Militias Are On Route: Is the 2nd American Revolution Starting in Bunkerville, Nevada?

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An area just outside of the little town of Bunkerville, Nevada, with a population of around a thousand people, may go down in history. This little spot in the desert may be compared with Concord, Massachusetts, the site of the “shot heard round the world” – the first shot fired in the American Revolution. Because it looks like the second American Revolution may start there…and soon.

Yesterday, The Daily Sheeple reported that tensions were running high outside of Bunkerville. It seems that the US government, in all of their infinite wisdom, has declared war on a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy.

In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.

Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came along. (source)

Armed federal officers have arrived to steal Bundy’s cattle and close down the land he is using. What’s more, they have declared a zone around the area to be free of the restrictions of the Constitution, specifically, the First Amendment right to assemble and speak freely. They’d like to keep their reprehensible actions quiet and out of the public eye. It’s really difficult to mow down a bunch of protesters ala Waco with the whole world watching.

Yesterday, tensions began to rise even further and numerous protestors were tazed and assaulted. (You can see the actions of those brave BLM officers on this video HERE).

It looks like tensions will rise even further because Americans have had enough.

Militias have been mobilised. It’s going to get real.

Bundy may be facing down a bunch of armed federal thugs but he’s going to be backed up by militia members from across the country.

This is the day that Patriots have been talking about and training for. They will not stand down.

CBS reports that militias from Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida will be standing with Bundy against the Bureau of Land Management.

If you aren’t a combatant, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in this revolt against tyranny. This is a call to action.

Here are the pertinent email addresses and phone numbers:

  • Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number:  (202) 208-3801
  • Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form-
  • Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # – (775) 684-5670
  • Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # -(702) 486-2500
  • Senator Dean Heller Contact Form
  • Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244
  • Sheriff Douglas Gillespi – (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111
  • Email:


Share information in support of these people who refuse to stand idly by while theft, violence, and tyranny occurs at the hands of the government. If we all spread the word, there is no way that another Ruby Ridge or Waco can quietly occur. We can combat the disinformation spouted by the mainstream media by publishing REAL photos, REAL videos, and REAL accounts of what is happening. We can keep the communication open and tell the world what the United States government is doing to its own people.

Share this and other stories through email, through social media, through links in the comments sections of mainstream news sites. Whatever you do, don’t wait for someone else to take action. Now is the time to speak up for liberty. Make this story too viral for the mainstream to ignore. Do not allow these brave people staring down the barrel of a gun to do so without our support.

The Bureau of Land Management has picked up a snake by the tail, and it looks like that snake is going to bite.

blm nevada

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  • CurlyBill

    Godspeed Patriots…. We The People, God and the Constitution are on your side. Death to the tyrants and usurpers of this great land!

  • Jeff Kline

    These idiots seem to be perfectly willing and able to strike up the next American revolution. I can see a lot of democrats not making it out of this one alive.

    • matism

      One can only hope. I would expect there would be a shipload of Rove Republicans getting that same experience as well…

      • Jeff Kline

        Agreed. We have way too many RINO’s who are power hungry as much as the democrats. Something bad sure happens to anyone who goes into DC… Just bizarre.

        • Tyler

          @Jeff Do you realize that republicans and democrats are THE SAME THING…they only split up the two parties to divide American people. .. Divide & conquer

          • tayronachan

            It took BOTH parties to saddle us with 17+ trillion in debt, BOTH parties take us to war against Third World countries that never attacked us. And BOTH parties send billions overseas in “aid” while our cities crumble, and our manufacturing base is also shipped overseas. F-ing oligarchs, once they get the guns, it’s all over for us.

    • 1stworlder

      If Nevada is too far to drive there might be similar statists nearby. The plan for fighting the next ruby ridge is to fight it far away from the next ruby ridge.

      • John Sanity

        Just don’t use a federal highway to get there, idiots.

  • Mecca Wrecka

    latest word by noon Thursday Nevada time, something less than 100 protesters are on site. Tomorrow, the Gestapo plan to invade Bundy’s land and seize property. If anyone is planning on showing up, tomorrow is the day. Some concerns being expressed about agents provocateur and snipers. Remember, this is America, which has learned considerably from the Nazis.

