Missing Vegas Massacre Security Guard Resurfaces…

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Jesus Campos

The mystery is over. After vanishing since last Thursday, wounded Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos has been found… On the set of ‘Ellen’.

As we noted previously, the general story of Campos’ disappearance appears to have been confirmed by ABC journalist Stephanie Wash, who tweeted Thursday evening:

Media scrum tonight as we learn security officer shot in Vegas attack, Jesus Campos’ whereabouts are unknown.”

“Jesus Campos was set to do 5 intvs tonight per union president, but they’ve lost contact. ‘We were in a room & we came out & he was gone,’” she also tweeted.

Then, David Hickey of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) told reporters Friday that he got a text the night before saying Jesus Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility, though he did not specify where or whom the text came from.

A spokesperson at the UMC Quick Care, which has eight locations throughout the Las Vegas area, told Fox News on Monday that they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

And now, as Ellen herself tweeted this morning, we know where he is…

As The LA Times reports, Ellen DeGeneres’ television talk show is expected to broadcast the much-anticipated first interview with the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino security guard, who was the first shooting victim in the Oct. 1 massacre in Las Vegas.

In a recording of his appearance on “Ellen” obtained by the Las Vegas Review-JournalCampos, who said he was “doing better each day, slowly but surely,” confirmed he had called in when he was shot – before the full rampage began.

But he gave few other details that would answer nagging questions about the response of hotel security and Las Vegas police.

He said he called security dispatch to transfer his call to the building’s engineers, who sent an engineer to examine the door.

“At that time I heard what I assumed was drilling sounds,” Campos said. (Officials have said that Paddock appeared to be drilling into a wall inside his room for unknown reasons.) As Campos walked down the hall, away from Paddock’s suite, the outer door of the access room, which was unblocked, closed loudly behind him.

“I believe that’s what caught the shooter’s attention,” Campos said. “As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire, and at first I took cover.” The gunman was shooting through the door of his hotel suite. “I don’t know how he was shooting.”

Campos felt a “burning sensation” and went to lift his pant leg up and, seeing blood, realized he’d been shot.

“That’s when I called it in on my radio that shots had been fired,” Campos said. “I was going to say that I was hit, but I got on my cellphone just to clear that radio traffic for — they can coordinate the rest of the call.”

The photo of Campos holding a cane on the set Tuesday shows him alongside maintenance engineer Stephen Schuck, who was also shot at by the gunman on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

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  • mountainghost

    Thats a bunch of BS.

    • darkhorse


  • Jim

    Sounds like Ellen offered the most $$$ for the ‘interview’.

  • James

    MGM properties is a sponsor for the Ellen show. Ellen has several slot machines located inside each MGM casino. James Murren, the CEO of MGM, sold 294,150 shares of his company (80% of his total holdings in the company) four weeks before the Las Vegas shooting. James Murren is a sitting member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council. He’s responsible for getting legislation and regulations passed for security & technology infrastructure in public places, things such as x-ray backscatter machines. Murren is an open supporter of Hillary Clinton. 2 months ago, Murren circulated a memo to all MGM employees asking them to donate to the NAACP, CAIR, Southern Poverty Law Center, League of United Latin American Citizens, ADL, Organization of Chinese Americans and the Human Rights Campaign. This is not a conspiracy, these are facts (http://www.soulspiritguidance.com/mandalay-bay-hotel-ceo-knew-las-vegas-shooting-weeks-advance/). You can’t make this stuff up.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Thanks for the link! That’s fascinating stuff and it’s nice to see someone out there is doing some actual investigative journalism.

    • dav1bg

      George Soros bought puts betting that MGM stock would drop just days before the Las Vegas massacre.
      Their greed is so strong that they don’t even care if they are obvious.

