Military “Urban Operations Training”: Blacked-out Helicopters Reported in Several Cities

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Military training exercises are being conducted over a wide area of the United States. Phoenix, Los Angeles and Dallas news stations were inundated with calls about blacked-out helicopters flying low over the cities.

In Phoenix eye witnesses said the pilots flew their craft very close to buildings, weaving between them just a few hundred feet above the sidewalks.

The Department of Homeland security is stepping up ‘urban warfare’ training, but it’s unclear at this point if the training is because they fear an attack from outside the country, or if they are practicing these maneuvers so they can control American citizens should the need arise.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Cnsay

    Not surprised. Got a heavy price tag too. More of our money being spent for our good.

    • Not again

      There is no excuse for the US military to train over US cities. They endanger the public for no good reason. US military has bases all over the country where they have built mockups of cities, towns and neighborhoods.

      Likely they are simply using hightech equipment to illegally spy on people. They don’t belong there peeking in people’s windows at night, damn perverts.

  • yeee hawwww

    most people have a strong sense of self preservation.
    Black helicopters
    Well I know inGeorgia when the State patrol was a lookin fer pot fields, som a dem rednecks took a few well placed shots at those birds!
    Self preservation preveiled and the pilots got the hell out of the area.
    Do ya know what a 30.06 can do to one of them alluminum cans?
    Never did catch dem REDNECKS

  • C

    Got news for you-this happened here in my town of 1,500 two or three months ago. The choppers were in pairs, flying about 200 feet elevation, circled over the town and flew directly over my home. Twice. The lead chopper had a red light, the second, a blinking red, the second pass the only light was a solid red. They flew from the west to the east, then several other pairs flew after them, though not circling. May have been September, I don’t recall off hand.

    • C

      Correction-it was fighter jets flying overhead (sorry, need more coffee) and it happened the night of August 15th. Since then we’ve had blacked out choppers do similar, unmarked black choppers fly overhead low and slow a few times.

  • M

    Until recently, I lived near a base that was backed up to a National Forest. We saw this all of the time, mostly UH60 (Blackhawks), sometimes totally dark, no lights at all. You could hear them and you could see the silhouettes against the night sky. During the day, it was 2 to 8 Chinooks i various formation. I have actually had one follow my vehicle down the country road after I got out to take a photo, it followed for a while, really low to the ground. They did this for fun, we thought, just to train. Or just to mess with us out of boredom. They never did care what was going on. I have seen Blackhawks lying through the canyons above the river, had no clue it was there until I crested a hill and it flew up out of the canyon, gave a wave and moved on. But these were all normal training, and generally friendly operations. I have been riding OHV and have seen civilian clothed individuals (with buzz cuts) patrolling the back fire roads, or just sitting there in their vehicles, watching the roads to the back entrances. They have given us a nonchalant or even friendly wave when they saw us. We are obviously not a threat. Local white girls and guys on dirtbikes on ohv trails, no biggie.

    BUT If I saw several blacked out birds in the city, I would NOT be happy whatsoever. That would be threatening to me. Near a base in the forest is one thing. In central LA is quite another. They train in surroundings which best mimic what they are planning for. And IMHO, there have been far too many training sessions in the last few years in US urban environments. It sets my spidey senses off. I mean really, what type of urban environment that mimics LA, Phoenix, Dallas, etc are we thinking about invading overseas?? Exactly, we’re not. It’s for here.

    • ENEMIES on US soil=treason

      Normal training does NOT include following a civilians car AT ALL, in fact this is agaisnt the law! But then again, you Americans don’t seem to have a problem with FOREIGN TROOPS, who ARE YOUR enemy, training with teh US military, which has never been done before, because WHO in their right mind does this…reveals ALL tactics to your enemIES!? Obama is not in his right mind, in fact I don’t beleie it to be his mind at all! Americans are so gullible, which is really putting it very nicely. “M’ you contradicted yourself, first you say blacked out helicopters followed you…no biggie, then you say in your next paragraph “BUT If I saw several blacked out birds in the city, I would NOT be happy whatsoever???? Which supports the naive Americans I speak of! Oh and some of us are 110% sure the invasion that is coming is coming to the US…FOR…WAKE UP AMERICA and gain some brain cells! What you need to understand Americans is that America IS falling, and WHAT IS coming your way, will be here soon, and the longer you allow this FAKE, infiltrated “govn’t” train with your enemies on US soil (which is treason , regarldess of obaminations bogus laws), the better they will be at taking you out, and that won’t be so funny when a blackhawk with a pscyhotic russian or demented chinese is following you, which is probably what “M” saw and guess what “M”, some russian or chinese was pretending to shoot you, because NO sane pilot would have done that, these psycho’s would do it because of heir rulers and what they are being told, sothey have no respect for human life,it’s a big joke to them and apparently yourself….WAKE UP AMERICA and stop being so damn stupid! This is why they are doing it, they know that most Americans are too stupid to figure out what IS TAKING PLACE and too lazy an complacent to do anything about it!

  • anon45

    “if they are practicing these maneuvers so they can control American citizens should the need arise. ”

    We are and will be in a Revolution they are preparing for us.

  • skippy joe

    Just another sign that all people in the US are paying way too much in taxes.

  • LP/OP

    there has been some unusual Blackhawk activity in my area this summer and the day before Thanksgiving we had two C-130’s land at the local airport I’ve never seen C130’s land here in all the years I’ve lived here…. has anyone else noticed out of the ordinary military activities lately?