  • Liam Armstrong

    not being negative, just my weird teen mind…….

    but i hope a civil war breaks out, i dont know why though….but thats just me saying

  • Bring it

    These are true Patriots. I can only hope that the rest of you will stand with then.

  • libertytribune

    Let the war begin, it is well past time. Stay safe patriots, do what needs to be done.

    • ronnyquest

      Long past time. Git ‘er done.

      • Thomas Parker

        When you all leaving?

  • Justin

    And while you’re at it, take out the power grid for that NAZI NSA data center in Utah.

  • Justin

    Always FI — but Fi to the US Constitution!

  • Timothy D Little


  • Hawkeye325

    I’m in….

  • Freespirit

    I got “goosebumps” when I read this and I am NOT American. Is the SPIRIT of 1776 still alive?

    It only requires one Militia to start the ball rolling and all HELL for the Psychopaths in Washington to RUN for Lichtenstein or Luxembourg.

    Remember in America there is a GUN BEHIND EVERY Blade of GRASS.

    Go yanks

    • Feds? Can’t trust da Feds??? our beloved protectors? They only have a few Billion rounds, tanks, warplanes, drones,MRAPS, IR, nite vision, firebombs, nukes, Psycho Dad would love to be a Fed.

      • Sun Tzu

        Gear left adrift, must be a gift!!! Uncle Sam is going to be so gracious, and supply us with his ammo!!! I love it!!!

    • Spirit of 1776 died in 1789. Stinkin pukestain lawyers

    • ronnyquest

      1776 is alive and well, but not as widely spread as it ought to be. We’ll see if we can rejuvenate that liberty tree.

    • Tish

      As of today…that number is more like 3 guns behind every blade of grass..Hang on Clive…were armed and almost there..

  • Al Bundy ! Psycho Dad !! “Who’s that riding on the range, who’s that acting mighty strange? Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad !!!! ”

    Peg Bundy: ” Al, don’t you know that an average of 88 people are shot during that show?”
    Al Bundy: ” A man’s gotta’ have time to reload ! “

  • DW

    And all this is supposedly over a friggin’ turtle. This is a test scenario if I’ve ever seen one. Guess what boys…those ranchers and militias ain’t playing. You pantywaist pu**ies ready to die, just to follow illegal orders?

    • 1stworlder

      All of CA has water problems over a bait fish.

      • TypicalMoron

        Don’t confuse an idiot with facts. This is about abstract notions of Freedumb!

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH,,,,,these Sheeple editors want an all out war. They’re nuts.
    Start the commercial lien process, PRIVATE action against the goons. Remove their bonding. Remove their access to credit / bank for 99 years.

  • AL, Peg, Kelly and BUd need YOU NOW ! Shoe sales just ain’t gonna’ cut it!!

  • T he sarcasm is magnificent

  • ronnyquest

    About damned time, too. We’re not getting any younger.

  • LiveFree

    Heard him on Alex Jones. Clive is an American hero!

  • WayOutHere

    On our way!! Hang on Cliven!!

    • gatorman60

      Clivin Bundy Waking Dead

  • Francis Marion

    Any patriots in Florida want to link up ……and go???

  • Edwin : O’Keefe

    God bless the Bundy’s, and all those folk out there that are trying to protect them from the D.C. tyrants….this is it people, awaken and fight for your liberties, or lay in shame as a cowardly slave….the hour glass is empty…Bunker Ville ? seems to me there was a place called bunker hill in the American revolution ! Hm-m-m-m-m- This is the hour to stand and be counted. Your choice…Slavery, or FREEDOM…..Ooh Rah

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Damn straight brother. Enough of these radical progressive communists who have infiltrated the country. We were so busy working and making a living for ourselves/family that some of us missed some of the clues of their infiltration. Its time to wake up everyone and demand this crap stop. Call these pigs out at their residence, work sites, leisure sites, everywhere and anywhere. Get in their face and take this country back. Things aren’t going to get better unless we put up a fight and make it unbearable for them and win. If we don’t i have to agree with you on the ovens.