      • NonYo Business

        The media’s got them covered.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …hope that POS is happy with the amount of money that lesbian gave to be on its f’d up show…and to pull the f’d up stunt he did…because your 15 minutes of fame just got burned up in the fire…you POS…!!!…

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Ellen isn’t one of my favorite people but I wouldn’t be so quick to put all the blame on her. When her producers say, “Jump” she has to ask, “How high?” If anyone is responsible for this it’s her producers and the producers have to answer to the sponsors (see James’ post, above). There is plenty of blame to go around. The ultimate blame belongs with the system that condones things like this.

    • dav1bg

      Come on, this is the cover story, The De generate show is owned by affiliates who own Mandalay bay, she even has De generate theamed slot machines in their casinos. His handler was sitting right beside him, they gave him a week to get good at his story, and Ellen was given the proper questions to ask him. And they all were paid very well for their show. And no other interviews please. They don’t even try to cover it up anymore.

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Bread and circuses for the masses, dontcha know. Shitlibs believe that you should never let a good crisis go to waste, and if there is no crisis, well, let’s make one.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Apparently the MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, et al) wouldn’t pay the guy for his information, or they wouldn’t pay the price he demanded. So the sonofabitch held out for the highest bidder. One of the first rules in a criminal investigation is – find out who benefits, and then follow the money. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

    • dav1bg

      It won’t lead anywhere, Robert Mueller, FBI director who covered up 911 is in charge. All documents will be classified until the year 5050.

      • Phil_Ossifer

        You’re probably right, unfortunately… 🙁

  • MindBender4Liberty

    I think he disappeared because the FBI took him to the ministry of truth to get his story straight before he opened his mouth again.

    • dav1bg

      How many coincidences must we accept as coincidences until we simply don’t believe the bull anymore? Line up all coincidences here and it gets pretty hard to swallow the blaime stream media narrative.

  • James

    This guy has no luck. First shot. Then abducted by allians Brain wiped, Dropped

    in area 51, Then has to be on the De Generate show.

  • FGD135

    Hasbara propaganda piece

  • Mayday911us

    Well someone needs to explain why this person only chooses to do only one interview?

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Highest bidder

      • Mayday911us

        Well supposedly the Ellen show has ties to whoever owns that hotel something seemed funny about that entire interview.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          There’s something funny/weird about this whole story.

          • Mayday911us

            The story is getting very weird now. Due to this security guard was shot before the main mass shooting happened. So did how did this person save life’s and where’s the video of the swat team body cameras.

            The conflicting reports from the media no security guard was shot a security guard was shot the alarm for not going off to go alarms were going off. Supposedly a woman on The same floor and the same hallway. Why didn’t she call the cops?

            This is the stuff that needs to be answered

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            Agreed. But they’ll just use the “fog of war” excuse.

          • Mayday911us

            The fog of war is a cop out. Yes don’t give me wrong friendly fire incidents happened under this the wrong people die under those circumstances but you can’t use that for this.

  • dav1bg

    Why is he NOT listed as a security guard on the Nevada security guard license website?
    His mug shot has been found on a Kansas warrant for arrest, for contempt of court. So he could not be a registered security guard in Nevada.
    I like how a security guard has a $2,000 Armani suit.

    • SWFLfan

      That mug shot was obviously a different Jesus Campos, they didn’t look at all alike. And talk shows are often sponsored by clothing companies like Armani so it’s entirely plausible that the suit company supplied the outfits for advertising purposes as generally happens. There are plenty of things to question about this case, I’ll never understand why some people focus on the dumbest crap and seem to overlook the legitimate questions.

  • tscull

    Very interesting that this guy just disappears, and then turns up on a liberally slanted commie show like Ellen the Degenerate. I’m sure that he has either been paid off and/or threatened, then made to do an appearance in that state controlled venue.

  • TrevorD

    Those that agree with the official/MSM narrative on this story will be same ones that bought Hillary`s book and believed every single word. Very sad indeed.

  • Rey d’Tutto

    Patsy Paddock doesn’t fit Any profile or Metric for mass shooters.

  • roger

    Is there a list of names of the victims of this…….? I don’t even know what to call it.

  • They had time to work him over on the latest false narrative, now he is ready for public consumption. WAKE UP SHEEPLE !!!