More Evidence Pizzagate Shooting Is a Psyop: The Shooter Has an IMDB Page, He’s Literally an Actor

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I already wrote extensively about how this entire Pizzagate thing is looking more and more like a psyop; please read this article here if you aren’t familiar with the details or want to familiarize yourself with the evidence to back up my claim.

As you have probably heard, there was a highly publicized shooting at Comet Ping Pong yesterday, the restaurant at the center of the Pizzagate scandal.

The shooter has now been identified as Edgar Maddison Welch, a 28-year-old North Carolina man who brought an assault rifle into Comet Ping Pong and fired off a single round into the floor after he claims he went to the restaurant to “self-investigate” Pizzagate and was “armed to save children” according to numerous mainstream reports.

The mainstream media has gone into overdrive decrying the “fake news hoax” of Pizzagate leading to this terrifying violence, further justifying arguments to clamp down on alternative media who have reported on it.

If you take a step back and look at the totally of the information in the article linked above and now at this event, you will start to see that everything about it fits perfectly into the narrative of a false flag Hegelian dialectic problem-reaction-solution event.

Look at this photo of Welch’s arrest that’s been splashed everywhere in the media today… it sure looks like a movie to me:


(Pic source: Sathi Soma via AP/Washington Times)

Well, now it turns out that Edgar Maddison Welch is literally an actor.

Here is a screenshot of his IMDB page (which has been archived here, just in case it disappears or is magically edited):


Crisis actor much?

This very scenario — a suspicious false flag event at Comet Ping Pong — got called in the hours just before this even happened by YouTuber Barry Soetoro in this video:

This new development makes Comet Ping Pong’s funding ties to George Soros, ties to the Podestas, and previous ties to the likes of Media Matters’ David Brock much more interesting…

(H/T: Joe Joseph and Scott Lopez)

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  • MorganThePirate

    The left is getting desperate to deflect and obfuscate anything to do with pizzagate. It will be interesting to hear what Welch has to say during interrogation and trial (like, who hired him and furnished the rifle?).

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Nah. This story will just disappear like all the others. You’ll just see a “sketch” of this guy in court if you see anything.

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      I’m on the left and I’m not desperate, investigate this shit. The Dems by the way are not on the left side of the political spectrum, they are center right.

  • Bill Cox

    The left is crazy when they lose.

    • amongoose


      • Bill Cox

        I stand corrected. Thanks.

  • Man Armed With AR = False Flag end of story it seems 9 out of 10 times the narrative is always the same look at Sandy Hook, look at Umpqua it’s always an AR no question they are targeting the AR to outlaw it, funny thing is I bet more people are killed in the U.S. by drive bys of illegally owned AKs, Minis like Mac 10’s and what not than they are ARs after all ARs aren’t the choice of illegal street gangs, no ARs are the choice of law abiding citizens who stand up for the 2A.

    • RMS1911

      more people are killed with hammers,bats,hands and feet.
      makes you wonder why they fear a semi auto 22.
      what do they have planned?
      me personally I would worry about long range.
      expect more weirdness obutthurt is almost out of time.

      • Apriljrocco

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  • SomaliStink

    Why did he shoot a single round into the floor? And where the fuk is planet ping pong anyway?

    • MorganThePirate

      Was it even a live round? Probably was a blank. The whole idea was to make a big scene and get arrested. Somebody paid him to do it and provided the rifle.

  • cmb


  • Erin Anderson

    If the news info isn’t approved by George Soros or the Rothschild’s then it’s labeled “Fake” by the mass media.


    Crush Kill Destroy !

  • cjl80s

    I heard the story on NPR (because listening to the radio doesn’t take all my bandwidth out here in the boonies) and was struck by how slanted the story was, peppered with feel-good language like “family-friendly”, “beloved”, “heart of the community”; it seemed really uncharacteristic for a journalistic story. I also found myself wondering ‘Why is the coverage so in-depth?’ Kinda makes more sense now. Guess I’ll be more skeptical about what I hear….

  • Angel Dunne

    Not to mention the crime scene tape is up before they even arrest him.

  • Jody

    if people actually DO their own research on ANYTHING they see on stupid websites like this, they would NOT be believing all the bullshit they read and see online. come on people….learn for a change, instead of following stupid things like this crap.

  • Julianna Pitt

    He even played in a film… “Something About Pizza (Short) 2005 The Gunman”

  • navre12

    Interesting, the female police officer in the photo has her hand gun pointed away from the so called terrorist and aimed at the ground. This is strange behavior for a police officer confronting a man who just shot into the floor of a crowded pizza parlor with his assault rifle…

    and to those who keep accusing the “Left” of being behind these false narratives and such…Corporate Media is not all owned and controlled by wealthy Liberals.

    If you believe it is so… go watch Fox News and unsubscribe from ,The Daily Sheeple, since you obviously have not, ” Woke Up”, maybe you can’t.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      Corporate media is establishment propaganda. Fringe doesn’t mean fake, or true, but it ain’t corporate obfuscation

  • Benjamin Clark

    Like most Americans, I didn’t hear about “PIzzagate” until after the Comet Ping Pong shooting. Those who think this is a psy-op are relying on the idea that the government created a national news around Pizzagate to distract the public from Pizzagate. Hahahaha.

  • whattabunchacrap

    Up until about three days ago he had a credit on IMBD that listed him as gunman in a movie with pizza in the title… That may be archived somewhere..