    • Thomas Parker

      No, I think the plan is to recycle the bodies in a giant compost pile. Burning the bodies would help increase global warming.

  • Fox News interviewed Mr. Bundy who informed them the helicopter pukes are scaring / driving cows to die along with their newborns, or soon to be born offspring, ON PURPOSE.

  • BurtGummer44

    I don’t put much stock in the so called Militias, they’ve been infiltrated by the FBI since the 1990s. It has been my experience that the loudest braggarts in the Militia movement are FBI plants. Hell, these days whenever 3 members of a “militia” meet 2 of them are FBI assets.

    • BURT!!! Where have you been man?? Perfection Valley just ain’t the same since El Blanco was declared an endangered species.

  • William Waugh

    Where is the sheriff? Where is the governor?

    • whorehouse as usual

    • Cracker122049

      Talking shit and kissing the boots of the feds thats where!

  • RapidRay01 .

  • Joshua

    any militia men need a ride out of LA hit me up 8052009193…just need gas for the RV

  • Debbie

    We need to take back America. I want to give some advise. DO NOT, I SAY DO NOT PUT ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE ON THE FRONT LINE!!

  • wayne dougherty

    Will we see Bo Gritz come in and get a peaceful result ?

  • crazy2medic

    No that’s crap that man’s family has been working that land since before the BLM has existed, the feds need to leave them alone period! No more federal intrusion!

    • StedyRuckus

      Someone owns the land, and if its not the rancher, then he needs permission to use it.

      • crazy2medic

        His family has owned that land since 1887

        • Thomas Parker

          Untrue, sorry.

        • StedyRuckus

          No thats incorrect. His family has used the land in question buy npt owned it. In fact they have paid grazing fees on it since the 30s prior to Bundy the rancher even being born.

    • gatorman60

      Its a lie papers show they bought the place in 1948 Fool

  • Bruce Prentis

    I just called the BLM. I was hung up on twice before I called a third time in which I was sent to a voicemail system to leave a msg. The recording said that the comments being left are “listened to every evening”…Yeah, line a check I’d in the mail.

  • Bruce Prentis

    I called the number listed for BLM and was disconnected twice. A third call, I was sent to a voicemail system which the recording said that each message will be listened to every night….yeah, like the check I’d in the mail too and I will only stick the head in.

    Anyway I told them that it won’t look good for them no matter how the chips fall and that there will be blood on their hands. They are also violating this man’s rights and those that are protesting.

    Good bless those that are responding to assist this man and his family. Damn those that are violating his rights.

  • lesserlesserwashington

    Enjoy a slow painful death wingnuts. The federal government will be kicking your secessionist assses shortly.

  • Danny Mathey

    Lets start this now! Whom will be the first to be killed by the Feds? And go down in History as the first Hero shot like a dog. Or spend the rest of their lives in a federal prison, Spreading the word of our cause.

    • Thomas Parker

      First it’s “who,” not “whom.” I gather you’ll be leading from behind, ya know, like a cheerleader with bright pink pom-poms.

      • Lucimorland

        I shudder to think what rests up that skirt.

      • Danny Mathey

        Ha! Lady that’s cute, as cute as your little cover picture !

        • Thomas Parker

          Thanks Dannyboy. Don’t you think my bushy tail is darling?

  • StedyRuckus

    Why are people willing to die for a millionaire rancher’s supposed right to graze his cattle for free on government land?

    I’m missing the significance of this.

    • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

      What the hell does millionaire have to do with anything? The BLM (feds) are seizing property illegally. This land belongs to Clark County.

      • StedyRuckus

        I forgot – no welfare! (unless your a millionaire rancher who wants to graze his cattle for free on government land).

        This isn’t about a threat to freedom to anyone. This is about a man illegally using public lands for his private enterprise. I don;t care if his family was doing this since the 1800’s. This is no longer the 1800’s and the wild west is wild no more. They should have bought the land decades ago if they wanted to use it.

      • OrCoastTheo

        No the land is national public land according to law and the courts.

