Mind Control Achieved Through the “Information Flicker Effect”

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I wrote this piece in 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. I re-post it now, because it equally applies to the Orlando shooting.

No, I’m not talking about the flicker of the television picture. I’m talking about an on-off switch that controls information conveyed to the television audience.

The Sandy Hook school murders provide an example.

First of all, elite media coverage of this tragedy has one goal: to provide an expanding narrative of what happened. It’s a story. It has a plot.

In order to tell the story, there has to be a source of information. The topflight television anchors are getting their information from… where?

Their junior reporters? Not really. Ultimately, the information is coming from the police, and secondarily from local officials.

In other words, very little actual journalism is happening. The media anchors are absorbing, arranging, and broadcasting details given to them by the police investigators.

The anchors are PR people for the cops.

This has nothing to do with journalism. Nothing.

The law-enforcement agencies investigating the Sandy Hook shootings on the scene, in real time, were following up on leads? We don’t know what leads they were following and what leads they were discarding. We don’t know what mistakes they were making. We don’t know what evidence they were overlooking or intentionally ignoring.

The police were periodically giving out information to the media. The anchors were relaying this information to the audience.

So when the police privately tell reporters, “We chased a suspect into the woods above the school,” that becomes a television fact. Until it isn’t a fact any longer.

The police, for whatever reason, decide to drop the whole “suspect in the woods” angle.

Therefore, the media anchors no longer mention it.

Instead the police are focused on Adam Lanza, who is found dead in the school. So are the television anchors, who no longer refer to the suspect in the woods.

That old thread has gone down the memory hole.

What does this do to the audience who has been following the narrative on television? It sets up a flicker effect. An hour ago, it was suspect in the woods. Now, that bit of data is gone. On-off switch. It was on, now it’s off.

This is a break in logic. It makes no sense.

Which is the whole point.

The viewer thinks: “Let’s see. There was a suspect in the woods. The cops were chasing him. Now he doesn’t exist. We don’t know his name. We don’t know why he’s off the radar. We don’t know whether he was arrested. We don’t know if he was questioned. Okay, I guess I’ll have to forget all about him. I’ll just track what the anchor is telling me. He’s telling the story. I have to follow his story.”

This was only one flicker. Others occur. The father of Adam’s brother was found dead. No, that’s gone now. The mother of Adam was found dead. Okay. Adam killed all these children with two pistols. No, that’s gone now. He used a rifle. It was a Bushmaster. No, it was a Sig Sauer. One weapon was found in the trunk of a car. No, three weapons.

At each succeeding point, a fact previously reported is jettisoned and forgotten, to be replaced with a new fact. The television viewer has to forget, along with the television anchor. The viewer wants to follow the developing narrative, so he has to forget. He has no choice if he wants to “stay in the loop.”

But this flicker effect does something to the viewer’s mind. His mind is no longer alert. It’s not generating questions. Logic has been offloaded. Obvious questions and doubts are shelved.

“How could they think it was the dead father in New Jersey when it was actually the dead mother in Connecticut?”

“Why did they say he used two handguns when it was a rifle?”

“Or was it really a rifle?”

“I heard a boy on camera say there was another man the cops caught and they had him proned out on the ground in front of the school. What happened to him? Where did he go? Why isn’t the anchor keeping track of him?”

All these obvious and reasonable questions (and many others) have to be scratched and forgotten, because the television story is moving into different territory, and the viewer wants to follow the story.

This constant flicker effect eventually produces, in the television viewer…passivity.

He surrenders to the ongoing narrative. Surrenders.

This is mind control.

The television anchor doesn’t have a problem. His job is to move seamlessly, through an ever-increasing series of contradictions and discarded details, to keep the narrative going, to keep it credible.

He knows how to do that. That’s why he is the anchor.

He can make it seem as if the story is a growing discovery of what really happened, even though his narrative is littered with abandoned clues and dead-ends and senseless non-sequiturs.

And the viewer pays the price.

Mired in passive acceptance of whatever the anchor is telling him, the viewer assumes his own grasp on logic and basic judgment is flawed.

