More Cashless Society: Japan to Force All Tourists to Use Fingerprints as Currency

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Ever wanted to visit Japan?

Well be prepared to give your fingerprints as currency practically everywhere you go when you do.

According to fresh reports like this one out of Japan News:

Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints.

The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to realize the system by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The experiment will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports and elsewhere.


Some banks, like the Aeon Bank, already forgo ATM cards for fingerprints in Japan.

Now everywhere a tourist could spend money, from the hotels they sleep in to the stores they buy stuff in, will come equipped with a special device that will require them to place two fingers on a pad and have their fingerprint scanned and verified as if they are a criminal in order just to buy something.

The data, managed by the government, will be converted to “anonymous big data” to “devise policies on tourism”.

The government hopes “the experiment,” which will start in 300 hotels and shops, will be successful and spread across the entire country by 2020 when people from all over the world will be visiting Japan for the Olympics.

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  • doucyet

    The soft sell…………..

    Welcome to slavedom 2.0.

  • Reverend Draco

    Guess where I’ve almost always wanted to go that I now will avoid like a plague?

    • disqus_9thvxsth

      Damn, too bad, millions of Japanese really wanted to meet you…

    • Nathan Togain


      • I’ve become afraid that their famous clock would be as much of a disappointment as Big Ben was.

    • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

      Fukushima killed it for me. I’ve had so many opportunities to move to Japan for a few years…but I just can’t do it. Sucks.

  • Trusty Spartan

    I await to see Trumps’ reaction to this.

  • Clementine

    Never had any desire to go there and now I know I never will…

    • Bethannfshelton

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  • Mike

    So now I have two reasons to not visit Japan, 1 it is radioactive now, and two this.

    • Everything has always been radioactive, including yourself.

      • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        But you don’t think Fukushima has made Japan dangerous??

        • Of course it has, but it hasn’t made anything less radioactive, and everything in the known universe is somewhat radioactive, it is called background radiation.
          Physicists and biologists will probably never decide whether there is a “safe” level of radioactivity. The best bet is to not increase any level of any radiation, if possible.
          Before we worry about electromagnetic radiation, which is very easy to reduce, control, and mitigate, we should learn more about nuclear and cosmic radiation, which we can do little about. It should be a requirement to learn and understand the inverse square law before anyone can complain about EMF.

          • Frank Energy

            Dude, natural versus manmade radioisotopes make all the difference in danger.

          • A radioisotope is a radioisotope. The makeup is decided by physics, not the creation process. Where they come from has nothing to do with the hazards of any particular one. Different processes produce different radioisotopes. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki spread more fissile material than they produced radioisotopes because they were very primitive. Nuclear reactors don’t spread anything, but they breed a lot more radioisotopes in their controlled criticalities than bombs do, and all of those are still leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the destroyed reactors in Fukushima because neither man nor machine can survive the radiation to contain it, following TEPCO’s complete failure to waterproof the essential backup generators.

          • Frank Energy

            Incorrect, it is not all about the energy.

            Note that the fuel tanks at Fukushima were placed immediately at the ocean shore, for “ease of refueling”. They were swept away in the first seconds. No amount of generator “waterproofing” would have helped, the fuel was gone.

            Each nuke plant is producing the equivalent of 3 atomic bombs per day, in radiation.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Now what would Godzilla and Rodan say about this?

    • IzzraelsNextBarkingDog

      Thanks! I get to sing..

      With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
      He pulls the spitting high tension wires down
      Helpless people on a subway train
      Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them
      He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
      As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town
      Oh no, they say he’s got to go go go Godzilla
      Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla

    • Nathan Togain

      What about Mothra?

      • Razedbywolvs

        Mothra doesn’t have digit’s.

        • IzzysNextBarkingDog

          Is that the new style personal chip?

        • Animated characters don’t usually.

    • Before or after the latter’s inclusion in the Godzilla franchise?

  • IzzraelsNextBarkingDog

    What about Fukushima leaks?

  • Broos

    Here’s my digital response to his Nips, Abe! Read my medios!!

    • I’m sure the identity thieves among us are laughing at you right now.

  • bill lopez

    Japan is not a very tourist friendly country to begin with. I have been there multiple times and most of my trips were there for multiple weeks up to a few trips that were month long adventures. If you know Japan then you know that this kind of system will only be implemented in the big name hotels and retaraunts and shops in the Olympic Village or Arena areas.

    Olympic “tourists” will never venture much further into Japan so the idea that all future travelers will be required to do this is just nonsense. Japan is anhighly dependent cash society, most people still get paid in cash from their jobs, and ther are tons of small mom and pop holes in the wall – not to mention the Yakuza run locals only bars and restaurants.

    Pretty obvious the author of this article knows nothing about Japan. Another FUD article on TDS.

