More Evidence Germany Preparing for WAR: Doctors Are Being DRAFTED

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Editor’s Note: Remember that Germany has also been telling its citizens to stockpile food and water… now this.

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The German government has begun sending out Conscription (Draft) Orders for military service and the people being drafted into the Army are DOCTORS! SuperStation95 has confirmed two (2) individual Doctors who have received the Draft Orders. One must report to a military center to begin Army service in eight (8) days, the other is required to report in fourteen (14) days. The notices make clear the Doctors “are not to talk about this with anyone.”

It is now ultra-clear that European governments are preparing for war. This Drafting of Doctors comes less than one week after the German government issued a 69 page document to their citizens calling for the “immediate stockpiling of food and water” and justified this urgent action by saying “in case of an emergency which threatens our existence.” One day later, the Czech Republic told its citizens to begin “preparing for the worst.” Five days later, the government of Finland began quietly telling its citizens, through local government Councils, to begin stockpiling food and water, to prepare for something bad.

On Monday, August 29, we reported that Russia had mobilized Reserve Army Troops for the first time since the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. Yesterday, Tuesday August 30, we have found that the total mobilization is actually 80 mobilization brigades. About 10 tank brigades, 30 motor rifle brigades, 20 artillery and 20 other support brigades. So about 300,000 men. Our original story appears HERE.

SuperStation95 reached out to our contacts in the Pentagon, The Intelligence Community and the State Department and the answers we’re getting are very serious.

According to the Pentagon, there has never been a mobilization like this in Russia before. The shear size of it is described by seasoned Pentagon officials as “staggering!” According to two separate sources in the Intelligence Community, various intel sources indicate the Russians intend to take action – but they are not certain if that action will be in Ukraine, Syria or . . . Turkey. The fear is that the size of this mobilization may mean “all of the above.”

Our source in the Pentagon put it this way:

Russia has also mobilized divisions of the National Guard, and the NAF is mobilizing its reserves to go from 35,000 men to 95,000.

Russia has assured this will be a coalition war by sending its CSTO allies to the Belarussian-Polish border. So that includes units from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

When you count it all up, Russia and allies now have something like half a million men on alert opposite Ukraine, the Baltics and Poland.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Reservists in the Southern, Central and Western Military Districts are being called up, and trucks from the civilian sector are being transferred into military service as per the mobilization plans. In addition, workers in militarily vital industries in southern Russia are being conscripted into the Ministry of Defense – they can no longer quit or transfer without military approval for the duration of the alert.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense

“There will also be carried out conscription of citizens from the reserve supply of automotive technology and the formation of military units of territorial defense in the Southern, Central Military District and the Northern Fleet.

Field offices of Bank of Russia for the first time will take the financial security troops apart from the permanent dislocation points. In addition, a number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex in southern Russia will test the willingness to carry out tasks for the supply and repair of weapons, military and special equipment.”

To understand the magnitude of what’s taking place, consider that 3 military districts each with ~ 50 administrative units (oblasts+republics). Only Stavropol has called-up 4600 reservists. If the average reserve call-up elsewhere is only half (average 3000) that makes this call-up of Russian Reserve Troops about 150, 000 !!!

Stavropol is home to a BKhiRVT. That’s a mobilization brigade, all the vehicles and weapons but no troops. They have now manned it with 4600 reservists, adding another maneuver brigade to the 49th Combined Arms Army. There are accounts of multiple BKhiRVTs in several Military Districts being manned.

This call-up of Reserves is almost unprecedented. They’ve never called up the reserves. Not for Crimea, or Georgia, or even even Chechnya.

In scale, this is closer to the mobilization for the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

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  • doucyet

    And the MSM will portray the Russians as the aggressors………

    • Doom On You

      And possibly we now know how the world will end….

      • Lynseyjbailey3

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    • Exactly. NATO is the aggressor. They’re going to get us all killed.

      • Elelei Guhring

        Revolution in Europe will happen before this. It’s pretty ripe already. The Islamic invasion as made possible by the fascist leadership of Europe has already doomed itself to failure. That and the fact that Europe seems to think that Crimea somehow belongs to it, and not the Russian Federation, and that the RF has no right to it. The only reason outside of all of this for a war is to avoid the catastrophe of the next credit supply failure, which is probably just a few years away. Economists are beside themselves with fear, some even saying it could destroy capitalism. There is no growth, no population growth to drive growth, no significant credit to push growth, nothing to expand the economy so war is now on the table.

