Miss Alabama: ‘Like I Totally Love When the Gov’t Spies on Me!’

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by Melissa Melton

Do you love liberty and your freedom? Are you outraged that the government keeps trying to snatch yours away only to replace it with a false sense of security?

Well, watch this:

That’s right. During the 2013 Miss America Pageant, Miss Alabama was asked about the National Security Agency turning its mission against the American people via PRISM:

Actress Wendie Malick: “Government tracking of phone records has been in the news lately…is this an invasion of privacy or necessary to keep our country safe, why or why not?”

Miss Alabama: “I think the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the movies or to the airport or even to the mall that we have to worry about our safety, so I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go than feel like they’re…um…encroaching on my privacy.” [emphasis added]

*horrifying audience applause*

This is true Orwellian doublespeak at its finest.

So, not only does Miss Alabama appear to have totally bought in to the establishment’s brainwashing propaganda that somehow if the government tracks her phone messages it will automatically make her feel safe wherever she goes, but the second part of what she said doesn’t even make any sense.

Put it together: Miss Alabama would rather A) someone track her phone messages than B) feel like they’re encroaching on her privacy…???

Miss AL, I hate to inform you, but A and B are (or should be in a sane world) the same exact thing, and if tracking your phone messages makes you magically feel safe when you go to the mall, then ignorance truly is bliss.

Instead of noting the fact that this pageant contestant couldn’t even give an answer that made sense, the judges apparently only heard the part where Miss Alabama loved her government trampling all over the Constitution, so they awarded her Miss America runner up in true Idiocracy form.

Miss Connecticut actually won the pageant. What was her question about, how she thinks FEMA camps are great vacation spots?

I feel sorry for all the little girls watching this program who idolize these contestants. I can only hope their mommies teach them what freedom is and why it needs to be protected, lest they soon become grandmothers sadly telling their grandchildren stories about what it was like to have freedom back when America was still somewhat free…once upon a time…


Melissa MeltonMelissa Melton is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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  • Oh yeah, rather be a safe little slave, protected by your bonds and at the mercy of your masters, than to be free and maybe have to risk odds greater than being struck by lightning, of being attacked. The worst part is the army of zombies in the audience cheering her on after that pathetic, mind controlled, fucking answer.

    • AZ Tekmen

      These are the same idiots who’ll turn against us all when SHTF. ID them now and prepare ourselves for a real WWZ

    • bob

      Hey Joe, how many of the zombies in the audience know about the Libor scandal, or own an ounce of gold or silver? How many of those maroons think the “Federal Reserve” is a gov’t bank? Or that the U.S. gov’t is negotiating with the Taliban, Or, for that matter, who the Taliban are? How many of the gov’t educated nit-wits in the audience can name more than one amendment found in the Constitution, besides the 1st, or even one Founding Father? Like Miss Alabama, they have been duped. Their parents have been duped. And by voting for Obama (and thinking Romney would be much better) most Americans have been duped.

  • Apex predator

    i would have had more respect for her if she would have come out in camo lingerie and screamed viva revolution!…j/s

  • ENFP

    Tracking your phone messages make you feel safe if you are totally in agreement with the current government and their global handlers.

  • RickE.

    She’s one of the prettier sheep I’ve seen in quite some time!
    But, alas, she’s still a sheep.

  • Andy

    It’s a shame that a lot of citizens are not as well informed over what is really happening in this country.They pay too much attention to things just to entertain themselves,then when something really bad happens they jump on the emotional bandwagon and say things like we need to ban this and that and the government needs to do something about it.That is not how we are supposed to do it people,but the government does it that way to keep the majority unenlightened,and dependent on the government.Some people are just drones going through daily life,plus the fact we have gotten too comfortable,or don’t want to get involved or are afraid to speak up,to stand up to the corruption because they think that people will think they might be a nut-job,well I guess I am a nut-job then since I think that the government and our government leaders are wrong on leading us down the path we are on.”But I guess it is not their fault”since it really is the people behind the scenes pulling the strings.All I can say is that God help us all.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • YES,folks she really is the phuquing stupid!

  • jc

    Another candidate when the time comes for thinning the herd…
    What a brainwashed moron, she’ll be bawling her eyes out when the pigs come for her.