      • Thomas Parker

        No, Einstein, it’s national public land. Clive has been freeloading off of us for
        decades. Suggest you go there and get martyred. We’ll name a middle-school after you.

        • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

          And it is okay with you that the feds can come in and take Any land they want whenever they want regardless of who has been homesteading or ranching on it since the 1800s? What a fool to think that the feds can come in and take whatever they want. Clive did pay those range fees until the BLM decided that they didn’t want him on there anymore because of the tortoise. The truth is BLM is using it to get oil leases to the China company. You’re just a fool. By the way, the real tax cheats are all those who are not paying taxes, you know the 47%.

          • Thomas Parker

            whenyougonnagetabrain: Don’t believe everything you read on your rightwing-nut echo-chambers, son. They are lying to you. They recognize that there is a particularly stupid segment of the population who are easily manipulated. We-by we I mean the educated elite-used to use you’all as cannon fodder, but weapons have become too powerful. We are looking at using you simpletons as a pet food souce, but some of us have moral qualms about that. I personally think it’s a great idea.

          • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

            More conservatives and liberals had guns. I don’t think you are the one who stands a chance. And you can call yourself intelligent but you lack common sense.

          • Thomas Parker

            What does being a gun fetishist have to do with anything? How do you know I’m intelligent? Is it because you have realized that progressive elites are much more intelligent than teabaggers?

          • TypicalMoron

            Ah, yes.

            Finally, the conservative ID is free! FREEDUMB!

            Nothing is more conservative than having the desire to kill fellow Americans for the crime of disagreeing about politics!


          • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

            When you stop promoting tens of thousands of abortions a year then I will listen to you about killing fellow Americans.

          • TypicalMoron


            I obviously promote tens of thousands of abortions a year because you say so!


    • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

      I might add, it is pansyass liberals who won’t stand up for our freedoms. We are being led to the slaughter and you are criticizing a man who has worked his whole life ranching? Get out of here.

      • “pansyass liberals “…you mean the ones who were getting their asses kicked and constitutional rights abused by the police during the Occupy protests?…you stick up for a rich rancher, who is in the wrong, but not a peep when the real abuse was going down…keyboard commando…

        • Thomas Parker

          Good man, Mark!

        • The ones that didn’t even know why they were there? The ones raping people in the tents? good one Markus! CockSmoker!

          • You have no life…give me your address and I’ll send you some Cheetos, Mountain Dew and fapping lotion…

          • TypicalMoron

   is the Truth™ that will set all of us free!


  • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

    Yeah, what a nice legacy for this president. This land is not the feds.

    • OrCoastTheo

      Actually it’s national public land – not state, not private. You may wish otherwise but that’s the law.

      • TypicalMoron

        You’re confusing idiots with facts.

        This is really about Freedumb, because I got an email from Crazy Uncle Liberty and he said so!

  • OrCoastTheo

    The man simply had to pay his absurdly low fees to graze his cattle on the national public lands, like thousands of ranchers do every year. But he got away with not paying for over twenty years and the BLM is long overdue in removing his cattle. He’s just a grandstander, nothing more. If he has somehow convinced you to go down there and expose yourself to an ass kicking if not worse you, are just a fool for him. This is not about state’s rights, it’s about one man’s personal greed.

  • Dave Short

    Well, people are getting sick and tired of all the bullying tactics by the Federal forces,
    Federally TRAINED forces, The FBI, ATF, TSA, NSA, CIA, eieio…
    Federal goon squads and their minions and their bureaucratic “Overlords”
    I guess you’d call them.

    Is this whole thing being ballyhooed
    into a cocked hat? I can’t say. Is it inevitable that something like
    this will result in some spark to the dry tinder we have for a country
    right now? Yes I’d say so. Will it happen soon? Who the hell
    knows, but it’s like a storm at sea, best batten down the hatches,
    take the action that suits you best as a person who cares about truth,
    freedom, justice and peace and keep your eyes, ears and mouths actively

    Prepping much? Can’t hurt.

