Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs

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While Americans in the nearby city of Detroit face life in third world conditions, unable to even afford running water,  the state of Michigan decided to direct its resources towards cracking down on a small food co-op in Standish for having the utter audacity to provide milk, butter, cream and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture must be so proud of their deeds, after they forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of  Hill High Dairy and Jenny Samuelson, the owner of My Family Co-op, to dump out 248 gallons of milk, to break 100 dozen eggs, and to destroy an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter and cheese.

According to a post on the Hill High Dairy page on Facebook, the agents from the MDA stood over the family, watching as the food was destroyed.

100 dozen eggs… Each egg had to be broken. 248 gallons dumped in a sprayer that had to be witnessed by MDA being dumped and sprayed on the field.

Here are pictures of the destruction of this food from Hill High Dairy page – if you’re on Facebook, please go and give them a “like” to show your support.




According to the owners of the dairy, the MDA threatened to arrest the co-op owner, Jenny Samuelson,  for “selling food without a license.” However, the farm is a co-op, where people must buy shares. The MDA, however, said that the co-op contracts were invalid, and therefore, instead of being shared, the food was being sold. Because co-op members had paid for their shares, technically the MDA stole food that belonged not just to the Golimbieski family, but to every single member of that co-op.

One member wrote angrily:

This is such a shame! I paid for these products and this is what happened!!!! They are all criminals!!! Government stealing all our food! I paid just so that Jenny and the farmers didn’t have to carry the burden all on their own!!!! A crying shame. Shame on Michigans Department of Agriculture! Criminals everyone on u!!!!

Looking at the website and Facebook page, all I see are happy, well-treated animals, actually roaming around in fields.  How is it that Michigan approves of the horrific conditions in its state’s factory farms, where animals are tortured, drugged, and crammed into cages for the entirety of their miserable lives, but raising animals humanely and naturally is considered “dangerous”?

What is wrong with the world when REAL farming is treated like a crime and fresh food is treated like the crystal meth?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong – big corporations do not want us to have options. They want a monopoly and they are working hard to destroy our other choices. Big Agri clearly has many good friends in the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Clearly the “Department of Agriculture” really means the “Department of Big Agri”. They aren’t there to support small farmers or people who wish to be self-sufficient. They are there to lock down the market for corporate farms. (Like Dean Foods, who also owns Horizon Organics – read more about the way this company does business – they own up to 90% of the corporate milk business in the state, according to an article on The Complete Patient )

David Gumpert, a raw milk advocate and owner of the site The Complete Patient wrote:

The government-sponsored dump of nearly $5,000 of milk, eggs, butter, and cream from Michigan’s My Family Co-Op yesterday carried a very clear and powerful political message to all Americans: We control your food and we don’t like you buying your food outside the corporate food system. Every now and then, we are going to remind you of what bad children you are being by taking your food and throwing it in the garbage. In fact, we are going to do more than remind you, we are going to completely humiliate you by preventing you from even feeding it to farm animals and instead forcing it to be disposed of in a landfill or dumpster…

…If you think I am exaggerating the intent of what is going on here, ask yourself this question: When was the last time you saw government agents seize and condemn food from a place like Foster Farms or Taco Bell or Del Monte or Kellogg’s or Trade Joe’s when their food has been found to contain pathogens, or made people sick? There’s been not even a suggestion that food at My Family Co-Op contained pathogens or made anyone sick. (Read the rest of Mr. Gumpert’s excellent essay on the subject)

The state of Michigan appears in the news again and again for infringing upon the liberty of its residents to choose what they wish to consume. Recently, they took away the “right to farm” from ordinary people, rescinding a law that had been on the books for years. Before that, Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources destroyed a farmer’s heritage pigs, calling them an “invasive species.”

This horrible visual of a farmer destroying fresh food while an “agent” stands over him to make certain that it’s inedible will stick with me. It’s like a scene from a movie, where the vanquishing enemy goes “scorched earth” on the denizens of the area they have conquered, ruining their crops, stealing their food stores, and most of all, making certain that they know they’ve been defeated.

Except it’s not a movie. It’s life in America. The barbarians are members of the government, and it is our own farms that are under siege.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom.  Daisy is a co-founder of the website Nutritional Anarchy, which focuses on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca

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  • Reverend Draco

    Next time. . . just end the mind-warped criminals and be done with it.

    This shit has to stop.