    • Japan would be a major target of digital money, which will be disseminated by their ubiquitous smartphones when they can’t get cash anymore.

      • bill lopez

        Your assumptions of Japanese society are off. Cash is used everywhere and is preferred. Many places don’t take plastic or fingerprints. The US would be a better target as it is already a mostly cashless society.

        • I would never have thought that TEPCO’s managers were as mindless as they turned out to be, in a country where the majority of their electricity comes from nuclear plants, to allow one to operate so vulnerably in a well-known tsunami zone. If the same blatant ignorance and stupidity is projected onto the rest of their economy, there is no reason to assume that there wouldn’t be outright panic at the first signs that Facebook won’t load. The primary reason that America is mostly cashless is because the majority of our currency has circulated and is now being hoarded by those in other countries who still regard it as quality, mush as many of us do plastic.

        • Carmen Baxter

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    • Ashleyjreaves1

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  • So much for visiting Japan before it becomes Chernobyl writ large.

  • Milly Vanilly

    LOL….OH YES, Japan is the Perfect place to TRY this technology…Let’s see. Rich tourists…Japanese Yakuza….CHOP,CHOP,CHOP… market fingers !
    Why not try HAND scanning next in let’s say… Saudi Arabia…..CHOP,CHOP,CHOP…
    as money vanishes & things get worse, criminals might decide to get more violent & creative.
    Just a scary thought !

    • IzzysNextBarkingDog

      Is a middle left worth more than a thumb?

  • Frank Energy

    Possibly on topic
    Foxes in Fukushima are So Starved, They Hang Out For Handouts At the Nuclear Plant, And They Are Pissed

    I know how to read dogs, I know how to read Foxes, this one is just pissed off.

    Source is here

  • auto13142828

    This is story is an exaggeration. They possibly might do this in Olympic Village but not everywhere. I’ve been there a dozen times. Americans are more likely to use fingerprints or put a chip in their body or take the mark of the beast.

    • jaguar

      Over 2 million people in Europe have already been microchipped! It’s coming down the tubes faster than you think! It might be mandatory for everyone by the end of 2017…

  • Jeff Ogrisseg

    I can’t believe how over-the-top alarmist this piece is on multiple levels. Japan does not have the tech or infrastructure for this on a wide scale, and it’s doubtful that it will in four years, when the Olympics take place.
    Tokyo is fine, the tap water is not radioactive, the food is amazing, and Japan makes the best beers in the world.
    There is no “War on Cash” in Japan. All arrivals are fingerprint scanned. Festival season is just getting started. Stay home if you want to, but don’t rag on something you know nothing about.

    • jaguar

      You’re a clueless Imbecile… Japan is almost glowing in the dark from Extremely high levels of Radiation… If you want to go and get 1000X doses above the safe level of Radiation…by all means go! Looney Tunes!!

      • Jeff Ogrisseg

        Looking at Japan from space are you, moron? If you don’t live here, then STFU!

    • Frank Energy

      Ye be sheeple

      • Jeff Ogrisseg

        Who, me? It’s been proven that sheeple can’t survive outside the bubble.The view from the outside looking in is much different than being inside and seeing your own reflection.
        This article is ridiculously alarmist. The tech reported on is a knee-jerk reaction to the Paris and Brussels false-flag attacks, and fear-mongering about 2020 Olympics security.

        • Frank Energy

          Jeff, this “tech” is something a long time in the works, related to the suppression of PM prices, and resistance to audit Fort Knox, etc. The globalist powers that be know that they can skim money easier when it is not hard money. The can also prevent the “black market” of cash sales or barters, so that those disgusted with the largess of the governments can’t circumvent the skim operation.

          • Jeff Ogrisseg

            Dude, I get all that, believe me. My beef here is with the inflammatory headline and tone of this article, and some of the moronic comments about Japan “glowing in the dark” (which Tokyo does kinda, but because of LED lighting, not radioactivity).
            Tokyo is decades away from being able to function without cash. Japan cannot afford the infrastructure needed to “force” everyone onto e-money. This latest pipe-dream idea for biometrics could be made into reality for the Olympic athletes in 2020, within the confines of the Olympic Village, but the idea that “all tourists will be forced to use fingerprints as currency” is fracking ridiculous in my lifetime.

          • Frank Energy

            OK I retract my sheeple comment, ye be red pill type

  • Jean

    We still can do something don’t go there on vacation there are a lot of nice places here in the States. We really have the final say if we don’t go and spend money there they will be hurting and change their way of thinking we still have some power left.

    • jaguar

      For now anyway…

    • Frank Energy

      Until Hitlary announces the same policy here….

  • World revolution is the only recourse!

  • jaguar

    This only leads to microchipping and the mark of the Beast… Make no mistake about it !!!

  • I wish the USA has control over their foreign guests the same way Japan does. There would be a lot less crime.