    Militia bound?
    Good on you! Just please, keep your personal problems at home,
    don’t look to start anything. Discipline troops! Make them shoot
    first. Make sure that everyone knows we’re the good guys! Please, now
    is not the time to start shooting unless you get shot at. Things are
    turning on a dime. Don’t go down in history as the man (or men and
    women) that fired first and sparked the second American Civil War (Or revolution for that matter).

    don’t want that on your consciences, you don’t want that for a legacy.

    But, if it comes to it, by God, protect yourselves, shoot
    straight and pick your targets. I don’t think any of us are going to
    get out of this without blood on us. Ours or theirs. I just don’t
    see how that’s possible any more.

    That’s the way I see it.

    Peace, freedom, truth, justice
    and never forget…
    was and IS a complete and total INSIDE JOB and a massive COVERUP. And
    that’s what started most of this CRAP. Never let that rest. It is
    what legitimizes everything we do. That and… WACO and… RUBY
    RIDGE… and Oklahoma City Bombing… and… and… and…

    • Thomas Parker

      Quite an impressive word salad, Shorty, it kinda had a beat poetry vibe to it. And then you spoiled it by invocking 9/11.

      • TypicalMoron

        It’d have been much better with a nice vinaigrette.

  • TooLittleTooLate

    I hate to say it BUT, If I were trying to crush the spirit of patriots, I’d wait till they were all there and shoot first and say they did… then, I’d mow them all down with helos and APCs with such force, the govt. would never be challenged again…. the media will call them all crazies and the public still doesn’t even know this is a story.

    Or, they could just set the whole place on fire, burn down the fields, the cows, the farm, the farmer, his family and the supporters….. ( it wouldn’t be the first time )

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m on the side of the rancher. I’m just so jaded, it’s hard for me to keep it in perspective.

    Maybe if enough of them get there then, it gets political… then, they have a small chance of coming back alive.

    • Thomas Parker

      That’s the plan, man. And the pathetically stupid rubes are falling for it. I’m not sure what was decided for the coup d’ grace. I suggesed nerve gas.

    • this parker puke is a fed

      • TypicalMoron

        Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you!


        • Nice name, funny reply. Thanks dude. This fed puke is too obvious.

  • Big Mistake…

  • Thomas Parker

    A couple of maine platoons would pacify the place and probably raise the average population of the country.

  • 30.06
    • flesh and blood ain’t the enemy, it’s the demon spawn infesting the idiots with badges

  • Thomas Parker

    Don’t kill anyone. They are serious about that kinda shit out there.

    • TypicalMoron

      Cowards talk big on the internet. I’m sure Armed to the Teeth equates 300 pounds of pure adipose tissue as armed.

      Don’t worry, he’ll be busy trying to tune his fillings and special hat just right so he’ll get the order to head out West when all of this blows over.

      • gatorman60

        Fought live Combat in Nam so a little turd like you doesnt bother me

        • TypicalMoron

          Sure thing, treasonous scumbag.

  • Sonokar

    This too shall fade… unfortunately.

  • mogambo

    he has used free land for 20 years and never paid. old welfare ass wants to fight over that ? dont help him dummies

    • what would Mogli do? Mobley? you know,the kid from Jungle Book

  • nhr215

    Hahaha, you guys are such idiots. There’s no revolution happening. There is no uprising. I wish there were. The state would send in the national guard and crush the rag tag band of militias in literally 1 day… Ridiculous.

    • Al Bundy wouldn’t give up, no siree,,,he has a Dodge, and Kelly and Bud and Peg to push it. Pass the ketchup/catsup. Hey, i think this cheap box of wine is too old, i want the fresh stuff

    • state might be on Al Bundy’s side, Peg knows the Gubenator, Kelly knows ALL the state politicians, and Bud is the idiot

    • Lucimorland

      The hardest part about that whole fight would be identifying the dead afterward, what with the lack of teeth among these hillbilly traitors.

      • Thomas Parker


  • JUST DEREGISTER,,,,,it removes consent to be governed by these pukes

  • Lucimorland

    LOL you dumbass.

  • Lucimorland

    You sound like a fed.

