More Gaslighting! Now the FBI is Attacking Alternative Media (Video)

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The FBI is reportedly investigating alternative media sites like Breitbart, InfoWars, and RT to see if they played any kind of role in the alleged Russian influence on the US presidential election.

Joe Joseph shares the details in this News Shot.

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Source: FBI’s Russian-Influence Probe Includes a Look at Breitbart, InfoWars News Sites

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  • Uncle Sham


  • Mike

    Trump and the republicans need to get rid of every freaking democrat in every position in all of the government abc agencies right now. They are destroying this country.

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  • SP_88

    Why won’t they give up this charade already? Nobody believes this ridiculous Russian hacking nonsense.
    Hillary lost because she is a lying, thieving, corrupt, crooked, dishonest, unAmerican, radical leftist, criminal politician with no principles and no values who was exposed for all the crooked, criminal activity she was regularly engaged in, and she got less votes than Trump. Nobody believes for a second that the Russians had anything to do with it.
    When Trump said that he wouldn’t accept the results of the election, Hillary and the crooked democrats were all over it. There was no investigation going on, nobody was looking for hackers who were trying to cheat the election. All the democrats were going out of their way to tell the American people how solid the election process was and how impossible it was to back it. They were not investigating any such thing.
    The Russian hacking nonsense didn’t start until after Trump won the election. And you can bet that if Hillary had won, there would be no hacking investigation. And any claims from Trump that the election was hacked would be written off as nonsense.
    Hillary lost. Get over it.

  • Arrow

    In the “legal” world it’s known as estoppel. One descriptor left out of SP’s post was nefarious. That would equate to the reason that she lost being that she is a (C)orrupt, (U)n-American, (N)efarious, (T)hieving…

  • It’s important to be able to say that the official US govt story on events is often incompletely, misleading, or deliberately falsefied propaganda. History has shown that to be the case over and over again. History has also shown that the MSM almost always reports and supports the official US govt story and typically declines to report or discuss other stories which either contradict it or report on events that the US govt does not wish to acknowledge or see highlighted. During the 15 or so years of the Vietnam War, the US govt was deliberately telling incomplete and false lies to the US public while the FBI was criminally assaulting anti-War and civil rights activists with its COINTELPRO program. The editorial is correct to say that FBI and CIA efforts today are an attempt to follow that earlier pattern, labeling anything as fake news if it it contradicts the official US line.

  • Jimmy Yost

    The FBI has lost their credibility to the point where most Americans no longer believe very much of what they say.