Migrants Caught Harassing Women, Defecating in Public Swimming Pool

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Several days after a public swimming pool in Bornheim, Germany decided to lift its ban on admitting male migrants, another swimming pool in the city of Zwickau has banned migrants from the premises. Apparently, a group of male refugees went on a disgusting rampage that scared German patrons away from the property, and forced the managers to temporarily close some of their facilities.

According to a leaked internal letter from the Zwickau Town Hall, a total of 8 men were caught on security cameras masturbating in a Jacuzzi, and jeering at the lifeguards as they were kicked out. They were also seen harassing women in a sauna, and at one point tried to force their way into the women’s locker room. Even before the ban was in place, the lifeguards had problems with migrants. The day before this all transpired, migrants that approached the building were told that the pools were out-of-order when women were present.

The leaked report also reveals another incident from earlier this month involving a group of men, guardians, and children who visited a similar public pool nearby. Because they couldn’t swim, they used the children’s pool, and proceeded to contaminate “the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines.” The authenticity of these reports has since been confirmed by the city. The migrants who are staying in Zwickau are expected to be educated about proper behavior towards women in swimwear and the use of public baths, before they will be allowed to use the pools again.

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  • Reverend Draco

    “The migrants who are staying in Zwickau are expected to be educated
    about proper behavior towards women in swimwear and the use of public
    baths, before they will be allowed to use the pools again.”

    Make sure to carve one end of the 2×4 into a comfy handle – it makes “educating” these cretins a bit easier.

    • Relax. It was just a Baby Ruth.

      • Reverend Draco

        +1 Caddyshack.

        • Speaking of Caddyshack, am I the only one that has noticed a resemblance between Bill Murray and Ted Cruz?

          • Reverend Draco

            I guess so – you are the first one I’ve heard mention it. . .

            Now I gotta ask google. . . :/

          • The one scene that recurs in my memory is the loonie biting the head off of the gopher figure…

          • jame watts

            No you are fucking retarded you fagot

          • Ah, a blind bigot with a speech board?
            Or, are you the one that they were betting on whether he would eat the booger or not?

          • Reverend Draco

            Sucker bet – of course he will eat it,

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    • Tew

      I would hope that men who saw this type of behavior occurring would each go and round up their buddies and take care of this. Nothing is going to change if we just sit back and watch it happen, waiting for the Gov. to intercede. If people continue to let their own country be overrun, what is there that would make them take a stand? This goes for the US too.

      • Reverend Draco

        Hoping for the government to fix anything is an exercise in futility. Continually doing so is an exercise in having an IQ hovering around room temperature, Celsius.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    They’re used to shitting in otherwise good water….

  • Tatiana Covington

    Expel them, Germany.

    • Germany is no more. They are a pathetic group of women. Liberal women who have become so inclusive, they find themselves the only ones being excluded. Germans are Poor little girls.

  • Poor Germans. Since the Russians made German men, their women, things haven’t been the same. The German men should just bend over and take it. Like the German women do. They are all weak little people without a nation.

  • Beowulf73

    It would be easier to teach a pig to fly.

    Why mess around with a 2×4 when you can load them up on a boat, send them back across the Med, and kick them in the ass as they are thrown off.

    • Reverend Draco

      Easier to load them on boats after an exuberant application of pine.

  • Nathan Togain

    This is what happens when a stone-age society is brought into modern times. Even animals know not to shit where they eat.

    • Reverend Draco

      I know – we should have left the Christians in the Bronze Age where they belong.

      (Islam postdates the Bronze Age. . . which postdates the Stone Age. Crack a book, cretin)

      • Nathan Togain

        Seems to me the “cretins”, which are supposed guests of a host country are having circle-jerks in a jacuzzi and using a kiddy-pool as a shitter really are worse than the medieval societies you mention. Seems you approve of their behavior which speaks volumes about you. Maybe you could host a few in your place and let them treat it like a cess pool.

        • Reverend Draco

          If you’re going to pretend to be better than someone else – at least be smarter than they are.
          I realize it would take a Hurculean effort on your part to act smarter than these “guests,” but at least give it the ol’ college try?

  • frankw

    What more proof do you need that disparate societies are not compatible and the forced integration by the elite is intended to destroy white western culture. It pains me to see the once proud German culture humiliated this way.

    • sunshine

      Hitler warned everyone of this….

      • And Stalin before him.

        • sunshine

          Did Stalin also warn of this?? I didn’t know…

          • Down through history, dictators and megalomaniacs have been warning about others that they considered more heinous, especially if they thought of themselves as beneficent, as most of them have.

  • whiteberry


  • Dow Jones

    As with France, Sweden,UK…. so goes Germany

    The sadomasochistic burden of “collective German NAZI guilt” displayed by
    the idealistic ignorant Europeon peasantry who refuse to grasp the big picture of how their continent is nothing more than a USSAN military outpost waging global war on humanity (Ramstein drone murder capital) while the German aristocracy milk their Anglozionazi alliance for every cent they can. But wait.. now the USSANS are destroying Volkswagen, outraged by faked “emissions” levels even as Pentacon Kill Inc blows up thousands of imported VWs in the 2015 August attack in the port of Tianjin, China just after VW opened a major factory in Russia against Barry Obomber’s express orders to scuttle the German economy. Didn’t see it on ZDF with comedian Klaus Klebrig and sidekick Gundula Grausam…. can’t be true! What next; will the rotten and decrepit bankster bunker known as Deutsche Bank implode? It’s wobbling nicely right now with stock down 10% as the entire Potemkin Village USSAN “economy” evaporates. Bank on it Germany; agent Merkill has served her purpose and now will be led to the ritual slaughtering as the meat puppet successor of Bank E Moon rubber stamper at the USSA’S United Nations’ disgrace in New York as Germany erupts in the early stages of a civil war…or let’s just call it a Mercan style crime wave and rape spree at the hands of your new “citizens” horny for your wayward daughters
    going about as they are dressed and perfumed for sex as the testosterone
    jihadists’ Wahhabi Mulah in Cologne quipped during “prayer”.