    • Thomas Parker

      I hope those stupid militia rubes take on the US government. I’d’ll be like Bambi vs. Godzilla.

  • Thomas Parker

    That’s our plan.

  • Thomas Parker

    Yeah, patriots, clog up those phone lines! Quite the sacrifice. I am impresssed.

  • Thomas Parker

    When you going, dude?

  • Thomas Parker

    Besides, there will be lotsa widows you can console and wives you can seduce.

  • Thomas Parker

    Murder is a capital crime in Nevada. Be careful.

  • rmhopper3

    Is this the 19th century …??? Despite good intentions the use of public land by private citizens is not ……about freedom….. it is about the use of public land by private citizens…..for their benefit and assembling militias to oppose a legal action is a criminal activity…..

    • Screw legal, is it lawful for an unauthorized to exist federal fake ‘gov’t’ to do anything

  • tayronachan

    Agree, no sane person wants a revolution or civil war, with all that entails for those fighting, and their families left at home. It would be very bad. At my age I like a meal, and a warm bed to sleep in. There will be none of that if it all flies apart. But, I will stand with those that seek a return to the Constitution as The Law of the Land.

  • VoudeauxChild

    I’d really love to know why it is exactly that people like you suddenly remember the poor downtrodden Injuns when its convenient? Up til now, you probably didn’t give a good GD about Indians – but here you are yammering about “usurpers of the land” Debbie. I’ll tell ya what gal, you pack up and leave first then the rest of us will follow you.

    • Canuck

      Well said.

  • VoudeauxChild

    You know you’ve won when all the other side can do is point out spelling errors.

    • TypicalMoron

      You know you’ve lost when all you can do is point out that your side sucks at spelling.

  • molon_labe

    I fear this will show to be a Pyrrhic victory in time. While the Ranch appears safe for now, once our short attention spans (our society as a whole) forget this, you can count on the Feds to hit that ranch with everything they got at 3 in the morning. Long after everyone has gone. And they will be there for vengeance. You don’t throw egg on the face of our Government and get to watch them just walk away. Our corrupt politicians have very delicate egos. Best believe they will seek revenge.
    While it looks like the Bundy Ranch stands as is for now, keep in mind that the Government learned much off of that situation. Mistakes they are sure not to make again. All those people that showed up (and God bless them for their dedication and courage) you can bet are now at the top of the database in Utah. Emails being dug though with a fine tooth comb. They were able to triangulate radio and cell phone communications (why would they shut it down? That’s stupid. They can get WAY more intelligence value off of leaving them on) to find out who you are talking to. What you are talking about and your exact location.
    What we need to do is give ourselves an honest assessment on what went right. What went wrong and what we can do better. You can bet your red, white and blue hide that the folks in D.C. are going over every last detail. Right down to the drone and satellite images.

    • Perhaps a different roundup is required, a head-’em-off-at-the-pass type . The pass being DC.
      Couple of options:
      1. De-register, remove consent, stop being a registered slave with no rights as a man or woman. Only puke civil rights of a legal ‘person’ they created, which can obviously be trampled on at will by the pukes in pretend gov’t. ( See the Act of 1871, and USA vs usA )
      2. Un-Civil War , the Skynet version, where the North AND the South get droned to pieces.
      There are a lot of psychopaths in uniform who grew up on blow-’em-up videos and eat-’em-up zombies, who are itchin’ to acquire registered voters as targets.

  • feds have no jurisdiction except MAYBE in DC, which IS the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ( Corporation).
    The united ( adjective ) states of America is the actual land that We the People own via birthright, and the supreme law of this land is the Constitution for the united States

    Remember though, the Act of 1871 unlawfully created DC, so the feds don’t really have any authority ANYWHERE

    • TypicalMoron

      Yeah, I watched that youtube video too!


  • TypicalMoron

    Yes, I agree, we should be wholesale slaughtering people who we disagree with politically!


  • TypicalMoron

    Also: Nibiru will be coming in 2012 chock full of Aliens who want all of our gold!

  • Their job description is to enforce the bankruptcy and rake in loot for the banksters . By any means possible. Constitution , to them, is toilet paper.