  • Justin OB

    This is the definition of government tyrrany

    • patriot156


  • Manny Buggers

    Please stop showing the world how stupid and backward ya all can be. A little thought and human consideration is a good thing!

  • ChristianRanger

    Feds, states and yes your local PD are corrupt to the core, all on the $$$ carrot and surrendered their sovereignty.
    Time for the militia to step up locally. A quick call and 5 to 10 member rifle squad is there. The presence of heavily armed Christian men are formidable. The offenders will step down. This is what is has come too. Form small units of Militia in your local community. Be active in your local community helping the poor, needy and sick. Do good. Have a love for life and preserving life. Help one another. Give freely. DEFEND THE HELPLESS as good and honorable Christian Knights. If many many communities thought this way you would see the power of the Elitist globalists waver and feign as 10s of thousand of units across America forming a vest of chainmail as small rings interlinking together. The sum of the parts will equal a greater whole!

  • patriot156

    worst thing we did was to centralise everything this is it’s consequences.
    when we live on the farm and took care of ourselves we had freedom, not anymore. not with supermarkets, and everyone relying on FDA and aggriculture and such. Move back to the farm!

  • johnyng Smith

    I am not an American, but from observing these sorts of behaviour from “government agencies” in your country, it seems to me that the time for complaining and outrage is over. You have Militias which are not controlled by any government but by the people. Use them to protect the people from the lawless actions of so called governments.
    Use Common law processes against anyone who tries to take away your industry , your co-operative. Swear in Common law sheriffs and use them to arrest these representatives of a tyrannical government.
    You have to fight these people on the ground, not in “their” courts which have long since been corrupted away from lawfulness.
    The next time they illegally try to enter your property repel them with your Militias as they did on Bundy’s farm. The time for talking is over.

  • Mr. Blutarsky

    This country is out of control. I love America. I absolutely hate everything about Amerika, which is what we’ve become. Do the people have it in them to demand change? We’ll see.

  • sharonsj

    I belong to a local organic co-op in Pennsylvania and I never heard of this happening here. What the Michigan co-op members should have done was show up en masse and block the MDA by all necessary means. It’s the only way to fight back against the system because you won’t get justice in the courts. P.S. I am a liberal who wants everybody to mind their own business and stay out of mine.

    • Jane Orleans

      I agree with u. Might have been more of a deterrent. Btw…sounds more like u may lean libertarian vs liberal. ? Just a thought.

    • TheM3ATSHI3LD

      If you are within the law then of course this hasn’t happened to you. If you are outside the law, your time will come, as enforcement of the law takes manpower and there is only so much manpower to go around.

      The simple fact is that the co-op was in violation of the law and the law was enforced accordingly. You should be outraged at the lack of enforcement of laws instead of enforcement of the laws as is appropriate.

  • sixhonestservingmen


    Below is a little something emailed to the dairy, that readers may find of interest.


    Email Subject Heading –


    Email Reads –

    WHY THIS –

    28 USC § 3002 – Definitions
    (15) “United States” means—
    (A) a Federal corporation;


    Have the authorities ever been rebutted with the question –

    Can you provide or show ‘factual evidence’ or ‘evidence as facts’, that the code, law or authority you cite applies to me and my personal affairs ?


    To understand ‘where’ your personal affairs operate, including your livelihood, it perhaps is an extremely good idea to find out, by reading the material to be found part way down the source document linked, under the subtitled heading –






    1. If you’re having a little difficulty accepting the principles to be found above, consider that the explanations given, are the only way of accounting for this –


    The Manta.com website includes a database of over 63 million US and foreign companies. That database info is provided by Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B). Manta.com will provide preliminary information on each of these millions of companies for free. If you want more “in-depth” info, there’s a fee.

    Somethin’ Funny’s Goin’ On

    Note – Information may not have been updated for the following

    Department Of Agriculture Michigan –
    Department Of Agriculture Michigan
    A privately held company in Lansing, MI.

    Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

    Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development


    US Agriculture Dept –
    US Agriculture Dept
    A privately held company in Washington, DC.

    United States Department of Agriculture

    United States Department of Agriculture


    United States Environmental Protection Agency –
    United States Environmental Protection Agency
    A privately held company in Washington, DC.

    United States Environmental Protection Agency

    ERA Building

    EPA Contact



    ‘Internal Revenue Service – A privately held company in Washington, DC.

    Categorized under Federal Finance and Taxation.’

