More Fukushima Deaths: ‘Leukemia-linked Disorder’ Killing Baby Seals Along California Coast

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While officials continue to tell us everything is fine, and they essentially act like the Pacific Ocean is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for all the radiated water being continuously dumped into it from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, we are getting reports of baby seals dying of cancer off the coast of California.

Of the 46 weaned baby seals who have died in a San Francisco Bay rescue center this summer, it has been determined that the cause of death in 16 cases has been Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation — a condition that does not just spontaneously occur but is a factor found underlying another condition, things like tumors and blood cancers, but especially acute promyelocytic leukemia.

While that number may seem small, it isn’t when you consider that this is just a cross section snippet of what’s actually occurring out in the Pacific Ocean right now. Over a third of these animals are dying of cancer that they should otherwise not even have, and especially not in those numbers.

View the full report from BPEarthWatch below.

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  • ccambridge

    Things aren’t okay after fuckishima appropriately named. This out of control nuclear catastrophe affects every being on the planet

    • lindarmorsan

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    • Atoms4Peace1

      How so? Trace radiation levels have not been proven harmful to humans. You are much more likely to receive many times more from natural indoor radon. All the pie charts on the web show this.

      • Frank Energy

        Now we hit the big time, we a nuke troll, sheesh.

      • aprilrwilliadm

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  • Frank Energy

    Tumored Turtles Are Toast

    Turtles used to live 300 years, and as a species they survived 300,000,000 years.

    They swam in an ocean that was much
    higher in Potassium K40 which is radioactive. Did that K40 hurt
    them? There is less K40 now, but turtles are getting hit hard.

    • Atoms4Peace1

      There is K40 in our own bodies. Don’t play the “humans regulate K40” as if to dismiss the greater than 1 MeV gamma emitted within our body – our own internal emitter. A gamma rays photon doesn’t care what nuclear particle it came from. We regulate potassium CHEMICALLY, not on radiation terms. K40 is in plenty of foods. The “banana lie” as you call it is just a smokescreen from your camp and the rat farm. You people don’t understand nuclear and applied atomic physics and interactions of radiation with matter nor can discern the different effects caused by differing fluxes or energy deposition rates. You cant ballpark it with spreadsheet analysis (your method of choice) We are bombarded with ionizing radiation from all sources. Manmade radiation is but a small sliver of the pie. The site you link has been debunked many times. It’s not credible analysis.

      • Frank Energy

        Fuck you troll from the nuke industry.

        Address the tumors since Fukushima

        • Atoms4Peace1

          George Carlin once quipped “If you are ever in a debate and your opponent says ‘F you’ then you know you have won. Tumors have been with us before Fukushima. Thyroid effects before Fukushima. Your camp just tries to associate any statistical significance to Fukushima when you know you can’t do it. So you get some sympathetic or in the antinuke case, some pathetic epidemiologist to cook the books. Doesn’t matter who. Sternglass, Mangano, whatever ” independent” your side trudges forth.

          This is the pathos of your side. My side has the best science, the best resources to investigate the matter fully and without bias. The best experts in the world are on international committees that nations and governments listen to for a reason- because they are the best. I am amongst them and share their views. Because I am an expert and I am paid for my expertise. They pay me because I have the credentials and have addressed these issues professionally and competence without passion and agenda.

          When you go to the doctors office you listen to what they say to you. They provide a service to you based on their professional standing. You go to their office and see their degrees, board certifications on the wall. Every one of us in my field has their credentials as well. We do not exist or practice our profession in a vacuum. We work, put forth our work, attend conferences, write papers, give presentations to our peers. Our ideas are vetted. Some ideas take time to germinate as even in my world their is great inertia to overcome to institute change. I’ve read a lot of your missives and yes I have read your blog. I have to say you really have your constituency buffaloed. I’m not fooled by it all. It’s your time you waste. Not mine. Reading your approaches only strengthens my resolve. Plus I know your strategies and tactics.

          I get the sense that you could be reasonable and rational if you really want to be, however that is not the case. You seem to be boasting with glee how your analysis is “spot on” when in fact, it is no where near truth. Because you choose to be independent, you do not make use of the proper methodology to make your case. In short, it doesn’t past what we call “the ho ho test”. It is not credible.

          So where does that leave us with your assertion of tumors? Tumors are caused when the body responds to something that attacks oe stresses it. The levels of radiation are too low even in children, to cause that effect.

          Because you really do not understand the nature of Large massive amounts of radiation, you extrapolate that uncertainty down to the most benign level. It’s absurd to connect the dots in the way you and your ilk do, only to serve your preconceived notions. There is no proven science that shows trace radiation levels result in these effects. Your side calls them massive, very high doses, but in reality, they are very slight. A fetus is exposed to more ionizing radiation from its mother. Time, distance, shielding is not at play when you are hooked up to the umbilical cord of a what your side would refer to as a ‘very high radiation source’ e.g. mom.

