More Attacks Coming: Chemical Weapons Plot Foiled In Switzerland; War-Grade Weapons Seized in France

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The Paris attacks last month were just the beginning. With tens of thousands of undocumented middle eastern migrants swarming Europe it is only a matter of time before there’s more carnage.

In Geneva, Switzerland authorities have arrested two Syrians suspected of being involved in a possible chemical weapons attack. The Daily Mail reports:

Two suspected Syrians were arrested in Geneva on suspicion of transporting ‘explosives and toxic gases’ as part of a probe into a terror threat.

Switzerland’s attorney general said the men were also suspected of making and hiding the dangerous materials.

the two men, who spoke Arabic and had valid Syrian passports, had just arrived in Geneva.

They were subjected to extra checks because of their ‘behaviour and their nationality’,

And to reiterate: they are not the only ones. Just a day earlier French police shut down mosques and raided scores of residences searching for terror suspects, weapons caches and intelligence. According to the Daily Wire, “a lot of war-grade weapons” have been seized:

Over the last few days, they kicked down doors, closed three mosques (with plans to close potentially more than a hundred), and in the process found an alarming number of weapons, ammo, and terrorist propaganda. 

In an effort to “close the net on Islamic extremists,” French authorities have begun the process of shutting down radicalized mosques and raiding locations suspected of housing Muslim extremists. France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the raids in recent weeks have resulted in the seizure of an unprecedented number of “war-grade weapons.”

Even if less than one-percent of those who have migrated to Europe have ties to terror groups like the Islamic State and Al Queda there are likely hundreds of jihadists now in the region preparing for Holy War.

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  • jps73

    If it happens it will all be by design.

    • morecotwo

      But who is designing it?

  • WinstonSmithy

    Dem moozlims hates ur freedumbs, dontcha know! I’m so skeered I’m pooping in my draws!

    Yeah, right. More fake propaganda to make you give up your natural rights without a whimper…

  • James

    If it is 1% I think there choose of weapons will be random bombs. If it is 10% it will be more open fighting like you see there in Europe now. So me think there is more than a few there now. Also using Mosques say’s they have majority support at those to use them. Not hide out private homes were all is hush hush.

  • Hello Feds , your scare tactics are WAY too obvious. Try a little tact next few dozen psyops

  • morecotwo

    And where exactly did those WMD go from Iraq?

    • Guillotine_ready

      USA USA USA, where they seem to always come from

      • morecotwo

        Memo To: Mr. Guilotine_ready. R U ready?

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    How did they get the weapons? They did not bring them when they came to Europe.

    Most European nations are soft targets for them. Lots of people, unarmed population.

    I expect to see more jihad there.

  • Smarty

    Just aim for the towel and everything will be ok…

  • WeeSee
  • Guillotine_ready

    Nations are being prepared on two simultaneous paths, on is the global currency reset which will bring on world currency and it will be digital and not physical that you can carry and use privately. On the other there is war and it might be the ace in the hole or it may the mechanism to bring on the reset either way the planet will see the tumult of the elite trying to take it all.
    We have a choice to make we can sit still in the final moments before the whole thing falls apart and wish someone would come and put things right or we can realize we are that someone and we have to do it.
    When Obama appeared running for president it only took a little while to figure out that he would be elected and it was for a purpose. He will be the one in office when our nation fails.
    Imagine a currency that is worth it’s intrinsic value, nothing. No way to pay for anything and people out of work out of their homes and foreigners who think it is christmas. Many of them from countries our parasitic class bombed in the past. In other words we have a lot of our enemies here and more coming every day.
    Kinda makes you think we should not be talking about taking guns from the people unless of course seeing a lot of them die is the plan. And it is.
    Make up your mind and make peace according to your beliefs, the time is short now and all that crap in the news makes no difference it is just a distraction.
    Of course the shootings will increase other means to generate fear will be used as well, just keep your eyes on the real threat and do not allow yourself to distracted or led astray.
    It will be scary, that is the intention, we cannot lose if we decide we will not be put down.

  • ccambridge

    It’s a peaceful religion I mean cult

  • SP_88

    I’m scared. I hope the government takes everyone’s guns away to make us safer. And I hope that the government decides to have compulsory anal inspections of any airline passengers, train passengers and randomly selected vehicle drivers and passengers. And I hope that the government tells us what we can say or think or do online and…..wait, aren’t they already doing all this?
    I wish they would kill all these terrorists already, every time I go on vacation my ass hurts.

  • none

    I have often wondered why terrorists just don’t take some nuclear waste. Then throw it in a resavoir? After it starts to work it’s way into the pipes, then goodnight Seattle. As Frazier Crain used to say on his T.V. show.