    Internal Revenue Service
    1111 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20224

    Business Information –

    Location Type Branch

    State of Incorporation District of Columbia

    SIC Code 9311, Public Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy

    NAICS Code 921130, Public Finance Activities

    Business Categories

    Federal Finance and Taxation in Washington, DC

    Taxation department, government

    Internal Revenue



    Note. It maybe a worthwhile exercise, entering the name of any government body that comes to mind, such as the ‘EPA’, as well as the ‘United States’, or the name of a state, or even the partial phrase, ‘US Department of’, or just the name of a local public agency, be it the police, courts, etc.


    2. Perhaps it’s worth taking a look, once again, at the following, to come to understand why these apparently unusual, but nevertheless common sense, arrangements exist as personally held private corporations in the normal way of doing business, or even in forming relationships with each other or any organization you care to name –


    • whitefeather

      Very Interesting Six!

  • Jean

    The correct solution is to hold the corporations and the politicians accountable.
    This means removing those who are unwilling to be human. Animals don’t get protection under the law. It’s not murder – it’s property damage.
    Until they pay a STEEP price, this will continue – and make no mistake, most of us will do nothing but complain behind a keyboard.
    The enforcers live in our communities. The politicians, too. And the corporate thugs as well.
    Accidents happen….

    And make no mistake, the ultimate plan is for us to be corralled and housed in group homes under martial law, to maximize profits for corps and pols, and minimize costs of the Praetorian guards (cops).
    Don’t wait until they’re knocking on your door: be a little pro-active, especially across county and state lines… And leave the cell phone at home, use older cars, etc. (Older cars don’t have the electronics, so are harder to disable. In future – that will also mean they cannot be TRACKED… Progressive “Safe Driver” monitoring is coming to all cars in real time; see also OnStar, and all GPS systems.)
    It’s going to get ugly; we need to make sure they “pay their fair share” in the misery to come.

  • whitefeather

    Have been digging into this Corporatism for some time now. In fact the first time was in Enviro Management Class. I thought it was odd that Corporations would allow the “Quartering” of Environmentalists into their companies. What I’ve come to understand is; the hippy of yesteryear has went from the “mean streets of protest, to the board seats of govt. colleges, and corps.” They didn’t have to be bigger than 5-10% of the population to gain control, they just had to target the right places to assume control. Know this, the Corps the Social Progressives sought to Regulate, found a Centralized Program from which to rule and control. Time to break them up by what ever means necessary. As a caveat, study; “Home Rule, Smart Growth, Wise Use, Corporatism,” start with Wikipedia and migrate from there. Also check out Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001. Go to Unep org as well

    • sixhonestservingmen

      Whitefeather, the issue of gaining ‘control’ is an interesting one, because paradoxically they never had control and still don’t.

      What they have is our ignorance of not understanding how it is they obtain control.

      It amounts to voluntarily slavery because of a fundamental lack of people knowing and seeing what the nature of a constitution truly is, and how we form relationship with each other.

      Understanding the true nature of any constitution anywhere in the world, can be quickly and simply understood by reading this –

      Political Charters Create Corporate Countries As Fictions

      Further understanding why this should be so, can be simply shown here –


  • sixhonestservingmen

    Once it is understood what the true nature of ‘constitutions’ are as political charters , then corporatism will be understood to have existed since the beginning of time –

    Category:Political charters

    An example of a personally owned corporate country whose principles were received by the American people as well as by people worldwide, is the Magna Carta (Charter).

    We read –

    ‘Middle Templars took the Charter’s principles with them to America in the same years. Five members of Inner or Middle Temple would sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776, seven Middle Templars the American Constitution in 1787. Such links remain strong: the American Ambassador, Chief Justice and Attorney General are all Honorary Benchers of Middle Temple.’




  • Reverend Draco

    Blame them for what?

    Try to be a bit more coherent? Thank you.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Everyone armed… everyone fighting…. everyone free.

  • whitefeather

    Well sixhonestservingmen continual re posting of links won’t get us closer to stopping the injustice. Where do we go from here is the question?
    A bit over a month ago I predicted that 1st) they will give “amnesty for Military Service.” 2nd) Those illegals will need jobs, so Corp America will come home for cheap labor. 3rd) Natural Americans will be shamed for not bein willing to do those Jobs, serve in Millitary, and/or work for slave wages. Check out these 2 links, it’s happening faster than I envisioned.
    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/senate-bill-targets-companies-move-153643932.html Even getting in front, I don’t have a good idea how to stop it. Any ideas?!
    Make sure you look at the yahoo article. They are saving 146 million….That’s about the equivalent of office supplies for a major corp. Since when does tax bills originate in the Senate anyway?