Now, understand that this viewer has been watching television news for years. He’s watched many of these breaking events. The cumulative effect is devastating.

The possibility, for example, that Adam Lanza wasn’t the shooter, but was the patsy, is as remote to the viewer as a circus of ants doing Shakespeare on Mars.

The possibility that the cops hid evidence and were ordered to release other suspects is unthinkable.

Considering that there appears to be not one angry outraged parent in Newtown (because the network producers wouldn’t permit such a parent to be interviewed on camera) never occurs to the viewer.

Wondering why the doctor of Adam Lanza hasn’t been found and quizzed about the drugs he prescribed isn’t in the mind of the viewer.

The information flicker effect is powerful. It sweeps away independent thought and measured contemplation. It certainly rules out the possibility of imagining the murders in an alternative narrative.

Because there is only one narrative. It is delivered by Brian Williams and Scott Pelley and Diane Sawyer.

Interesting how they never disagree.

Never, in one of these horrendous events do the three kings and queens of television news end up with different versions of what happened.

What are the odds of that, if the three people are rational and inquisitive?

But these three anchors are not rational or inquisitive. They are synthetic creations of the machine that runs them.

They flicker yes and they flicker no. They edit and cut and discard and tailor as they go along. Yes, no, yes, no. On, off, on, off.

And the viewers follow, in a state of hypnosis.


Because the viewers are addicted to STORY. They are as solidly addicted as a junkie looking for his next fix.

“Tell me a story. I want a story. That was a good story, but now I’m bored. Tell me another story. Please? I need another story. I’m listening. I’m watching. Tell me a story.”

And the anchors oblige.

They deal the drug.

But to get the drug, the audience has to surrender everything they question. They have to submit to the flicker effect and go under. Actually, surrendering to the flicker effect deepens the addiction.

And the drug deal is consummated.

Welcome to television coverage.

Finally, while under hypnosis, the viewing audience is treated to a segue (transition) that leads to…the guns. Something has to be done about the guns. The mind-control operation that brought the passive audience to this point takes them to the next moment of surrender, as if it were part of the same overall Sandy Hook story:

Give up the guns.

In their entrained and tranced state of mind, viewers don’t ask why law-enforcement agencies are so massively armed to do police work in America, why those agencies have ordered well over a billion rounds of ammunition in the last six months, why every day the invasive surveillance of the population moves in deeper and deeper.

Viewers, in their trance, simply assume government is benevolent and should be weaponized to the teeth, because those viewers also assume the television anchors are government allies and spokespeople, and aren’t those anchors good and kind and thoughtful and intelligent and honorable?

Therefore, isn’t the government also kind and honorable?

In case you think the public is too stupid to emerge from its trance, and would never be able to follow a line of rational discourse, if by some miracle television anchors presented one, I disagree.

During my investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, I encountered several local citizens who were exceedingly awake, alert, and helpful. Again and again over the years, I have had help from private citizens in my research.

This is why I’ve always supported the idea of citizen grand juries, convened to investigate crimes in the area where they live. Tasked to discover the truth, wherever it leads, such people would suddenly display surprising skills. Opportunity is all that is necessary.

The media put people under, flick the on-off switches that short-circuit logic. The media practice hypnosis. The media work for surrender of the mind. The media present boggling absurdities that put the mind to sleep. The media appoint themselves as the final authorities.

This is perverse theater.

That’s all it is.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

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Contributed by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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    • Mike

      so you are a whore that lies on your back for a living, we get it already. Now off to your next john or jane.

  • Vows of Vengeance

    I think you must have a weak mind to begin with for this to work. I saw things way back in high school that bothered me and made me rebel. I may not have known exactly why but saw it clearly.

    • Yep, now I realize why I was such a “bad” kid, I was following my instincts without even realizing it and now I am very happy that I did.