          So you see, the human race has adapted to this low low level of ionizing radiation by our very make up. Yes ionizing radiation attacks at the cellular level, yet we are constantly bombarded by well over 1 Mev photons emitted from our very bones.

          You should get a whole body scan sometime. It will tell you your own radiation make up. There is no difference from a source-target point of view regarding the effects of a large quantity of well over 1 MeV photons. This happens on a much lower scale at the Atomic level as there is significant Compton scattering going on in our bodies just for living on the planet. One other effect you are not aware is that when an electron and positron with rest masses of 0.511 Mev interact, they anhillate each other and produce a 1.022 MeV photon within our bodies. This happens all the time and yet our bodies respond to repair damage.

          The plain fact that our own cellular repair mechanisms were designed to handle low low levels of radiation quite nicely. You can thank one person for that. Your mom.

          Note I am very careful not to tread on the hormesis effect. I made no such claim. All I said was our bodies were designed, while we were in the womb, to handle trace levels of radiation, as would be found from Fukushima. It’s only when our bodies are inundated with large amounts of radiation in a very short time, as you saw with Chernobyl first responders, that the natural cellular repair mechanisms get overwhelmed and lymphocytes are depleted of white blood cells, the key to fighting infections.

          There are a lot of stress indfuced phenomena not related to radiation that can also attribute to tumors and illnesses. When a person starts believing that trace radiation levels are harmful, or they get that message from their environment, then any illness they believe is the result of what they feat.

          This effect we see in large, isolated groups of people in an environment of common think. It’s being played out on Enenews. Thats a closed, antinuke environment. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone there is antinuclear and some of the more hardened actually believe every cancer, every tumor is because of man made radiation from nuclear. Never mind the millions of other more credible stressors such as chemical, biological, environmental.

          In all actuality, man started putting radionuclide’s and isotopes in the air when we started burning coal.

          The human race has grown from one billion to over 7 billion in less than a century. Surely we have adapted to our environment.

          This notion of tumors and deaths from Fukushima is a misplaced conclusion from a faulty application of a risk model derived from LNT.

          It’s the improper use of LNT that has you all spun up with your spreadsheet ad nauseum.

          So its not just in your head, but the way you arrive at your conclusion based on a faulty premise.

          If LNT were true, none of us would have got past the incubation stage, as if LNT says no safe dose, then our mothers would have been our biggest threat.

          • QuibONO

            You mistake MANMADE radiation for NATURAL radiation of which the former is deadly & CUMULATIVE IN ANY AMT. Nukashima’s rad flow will not stop.
            It increases every sec, hr.,day,year,decades,hundreds of years…..on ‘n on never stopping.
            The banana or the mother/baby example is the same NATURAL stuff you are confused about.
            As far as the ‘experts’ like yourself, did you know that they (like yourself? most probable…) are paid to tow the company line aka the dirty/deadly nuke industry – the ones you support. These weak willed scum will sell out their own kind, kow toe to $$ over humanity ->(fauna/flora/environment)
            As far as George Carlin is concerned – he would agree with me that the nuclear-death-machine industry trades $$ for personal gain and of which and where you were spawned. The name he would give you; your new name is:
            mr. DumbAss shill .
            Suck it up. Go crawling back under your rock.
            Now beat it. Ya sick bastid

          • Atoms4Peace1

            Absolutly no mistake on my part. Radiation is a quanta of energy. It doesnt care where it came from. Are you telling me a 1.2 MeV gamma ray photon from natural radiation has a different effect than a 1.2 MeV gamma Ray photon from man made sources? That is preposterous. Also radiation dose effects are NOT cumulative. 5.0 Sv all at once does not have the same effect as 5.0 Sv over a 100 year lifetime. The former will kill 50% of the population in 60 days, like the 500 rad in Hawaii shown on the Snopes figure. I have almost 5 decades of radiation health physics experience. One of my professors taught radiation

          • Atoms4Peace1

            You have no real substance in your response. I am a highly educated person fom the finest universities. Im no more a shill for the nuclear industry as Captain Sully was a shill for the airlines. I’m pro technology not necessarily the pro business model. Frankly I think the overburdened regulatory structure in the US has made the current generation of nuclear less competitive in some instances. Overall since TMI the US nuclear industry has has a stellar safety record. Its just that the media heightens the smallest incident as dire. Control room operator has a hang nail, news at 11.

          • Atoms4Peace1

            Fukushima radiation source term follows a Way-Wigner time response decaying in time as a power function t^-1.2 . So you are incorrect that radiation flows some 1400+ days since 3/11 as it did in the early days wnen the decay heat was high. You do the math. I guess you will say never stopping if only one stray radioactive atoms gets off site. No one has measured the dose from one atom. Not Gofman, not anyone. So because you don’t know the effect on the living human body from one radioactive atom, you can’t prove LNT.

