a U.S. Senator in 2012, however, he did NOT formally renounce his Canadian citizenship until May, 2014 which means that he was still a legal citizen of Canada when he became a entered the Senate. If Ted Cruz is the highly intelligent attorney that he and every one else makes him out to be, then you can bet that he knew very well that he ran for, was elected and sworn in the Senate illegally, and that he is running for the Office of the President illegally.

        • Since Article 1, section 3, paragraph 3 of the Constitution says that “No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have to the Age of thirty Years, and been a nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.,” it sounds like Ted Cruz might have been more qualified, while still unqualified, than Hitlary was when she became one.

    • Chosenone

      Most people don’t know he was still a Canadian Citizen until 6 months ago, he gave it up when he decided to run for president!

  • Ford Prefect

    He’s much better than any of the alternatives, including the dozen or so that dropped out or those from the communist party

    • David in MA

      Well Hell, lets consider Putin for the American presidency!

      • Putin would make a far better Secretary of State than Obama has ever had, and since the Constitution doesn’t even mention cabinet officials…
        We’d have to restore and enforce the Constitution for it to matter, it having been ignored and superseded into oblivion, aside from lip service.

      • The U.S. government has been violating the Constitution for so many years now that it isn’t even funny, but the first big violation that led to our decline came on December 23, 1913, when Congress illegally and unconstitutionally passed the Federal Reserve Banking Act. Woodrow Wilson then signed it into law on January 4, 1914 and on that date, the United States officially stopped being a Constitutional Republic and began to function as a Democracy, which Franklin, Jefferson and others warned us to never let happen. The second really big violation that has just about insured the demise of the U.S. as many of us have known it, came in 2007-08 when the constitutionally ineligible Barack Hussein Sotoro Obama was allowed to run, win and be sworn in as President of the United States. So many Republicans (myself included) rightfully raised holy hel_ about it, but the Republican members of Congress and the courts and GOP leaders refused to do anything about it, And as Obama time and again violated his oath of office and violated laws and court orders, the Congress (both House and Senate) refused to do their constitutional duty impeach and remove him from office. Back in 2007 people used to ask me why the Republicans weren’t doing anything to stop Obama. Do you know what my answer to them was? My answer was, because the Republicans planned on running ineligible candidates of their own in the near future. I was right. Now, the very same Republicans who pitched a biatch about Obama not being constitutionally eligible to be president, have remained silent or helped promote three ineligible candidates, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal (who dropped out of the race). Go figure. I doubt that our Constitution can ever be restored or enforced anymore, at least not without an open revolution.

        • When was it funny to violate the Constitution?

        • David in MA

          Same thing happened with me, I was told, “That will never happen”, well we know it did. As for restoring the Constitution and America, the only hope is the voters and the first order of business will be to vote out all those who would continue the current path and vote in those who will return America to the Constitution AFTER carefully investigating each candidates record and background, any , ANY, discrepancies void that candidate for receiving a vote. Americans have become lazy and distanced from their privilege and duty to know who they are voting for and then get out and vote.
          Couch potatoes elect no one.

        • Sam Fox

          YO REV!!! 10 Stars for you!
          At last, some one knows what’s going down. And it’s US.
          Doubts? Read ‘Strategy’, by Cloward and Piven & ‘Rules For Radicals’. Notice who RFR is dedicated to.
          Look up
          Walter Cronkite I Stand At The Right Hand Of
          Those are a good start. Then read The Creature From Jekyll Island & you’ll see Rev is right on target.

    • Sam Fox

      Uh, Ford, you may want to get a tune up.
      Cruz is She Devil HRC lite. Cruz would stick it to US just like Bush, though slower than 0. In Cruz all we get is a guarantee of business as usual nothing changes same old big government.
      Look up
      Kelleigh Nelson On Ted Cruz
      She exposes the phony bologna for what he really is, not what he tries to fool us with via his talk.
      Look up Heidi’s ties to the North American Union. Not good.
      Lotta people don’t like Trump. But at least with Trump we get a chance that he’s real. Yup. The Donald has his warts. But if the corrupt now NWO controlled RNC RINO-CINO establishment is attacking Donald so hard, he can’t be all bad.
      If Trump isn’t a real threat to the tax payer funded gravy train, why did Spooky Dude Soros set up the demonstration in Chicago? Why are all the rest of the gravy slurpers so worried? The CINO RNC would rather let Hellary in than stop the gravy from flowing. That tells you nothing?
      If Ted is so conservative & not steeped in the establishment, why is Cruz not attacked the same as Trump?
      I’ll take my chances with Trump, maybe even he is a longshot. But I’ll take that bet at least having the hope that Trump, underneath all his bluster & such will at least try to make US great again, over the guarantee of business as usual with Cruz.