  • g.johnon

    one thing that this makes very clear is that those among us who purport to be our leaders, world over, are insane, dysfunctional, inept power addicts who need to be put down, ground to dust and used as examples of the darkest side of mankind for future generations to know what to look for when they choose their governments.
    all these assholes know how to do is make war. and they do not do it for reasons any more political than for its astoundingly lucrative profitability.
    the fact that we allow them to exist reflects upon us quite poorly.
    you gonna wake up? or are you going to watch while you and your friends and family get ground to dust just so a few assholes can run amok over the world?

    • Doom On You

      It will take a massive attack here for the ignorant sheep to wake up. I understand people want to be left alone to live their lives but wow this is out of control.

      • Caro Edey

        Quite right. It is the same here in Australia. I have tried for more than 30 years to wake the sheeple up but I have been talking to ‘brick walls’.

    • Caro Edey

      Well said! The wolves have been planning, scripting and editing the coming war for decades and all to achieve their much desired goal of the New World Order/Government and to lord it over all of us until we are the slaves. I am not one bit happy about this.

      • g.johnon

        good caro, you should not be happy. keep banging against the brick walls. every so often you will see a light come into someone’s eyes. that will make it all worthwhile.

    • Elelei Guhring

      Revolution, yes.

  • Don’tTrust’em

    I’m not seeing any of this online anywhere.

    • per sigurd hansen

      no, only outside msm.. i checked several countries,nothing anywere.
      in Norwegian press and gov there isnt even a hint of anything.
      this is getting scary,shit is starting to develop badly.
      fuck, these things are getting very scary indeed.

      • Don’tTrust’em

        Hey I just received word from a friend who’s parents live in Germany who says it’s the real deal. Here is a text she just sent me.
        “Hey Justin! Thanks for those links. I had no idea! I sent my mom a text right away and she said they are indeed advising people to stock up on water and food. There have been threats or news about hackers, she didn’t say what group in particular they were referring to, but rumor is that they’re trying to shut down all electricity or something like this. “

        • per sigurd hansen

          yea this is getting scarier every day. im stress shopping last minute shit so i can get food anytime anywere….

          • Don’tTrust’em

            Yes it is. good luck friend!

          • per sigurd hansen

            you to,godspeed.

      • g.johnon

        well then sig, don’t you think it is time for WE THE PEOPLE, from all over the globe, to get scary?

        • per sigurd hansen

          i am scary;)
          and i am training and reading to be prepared for what is coming..
          BIG TASK and i know i will never be as prepared as i like,but still i will not go down shouting “this is my safe space” stop beeing mean!!!
          and yet i wake up in a cold sweat from dreams of all that can go wrong and what happens then to my loved ones?
          but i dont let my fears cripple me,i let them focus me on my goal..
          so yes it is time to get scary:)

    • Elelei Guhring

      I have relatives who left Germany this summer, partly for fear of war and partly for fear of civil war. Either way, major conflict is coming.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    When it all goes down as we all know it will, you need only watch the news anywhere to see it gearing towards exactly that, let’s make sure all of the politicians around the world are personally impacted by their choices. Their families, their friends and their personal belongings, land, transportation, everything. Let’s make sure in this revolution they all feel it is screaming HiDef pain and loss.

    So many targets, so little time.

    • NonYo Business

      I love keyboard commandos. Go get em slick.

      • Sovereign_Citizen

        Really? My favorite are the ones who try to show them up and fail:)

        Go get em slick while you watch em go get em:)

  • Razedbywolvs

    I don’t go for the white genocide arguments much, but this is looking like the end for Germany. Angela Merkel takes bags of money to let Soros Muslim rape army into Germany and then drafts people to fight Russia.
    And no country in the world will take white refuges.

    • Elelei Guhring

      Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, even Japan and do some extent China.

      • Razedbywolvs

        I don’t think so. Don’t know about each country individually but New Zealand and Japan.. New Zealand requires a large about of money to get citizenship and Japan would rather build robots to replace their aging population than let the round eye in.

  • TStephen

    “…and the people being drafted into the Army are DOCTORS!”

    So, two “confirmed” doctors received orders and it means Germany is drafting doctors?

    Let’s consider the source of this story and add several grains of salt.