    • Tabbytha

      Like anyone who pops out of the womb has awareness of this? The brain isn’t fully developed yet, that’s why the focus of some of the mind control is to get them when they are young – from cradle to grave. This shouldn’t be about weak or strong, it should be that mind control is unacceptable and we have to destroy the fuckers doing it! Generations have been under incremental steps of it, the previous generations had less advanced effects because they were under different steps in the process. The newer generation is so blatantly messed up because it has reached a point where they are implementing new phases. To those in the earlier stages the new phases look bad, but to the newer effected it is normal and we are “dinosaurs”. For generations the focus has been on how dumb kids are or how out of touch old folks are, and because it was never on those doing the manipulating most people have no clue. The internet is helping to shed light on the real manipulators but still the effects of mind control run deep, hence it’s effectiveness. Even with rebelling it can affect you. The young people today see the world is corrupt but are STILL being mind controlled because the people the have been taught to respect and obey (adults such as teachers, doctors, etc) are the ones unwittingly bringing IN the next phases of mind control through curriculum or corrupted medicines. Some may have had strong mind but got broken down over YEARS of forced domestication and indoctrination in school…. because many affected/ unaware parents will not tolerate their kids challenging the school system so when the kids see that all adults are calling them bad, that they have no support, they often break down and become obedient. This is not weakness, it is systematic constant mental abuse by people who have already been abused unknowingly, they continue the mind control system and trust the authorities who bring in newer phases…. not because they are weak but because the psychological abusers know how to break them, how to direct those already broken down covertly as well. You are older, as am I. We were under different stages of conditioning than people now, and I only learned about it a decade ago. I do not see those effected as weak, but as victims of people who have fine tuned a abhorrent form of mental abuse. We need to stop them, if we look upon others as weak, that gives power to those abusing them because it hints that it is their fault for being harmed. Like we’re better than they are… but the abusers are still doing the action of abuse, preening ourselves does nothing to stop that. The fault lies purely in those who knowingly manipulated people, robbing them of clear thought and binding them to their whim. Once the mind controllers are gone, people can clear their minds. We need to strike down the mind controllers or this will continue and get far worse. If mind control were not an effective strategy it wouldn’t be used so strongly, so continuously, over many generations. Those who are under it’s effects were born into a system rife with it, and since it is covert most people never know. Since people are not taught about it or how it works, they do not recognize it… The elites and their infiltrators are well trained/ versed on how to hide their actions, but the internet is making it easier to track what they do… so we’ll see what happens.

      • lilred

        I haven’t had tv in over 12 years. It’s fairly simple to stick it to these bastards.

      • Vows of Vengeance

        Ah, Ill stick with weak. There is a time when you have a chance to rebel. And a time when you see something isnt right and you search for answers. I just couldnt go to prep rallies in school, gave me a sick felling, and would leave and go home. For one example. Your soul tells you more then your brain. Your brain must listen.

  • jer

    great article, I knew I felt alone in my logic but never understood why. When I got married my wife and I decided we wouldn’t own a television, 16 years later we get many comments like “good for you, but I could never do that”
    I don’t understand how ppl like the idea of not being ruled by a box but could actually get rid of it.
    I follow big stories online as details are released which as you stated, many details get changed as the story “unfolds”
    Growing up I always read the choose your own adventure books and would love to read the alternate stories, but when someone reads the story to you, that’s it, one plot and then bed time so the story can be engrained into your long term memory. Interesting how the 5 o’clock news has been diminished so much that you really need to stay up late to watch the news right before you go to sleep, any way…

    I was talking with coworkers 2 days after the Orlando terrorist attack about some of the early released interviews that had been abandoned for the “better story” and they said “we really shouldn’t talk about that until get the full details”

    BTW, they all feel the Burn so it sort of makes sense there is no logical thinking there.
    I encourage every one to liberate yourself from being a victim of mind control, it’s really not that hard. Use that time to invest in the lives of the next generation so that we don’t get another Millennial type of generation.

  • Tabbytha

    I just looked up the definition of psychological anchoring… holy fuck! News ANCHORS are aptly named! Jon Rappoport is right!

  • Tatiana Covington

    In other words: Ahh, fuck it, who really cares? I sure don’t. (Belch)