      • I hate to say it, but if Cruz becomes the nominee, or if Trump is the nominee and he picks Cruz to be his Vice-President running mate, then I will NOT cast a vote for President. I know that an awful lot of people will accuse me of handing the election to the Democrats, but to me, upholding the Constitution is of the utmost importance. To cast a vote to put a constitutionally ineligible candidate into office just to win an election is WRONG. For far too long, Republicans have settled for voting for the lesser of two evils, at what cost to our nation and our freedoms?

        If you are interested, you can check out my video blog at:


        I will be posting the second part on Monday, Mar. 21st.

  • David in MA
  • Anonymous1

    And you’d rather have Hillary? Get real please!

    • Chosenone

      No, We are Going to Have Trump! However, Cruz could NOT beat Hillary!

  • Ideas Time

    Why a Canadian born guy to a Cuban dad is even running against the very constitution he swore to uphold and knows he is not a natural born Citizen just goes to show he could care less.

    His wife is Goldman Sacs, he is a BAR attorney, aka British Accredited Registry = foreign agent. So he has divided loyalties to Cuba, Canada, the Crown, Goldman Sacs, Citibank and that’s just for starts.

    Controlled opposition is what you have with R E Cruz aka Ted Cruz. It’s all a show for the Corporate USA.

    Trump or Hillary Goldman Sacs. That’s it folkes!

    • Hillary won’t make it past the first constitutionally-savvy prosecutor she sees that doesn’t like her. I hope she picks a decent VP if Trump doesn’t get in.

      • David in MA

        I think hag Hillary will pick slick as a v.p., or Obama.

        • Sam Fox

          David, she’d probably try to nominate the Kenyan Village’s missing idiot to the Supreme Court.

        • Obama is trying to be the next Secretary-General of the UN, so I doubt he’d be interested in a job babysitting the senate.

  • clarioncaller

    Cruz got his political training by watching hours upon hours of TBN pastors/hucksters solicit cash right after an ‘altar call’. He has all the moves down including the inflections and lowering his voice to achieve a ‘special moment’. Obviously, he only buys 1/2 price suits because he’s always wearing jeans with his suit jacket.
    Or maybe that’s the way they do it in Canada?

  • jim_robert

    Let’s face it, this article is stupid. Cruz is “hated” in Congress because he stands his ground against the old guard. He speaks honestly and it is “grating.” Trump does the same and it is “refreshing.” The real truth is that Cruz, while not perfect, is the most principled of the candidates, period. Note that I didn’t say perfect, Einstein. When people are principled, they evoke hatred. Exactly like this sophomoric article evidences.
    Sad to see the same ignorant mania that brought Obungler to office is now taking over the other side. Make no mistake. I will vote for Trump over Hilary in a heartbeat, but this nitwit anti-Cruz BS will be just enough possibly to throw the election to the radical left.
    And for those of you who were that stupid to do this, hope you enjoy the disaster you created.
    Reagan, and even George Washington wouldn’t pass your shibboleths. Disgusting.

  • mike1458

    I think Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena parents would disagree.

  • Sam Fox

    Wanna know the real skinny on Ted & Heidi Cruz? Look up
    Kelleigh Nelson On Ted Cruz
    Mrs. Nelson uses lots of citations to back up her words.
    After what he did to Dr. Carson & the lie about how Heidi helped fund Ted’s campaign, I call Ted a snake.

  • Chosenone

    Now Cruz has jumped in with Lindsey Graham and the Bush Dynasty, but let’s not be fooled, he was already there, he just came out of the closet!

  • Sam Fox

    Here is some info on Trump. And some other candidates.
    This is a very compelling piece of writing & hits the nail on the head with what has made Trump so popular, although it is by no means a gushy ‘support Trump’ article.

  • Carroll Price

    I was wondering if anyone else had developed an irresistible urge to flatten that nose. Oh, and what’s-with that smirky half-smile following every smart-ass statement?

  • Zaphod Braden

    Shifty eyed ……………
    cruz’s dad says he’s the anointed savior of israel and cruz’s dad is an expert on the prophecies concerning the chosen people of god, not to mention he’s an apostle AND immortal.
    Ted Cruz: Closet Pentecostal insane

  • De

    I’m not a Cruz supporter, but this article gives a pretty stupid basis for not voting for someone. Cruz can’t help his voice or his looks. You might as well argue that you can’t stand him because he’s Hispanic… or that you can’t stand Obama because he’s black. Irrational bigots.

  • Pontious Pirate

    Lets be real Ted Cruz has the sort of face most men would love to slam their balled fist into!

  • Ready Or Not

    Cruz recently said that gmo’s are “feeding the world” and that those who want gmo labeling are “anti-science zealots”.

  • Bubba T

    Let’s be honest. We’re all fk’ed regardless who wins. It’s a huge farce and most of us are suckers playing along. Nothing will change for the better until the traitors in DC bleed and bleed enough they get the message the status quo is no mo.