  • TimS
  • Social_Conditioning

    I feel sorry for all those mindless zombies, who are still a sleep! For all those who continue to ingest fish oil tablets, which are most likely tainted with Cesium 137. Did you know for example that

    “As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Radioactive Cesium Internal Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems”

  • TimS

    All seas and oceans are already naturally radioactive since prehistoric ages. Oceans are plentiful of uranium. Vast amounts of uranium also occur in the world’s oceans. Uranium is natural and is in everywhere on Earth’s crust, soils, rivers, lakes, oceans.
    “Radionuclides are found naturally in air, water and soil. They are even found in us, being that we are products of our environment. Every day, we ingest and inhale radionuclides in our air and food and the water. Natural radioactivity is common in the rocks and soil that makes up our planet, in water and oceans, and in our building materials and homes. There is nowhere on Earth that you can not find Natural Radioactivity.”
    “Sea waves pound coastal mountains rich in monazite, a phosphate of rare-earth metals containing uranium and thorium.”
    Furthermore, no one has died from Fukushima radiation.

    • Social_Conditioning

      No one has died from Fukushima radiation? Really

      “The Fukushima accident is still not over and its ill-effects will linger for a long time into the future … 2,000 Japanese people have already died from the evacuations and another 5,000 are expected to die from future cancers.”

      • TimS

        No one died from Fukushima radiation and there is no meaningful cancer increase.
        “Fukushima-related child cancers unlikely to rise: IAEA report” – Sep. 02, 2015
        “Because the reported thyroid doses attributable to the accident were generally
        low, an increase in childhood thyroid cancer attributable to the accident is unlikely,” the report said.

        • Social_Conditioning

          Maybe your right Tim! But if Japan study’s demonstrated a Fukushima cancer link then this would be admitting liability for all those Americans getting Cancer?

        • QuibONO

          Read the comments on the site you provided.(with links)

          • TimS

            “One year after Fukushima, independent scientists working for the UN say bluntly that irrational fears of radiation poisoning will cause far more harm than the radiation itself. Not a single individual from the Japanese public received a dangerous dose, according to the early and informal analyses by the scientists. (Conspiracy theories cannot survive against the constant independent radiation measurements uploaded on Twitter.)”

          • Atoms4Peace1

            He is correct. No one died from Fukushima radiation. Some drowned during the tsunami, someone had a heart attack, and someone fell from a height sufficient to do that. Someone fell to their death at the Braves Yankees baseball game this week and MLB isn’t calling for a moratorium on fan attendance.

  • Frank Energy

    Wow the nuclear industry trolls have showed up. They are spending billions to try to stay in the game.

  • TimS

    There is an irrational fear of nuclear; unfair, as it has caused fewer fatalities per gigawatt generated even if compared with renewables.
    “No one has died from radiation at Fukushima”
    “…but the anti-science public relations campaign against nuclear power is more myth than data.”
    “Most of the problems related to Chernobyl have been mental – people were so worried about living in Hiroshima due to media and activist campaigns telling them they were going to die that they became ill in ways that had nothing to do with radiation.”
    Earth’s natural radioactivity:
    “…has background radiation way above permitted levels in terms of what the public can be exposed to but it’s coming out of the soil. It’s all natural. People cover themselves in that sand because they claim it cures pain.”

  • Reverend Draco

    There is a lot of nonsense being bandied about on this page – from both sides.

    Those of you who claim no danger – sit down and shut up, you’re a fucking moron. Of course there are dangers and health risks.
    We can tell these people are trolls, by the general lack of literacy in their comments – only what they copy/pasted is literate, if much false.

    The radiation that permanently imprints a person’s shadow on a wall is going to play havok with the cells of everyone who isn’t vaporized or burnt to a cinder. Radiation sickness, and the deaths it causes, are real – full stop. Direct exposure through, say – ingestion or being submerged in radioactive water – will kill you dead as a Dodo.

    That being said, the danger from background radiation is less than most people think. One is exposed to this BGR from conception and, much like people who take micro-doses of deadly poisons to build a resistance, one develops a resistance to BGR – not an immunity, but a resistance. It is equally as likely that the increases in cancer over the 20th century comes from the chemicals directly ingested through air, food, and water, primarily petroleum distillates.

  • chris999

    If they died of radiation,they should be RADIOACTIVE

  • TimS
  • WhiteEagle

    They are dying mainly of starvation, the radiation affects and lowered immunity are secondary, … The smaller, more basic life is / has died off.

  • beijingyank

    We need a new term. “Fukushima Cancer”

  • Frank Energy

    Kelly Ann Thomas compiled a list of headlines since 2011 detailing the ongoing death of the Pacific. Its 61 pages long.

    I posted it as an article for ease of tweeting, FB sharing and the like, Kelly Ann has it on her FB page also.

    I put the Kelly Ann Post here

  • TimS

    Fear-mongers, by spreading irrational fear, have induced abortions, suicides, distress/anxiety/agony, heart-attacks on civilian population; they provoke more deaths than radiation.

  • PacE