    • Bruce Regael

      I don’t trust SuperStation95 at all. Might even be disinfo. I’ve seen some stuff in the past that was only reported by them and turned out to never have been said or happened.

  • Don’tTrust’em

    Just received confirmation of this event from a friends who’s family lives in Germany. Here is a copy of her text messages “Hey Justin! Thanks for those links. I had no idea! I sent my mom a text right away and she said they are indeed advising people to stock up on water and food. There have been threats or news about hackers, she didn’t say what group in particular they were referring to, but rumor is that they’re trying to shut down all electricity or something like this. “

  • Anon_Wales

    Russia repeatedly warned this would happen. It said very clearly that it would never accept NATO troops on its borders and guess whose deployed thousands of troops to the Ukraine, incl. British troops.? Yes NATO members.


  • Buck DeBoner

    The globalists are alarmed about what is taking place so what better solution for the problem then a war.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Hey hey hey hey!!! What the hell? What is the source of the information about Czech Republic please?

    Let me tell you something, I’m from Czech Republic and nothing like this is happening here!! Are you kidding me?

    Hold your fucking guns, it’s all good here! I tried but couldn’t find any source for this information. Some websites say it was our TV channel CT24, but I just couldn’t find anything.

    So please tell me what’s going on or fuck off with this fear mongering!!
    This is not funny you morons.

    • Don’tTrust’em

      A friend who’s parents live in Gremany have confirmed that the government has advised its citizens to prepare for a major event. It’s being said that a cyber attack on the power grid could be what is to come but there is still a lot of speculation. But truthfully, this is taken place, weather you believe it or not. This could be a major domino!

      • Elelei Guhring

        It’s probably a stand off on the boarder. Nato deploys troops, Russia does like wise.

  • Mara natha

    Ezekiel 38

  • schlabbersack

    Out of “Hartz-4” 🙂

  • skillet

    Scary shit

  • Caro Edey

    There are those who would agree with you. I have read documents about WW1 and WW2 and it is totally different to the brainwashing propaganda I grew up with. No need for me to tell you where this propaganda comes from. One of my Canadian contacts put the situation in good words just recently: “The Sun is Setting on Europe”….and I would say, Europe’s darkest years are just around the corner. But it will get to us here in Australia as well, only a bit later and I am not looking forward to it. Here, we are not even allowed to have guns or buy pepper spray or any other defensive weapon so we have to resort to the spray cans of ‘wasp spray’ which will hit the villain without getting too close yourself.

  • De oppresso liber

    RT reported today ( no credit to RT ), that Jews are leaving Europe because muslim immigration and rise in nationalist movements…This the real sign shit is about to happen when Jews leave.At the same time Jews of various organisations to include ISRAAID are the ones who pushed for Muslims to invade Europe. This is part of the plan set centuries ago to bring all Jews to Israhell in order to usher their Messiah
    And this is happening now. Nationalism is happening all over Europe as people are sick of their homes being invaded and them being told to just be quite.
    So much is happening at once that it seems WW3 is about to be used to create real holocaust on Earth. But main agenda no matter how sick it is, is for the messiah to come and give Jews all power on Earth. This is what they really believe and they don’t care how many goyim have to die. Talmudic scum Jews are responsible for WW1 and WW2 as well. Look.what they have been doing to Palestinians since 1948, Orthodox Russian Christians during periods of 1917 to 1990.They have used allies to slaughter Germans during and after WW2 as well, as Germany stood up to them and their usury banking. Zionist virus must be stopped or we will all be killed by them.

  • De oppresso liber

    Nazi is a Jew made slur. Natinal Socialism is the only way to have a strong and prospherous nation and people. One never has to forget that Zionist communist scum declared war on Germany and have killed Christian’s in Russia and Ukraine by milions. Real victims of WW1 and WW were Christian’s and mostly nation of Germany and it’s people who fought against opression and banking Jew monopoly.

  • De oppresso liber

    One has to ask why are Germans constantly being targeted by Zionist scum. History proves this. These jewhadis could have immigrated to any country in their region seemengly, but they were encouraged to come to Germany out of all places……

  • De oppresso liber
  • per sigurd hansen

    Amen,its just media and the left who uses “racism” and “nazi” as a argument. That is because they dont use logic and reason,just feelings… Germany must fight for survival or become the wahhabi saudi colony of Germans. we understand your anger,even support it.