  • Reverend Draco

    Once a person is dead, the time for holding them accountable is over. They need to be held accountable NOW, and if they end up dead thereby – so be it.

  • CT Yankee

    Next time tell them to come back with a warrant! Then contact the press.

  • BambiB

    Comes a time to shoot the oppressors.

    Are we there yet?

  • private contracts trump puke public policy of the foreign corporation called THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, a Godless puke infested swine enclosure with it’s main sewage lagoon called LANSING,


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJnEDT3jsI8 ENJOY STICKING IT TO THE SWILL

    • TheM3ATSHI3LD

      Your inept rantings and hate for all government means that you shouldn’t be protected by the government.

      Please give me your address so I can come torture you, which according to you is perfectly legal for me to do as there is no law you recognize which prevents it, and then let’s see how fast you scream for the government to help you and punish me.

      Shall we put your anti-government convictions to the real test? I bet you that you would drop everything you claim to stand for within 30 seconds of me getting to work on you. If not though, remember that you can’t use the roads to get to the hospital because those are provided by the government you hate.

  • UnknownRider

    Why were the state’s agents allowed to leave alive?

  • UnknownRider

    They want the public eating GMO food, which, according to this article, has been found to cause sterility by the third generation. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-smith/genetically-modified-soy_b_544575.html

  • Steve Bohne

    I want to remind everyone that Michigan government is totally controlled by REPUBLICANS who say they are AGAINST government regulations and interference…unless, of course, it begins to bother their big corporation sponsors. THEN they will jump right in, as you have seen above.


    Seems to me the farm, and this ridiculously biased reporter, need to learn to do things legally in an appropriate manner. You can’t blame enforcement agencies for enforcing the rules and regulations they are charged with enforcing, because you failed to do the right thing in the first place.

    News flash for you, if you weren’t wrong, you wouldn’t have had this problem. Amazing how that works isn’t it?

    • straight to hell with legal, IS IT LAWFUL? Has a breach of the peace occurred? Is there injury, harm or damage to someone or to property?


      • TheM3ATSHI3LD

        There is harm and there is crime when the statutes created for the people, by the people, are violated or blatantly ignored. If you don’t like government, then simply find another country to live in.

        Nobody forces you to continue living here, where you believe the protections afforded to you by the statutes are oppressive and invalid, but you are required to live within those statutes or face the consequences.

        It is called personal responsibility. You have choices and options. You decide to make the choice to continue living here, just like you make the choice to spew ignorance about how terrible statutes are. Try getting a brain and analyzing the situation…

        You can’t arbitrarily allow laws, rules, and regulations to be violated as you see fit. They apply to everyone equally, regardless of people such as yourself crying about how unjust things are and how corporations get away with stuff.

        Guess what? Corporations don’t bitch about something like this to any nutjob who will scream about it, because they accept that they violated the rules and regulations and that consequences are the result of their own failure.

        • your ignorance of history and law is typical of mind-numbed USA INC slaves called voters

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Oh by all means actually put a context to that and show yourself to have a brain that functions on more then pure rhetoric.

            What “ignorance” of history or law has been displayed by my comment?

            I assume my statement that actions outside of the law have consequences is showing ignorance to history?

            Oh I know. You are basing it on me saying laws need to be applied equally and can’t be arbitrarily deemed “ok” to violate based on your opinion.

            Or possibly that you have no support showing corporations to get away with anything, because all you have is no complaints from the corporations and no statistics of verifiable instances of corporations getting away with anything.

            You are a slave to your own mind-numbed paranoia and lack of intellect, but I suppose that is your choice as well. Too bad you can’t understand that your choice will have consequences that you are responsible for bringing upon yourself.

            Your conspiracy theory rantings aren’t even enjoyable to read. Get some real material.

  • it ain’t big brother, it’s the little man behind the curtain we are brain polluted to think has power/authority from the Constitution.

  • USA INC and all it’s [E]STATES are unlawful creations of the Act of 1871. ALL UNLAWFUL entities, ALL ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL , created by traitors and seditionists under the control of international bank gangsters.
    God bless the usA , and to hell with USA INC