Most Global Warming Ever? NASA & NOAA Claim 2015 Was the Hottest Year in Recorded History

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“Scientists reported Wednesday that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history by far, breaking a record set only the year before — a burst of heat that has continued into the new year and is roiling weather patterns all over the world,” today’s scarefest in The New York Times began.

You know, because the global warming “science” is so settled and all. Now they have just up and proclaimed that, hands down, 2015 wasn’t just hotter than usual  because of anthropogenic climate change or the hottest year so far in the 2000s…

Nope, they are saying hottest year in recorded history.

Never mind the fact that “recorded history” involves these people — with a vested interest in an agenda — recording it, people who have already been exposed as rigging it to look hotter than it really is outside…

For example, the first graph is what NOAA released in 2014:


The second picture, supposedly of the same data, is what NOAA released in 2015:


Notice anything… different there?

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Never mind that all of a sudden, NOAA was able to just — POOF! — erase 19 years of cooling data with a new “study” that claims previous methods used to measure ocean temperature in the past were inaccurate and that our weather satellites can’t be trusted… begging the question, how can they even tell it is the hottest year on record if the data methods and weather satellites can’t be trusted?

Never mind that NOAA still refuses to hand over documents to Congress on how they arrived at their analysis of historical weather data to begin with…

And finally, never mind that a huge “unstoppable” gas leak in Southern California has continued to pour millions of pounds of methane a week into the atmosphere, which will definitely start to have an effect on temps, and while Obama was busy at the UN climate conference, neither he nor the establishment media really reported on it. Back in December the outlets that did report on it were saying this leak had already released the equivalent of what six coal fired power plants would release in 20 years, in under two months.

The news is still barely reporting on it, even as a state of emergency has been declared there and surrounding towns have been evacuated because people were getting horribly ill. Methane is 72 times more impactful on the environment than carbon. You know when this starts to have an effect on the atmosphere, heating it, the authorities won’t blame the leak… they’ll blame man-made global warming.

We’ve never been closer to carbon taxes, America. It’s coming. You watch. Al Gore and his mini-Gores can feel it in their twinkly little toes.

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