  • iliad007

    As the US starts shipping soldiers to Ukraine with now all their forces away from America, it will be time to drop 100million Chinese soldiers with boots on the ground to topple the cabal run US government. The US in Ukraine will be slaughtered because Russia with pro-Russian Ukrainians is a formidable force that US will never handle. I can only remember in all history who was a threat to Russia was the Mongols under Genghis Khan. This is the perfect scenario to rid the world of the dark ones. Well, I can dream can’t I?

  • Liam Armstrong

    we want to see americans as one race rising up

    well, im beginning to leave out other non essential projects so that im able to concentrate on projects like this..

    succeed or fail in my projects, im quiting them..

    promised my self i would focus either way…

    • one race? Humanity is the one race, we are not separate from the other humans of this world somehow are we? Don’t think that way, it is fuel for the fire for those that wish to keep us all divided.

      The rest of what you said was rather confusing, and I can’t tell if you are even being serious or on-topic.

      • Liam Armstrong

        ethnicity, whatever!

        read through it a couple of times…

        • even ethnicity is an entirely superficial term to describe americans, seeing as how that term includes all of northern, central, and southern american states (states as in governments).

          I sincerely hope that if any revolution occurs (which would have to occur on a global scale seeing as how the entire economy is dependent on the global banking system and the IMF), that we realize that we can’t segregate ourselves and see ourselves as separate from others for any reason. That is the number one reason that these corrupt governments are able to operate, because they manipulate our fear of the “others” to justify control over every facet of our life.

  • bocacassidy

    Circa 33 years ago , the research institute GLOBE ( Luzern, Switzerland )
    did a depth study of the USA…..prediction ? …unthinkable …Civil
    war within 50 years !… now – not quite as ..”unthinkable ”
    ….slowly but surely , the erstwhile ” Land of the Free” is morphing
    into a police state dictatorship, with every facet of life…and all
    property , controlled , licensed , taxed and subject to the whims of a
    corrupt , bloated , mad dog government that serves itself , protected
    from the citizens by a vast network of police and surveillance systems
    ……Soon it will be similar to the 3rd Reich or the USSR…..

  • gatorman60

    Send troops in to bring these criminals down

  • gatorman60

    They are too ignorant for even Fox News if they aim weapons at federal agent or troops take them down fast

  • gatorman60

    With one right between thier eyes if they aim at federal agents The Bundy family are thieves being protected by armed Vigilantes

  • gatorman60

    Wish you could too they put women and Children out front.Goodbye Moron

  • steve

    Talk is CHEAP. Who will truly organize the fighters needed to over throw our criminal government?
    We need to take the peoples rights to the forefront, NOt with weapons but with a show of unified peoples force. If millions of americans vow to fight the government with FORCE and send those messages to the criminals who allegedly represent their voters the first volley is done
    then a civilized group of intelligent fighters demand the resignation of their US and State Politicians when they refuse as greedy power mongers will, then guerrilla warfare in all fifty states will begin because the criminal politicians at the local state and federal levels will impose new laws violating our rights.

    The Viet Cong defeated our fools in the govt with bunji sticks bows and arrows and dedication to field guerrilla tactics .
    Until an organized massive unified group of patriots can begin to show their guerrilla power talk is cheap and little by little the Criminal US GOvt will crush anyone they suspect right or wrong.
    We have too many arabs in this country now killing americans but the cowards of America would rather thake the crumbs the govts tosses to them then stand up for our constitutional rights.
    We have the right to bear arms because our forefathers KNEW in time Govt would be so corrupted only force to burn down the govt and Rich Man’s missions is the only way to survive.
    I am pro constitution anti corrupt government
    anarchy is a bad thing if it is pointless and disorganized.
    Who can lead the fighters when the time comes?
    those leaders need to stand up now and declare their determination to remove all of those in govt now start at the local level and when Martial law is imposed that will be the time to use the tactics proven to destroy criminal intentions of our govt police and other para-military groups that the criminal life time politicians have been busy forming everywhere.
    they do not have the guts to fight but they will sacrifice many to save their cowardly skins.