    Fat, comfortable and smug old Germans will keep voting for the trinity of
    banality known as the CDU/CSU and the SPD that have organized this fun “rape game” for their nefarious reasons at least until their pensions are gobbled in the next bankster heist. Germany is now a multi kulti sewer like the UK and USSA; apparently there is no going back without supposedly another one of those “final solutions” and soon Germans will be strangers in their own land as they were in the 1920’s when the money changers reigned supreme. Did Europeons think that they could turn a blind eye to their psychopathic governments raping, pillaging and plundering the entire Middle East alongside their Anglozionazi masters and continue to sell weapons with impunity to every maniac with the cash to buy them and then invite millions of unknown “refugees” and Al CIAduh’s very own ISIS hairy goat zombies into their cities and nothing would happen? When did “refugees” (supposedly fleeing war) consist only of men between the ages of 17 and 50; almost no women and no kids? As he daily boasts, George Soros, the disgustingly evil Pied Piper of Color Coded Carnage and arch terror zionist (the so-called “philanthropist”), is behind all those refugee “smart” phones with their “NSA apps” being proudly wielded by these ISIS sleepers and millions of impoverished Arabs on the rat trail to destroy Rumsfeld’s Old Europe. GLADIO on steroids. Perhaps some will remember when Uncle Fidel kicked
    out the cutthroats, rapists and general dross from Cuba in 1993, sending them packing in boats to sunny Florida; the so-called Mariel boat people, a present for the yanquis who love Cuban terrorists so much they are still protecting them to this day.

    Germans have been betrayed yet again by their German Atlanticist zionist
    aristocracy. You wanted Nord Stream from Gazprom…you get Killer Erdogan’s concentration camp drip fed South Stream, a wave of human misery that will keep on giving in your new ghettos for the next one hundred years and where your grandchildren will not dare to enter…if you manage to produce any grandchildren. Lie back and enjoy it and think of das Vaterland and this wonderful cultural pollination the next time your children are raped and the pigs are nowhere to be seen as the sparks fly and the groping goat herders party Taharrush style at allah’s snackbar. After all it is what your
    aristocracy wants and indeed needs to fill their slum housing and pull the
    levers in their thriving arms factories.

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modeling the Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). Her fashion “statement” should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen as a mark of
    acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new Europeon
    citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive traditions of the
    invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically walk 10 meters
    behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant wives daily seen
    schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their children run riot
    and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    Remember Europeons, if you see some flashing flesh… burka it!

    Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid hornydonkey goat fikking gang banging provocation.

    Fried VW beetle bugs in Tianjin Aug 2015


    5 wise members of the chosen mutt sect help us to understand “the plan” of our elite masters.






    Learning to adapt to our new “citizens” needs while we become extinct like
    the ancient Britons who invited in the ferocious Germanic hordes of Engels and Saxons to save their asses from the local barbarians of the time.


    Taharrush “Arab rape game”

  • I’d just apply bolos made with bowling balls or similarly heavy objects to the offenders. The bodies will be easier to contain than the offenders are.

  • Booted out? Maybe we should just boot out all the criminals, but from what?

  • Reverend Draco

    Niiiice. . .

  • lilred

    I’m so mad those jack a$$es at vice tried to say the video with open gates has been debunked. It is so obvious these migrants are causing so many illegal and disgusting activities. Germany should take a page out of their history books to remedy this problem

  • ahuxley

    “…The migrants who are staying in Zwickau are expected to be educated about proper behavior towards women in swimwear and the use of public baths…”


    Jailed and then Deported sounds more appropriate.

    • Maddog

      Did you mean: Jailed and decapitated?

      • ahuxley

        That works just as well…!

  • Bruce Regael

    So glad I got to see the ancestral homeland a decade ago when only Turks were shitting up the place. Europe will never be the same. Thousands of years flushed down the toilet.

  • James

    Emptying there bows in a Muslim pool were I live would get them far more than kicked out. Like in beat black & blue. This area is 25% Muslim. They do not do that here. So that is not normal. Maybe like here they need there own side area. A place only they go at night. A road of tents in a secluded area. Only know rumor of what goes on there. Never been there it is there area.

  • CarolinaPride

    If you have to teach someone not to jerk off and crap in a public pool, they probably can’t be integrated into civil society.

    • Nexusfast123

      Probably is wrong. More like never.

  • Mike

    These are not migrants, THESE ARE INVADERS.

  • doodaa


  • randy wellman

    might i suggest you use HAND-signals…

  • Underestimated

    I can’t add much to the conversation here. I think users on here are pretty united. Send the barbaric pigs back to the sand and rocks they came from. If they won’t go…end them.

  • Maddog

    I thought fatwa 64 ‘splained the treatment of infidel sex slaves? These shitbags are nothing but fucking animals. That’s not true, my animals act more civilized than mooslum’s even my pig. Even she would never shit in her mud wallow.

  • Rauli Kumpulainen

    they know they are doing but simply do not care

    • Tew

      You’re right about that. They’re doing these things to show their total disdain for western civilization. They are picking on the most vulnerable of our society to prove a point. They think we are all cowards and, our own civil obedience is tying our hands.