Men With Guns Spotted in CA Desert: Terrorists, Gun Enthusiasts, or Something Else?

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On Sunday, police were called to investigate a group of “campers” in California. The men were detained and questioned by local police and FBI. No crime was committed, police said, yet the FBI hinted at investigating further.

A 911 call to the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station reported that “100 shots were heard and 5 to 7 subjects wearing turbans were seen in the area shooting assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns.”

The incident occurred in the area of Deep Creek Hot Springs in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. The men were also heard “chanting,” according to news reports.

According to a police report, a sheriff’s helicopter arrived and located a group of 17 men who were walking away from the creek carrying backpacks and other items. Deputies from Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville Police Stations also responded to the call.

From the police report:

Shortly after deputies arrived to the area the subjects were detained and searched. Several handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun were found during a search of the backpacks and bedding the subjects had been carrying. The subjects were very cooperative and were interviewed. A local FBI agent responded to assist with interviews. A records check of the subjects, their weapons, and their vehicles was completed. The records check revealed none of the subjects had a criminal history or outstanding warrants, the weapons were registered with the Department of Justice except for the rifle, and the vehicles were also registered.

Several hikers were contacted, but none of them witnessed the guns being fired. There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released.

On Monday, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jodi Miller said none of the men “interviewed yesterday were identified as terrorists,”according to the Los Angeles Times. The men were cooperative with the deputies, Miller said.

Speaking of the Los Angeles Times coverage, one commenter posted the following:

Has anyone seen this? It was put up on twitter and imgur and all taken down. Its pictures text messages from someone who was there camping describing what was happening. Link

If you follow that link, it takes you to a cached version of a page that has since been deleted by…someone.

The link to that Imugr page includes text messages that are allegedly from a witness to the incident, and includes photos of the “campers,” including this one (and the one at the top of this article):


Here’s a larger version of the photo at the beginning of this article:

more campers

Could this have simply been a bunch of men on a camping trip who were attempting to exercise their Second Amendment rights?

Or, could it have been some kind of training exercise?

As of now, no additional information has been released or reported, but watch for mainstream media spin…some may present this as “evidence” that more strict gun control laws are needed, while others may say it is reason to increase anti-terrorism measures. Both agendas could end in the same result: less liberty for those of us who mind our own business and own firearms.

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  • ExecutorOffice

    Dear Author, STOP using the word: FIREARMS, it is ‘their’ new name for ARMS, and he who names it owns it. Legal Person or Man? Automobile or Motor Vehicle? Traveler or Driver? Inhabitant or Resident ? State or STATE?
    the evil, corrupt ones, under the leadership of satanic / demonic BAR flies have been outed……. now it’s time to toss them out.

    • roger

      I wish more people would take the time to understand what you just wrote here. Pure laziness is going to be the downfall of this great nation…..

  • bill lopez

    Fwiw – if the rifle was purchased prior to Jan 1st 2014 it wouldn’t have needed to be registered with the CADOJ. Before that stupid law was passed no long gun registration was required.

    So nobody was arrested, no crime was committed and everyone there was on the up and up. Kind of a mixed bunch for terrorists. Sure these guys were from

    • But bill, you’re supposed to turn your brain off and just be scared…

  • OldPoorRichard

    It’s unbelievable that you can be detained with your hands tied behind your back just because somebody called 911 after hearing guns being fired. If they had been ‘detained’ by being asked not to leave while left unrestrained, it wouldn’t make my blood boil so. The one good thing is that the cops didn’t simply shoot all of them preemptively like urban police do.

    The idea that firearms have to have to be registered with the Department of “Justice” is another atrocity, and a third insult is the hint that the SOBs from the FBI might “investigate” anyway even though no illegal activity took place.

    • bill lopez

      Welcome to the NWO

    • Doc Holliday

      They shouldn’t have even stopped them, unless they where suspected of committing a crime.

      • jaguar

        Cops have a right to go and see what these men were up to!!! Don’t be so Naive!! I’m sure they’re terrorists in training!!

        • Doc Holliday

          The cops have zero rights to detain these people! It says right in the article that NO CRIMES WERE COMMITTED. You have no proof that these men are terrorists, you just believe they are. It saddens me to see people like you give up their rights so easily. You are basically welcoming in the police state that’s coming. smh

        • roger


  • mirageseekr

    Where are their turbines? These picture looks like it could just as easily be campers or boarder jumpers, why wasn’t it just last week MSM sent out old film footage trying to claim it was from the most recent “terrorist” attacks. Sounds very CIA fantastical storyline to me. I bet those guys die laughing when they write those scripts.

    • Razedbywolvs

      The picture was taken wile they were searching the turbines for chemical weapons. But it’s pretty obvious that the 12 white dudes were ISIS and the one black guy was there ring leader.

      • mirageseekr

        You were “Razedbywolvs” if you believe “ISIS” is anything other than CIA sponsored terror and theatrics supported by MSM that gets caught in blatant propaganda and lies on a regular basis.

        • I believe that’s exactly what he was implying and making a joke about, I thought it was funny at least.

      • lol

    • jaguar

      The turbines are on the ground.. I’m sure the cops made them take them off, to make sure they were not bidding anything in them…they’re in a heep on the ground if you look!!!

      • roger

        does anyone have a concept of a “turban”???

    • roger

      TURBINES?? maybe hidden in their jet engines.

      • mirageseekr

        Ha ha thanks, was a little tired when I wrote that.

  • straight shooter

    The detainees in the foreground don’t appear to be of Middle Eastern descent. Sounds similar to early reports of the San Bernardino shooters having been white dudes, which of course, then morphed into the infamous Middle Eastern couple with the bionic iPhone narrative we know today.

    This feels to me like just more black-ops Sunday fun where they get to play terrorists, shake up the local PD, scare the townsfolk, get some press, foment more hate and fear, all part of the bigger black-ops destabilization mindfuck agenda.

    • You know it.

    • jaguar

      Wrong!! They do look like middle Easteners !!!

  • James West

    Could you imagine if it were a few white dudes out there doing that just think of the headlines , White Supremacists arrested in high desert for anti government militia training .

    • lol, yeah, when they’re white they’re always nazis or white supremacists…. what a joke.

      • James West

        It is a joke , the off brand folks out there need to sink or swim , cause us nazis and white supremacists are tired of footing the bill for the cradle to the grave state raised babies out there .

  • Broos


  • Frank

    Legal activity called in as “suspicious” by some anti-gun, Socialist state of California Liberal stooge. Were they being unsafe or reckless in their recreational activity? Apparently not, no citations were issued. Did anybody actually ask them what they were doing out there, or was that part of the story conveniently left out? The “turbans” allegedly worn by one or more of the “campers” was probably a bandanna, after all, shooting is hard work.

    • jaguar

      Don’t be so Naive… They are Muslim terrorists out training in the desert!!!!

      • Frank

        I didn’t want to come out and say what my hunch was, but tried to allude to it – given all of the anti-law enforcement sentiment expressed for what little investigation and intrusion the cops did do. To me, it looks like a rag-tag bunch of wanna-be terrorist recruits getting Orientation and Familiarization training with the guns that were present – and can be found during a run-of-the-mill Home Burglary.

  • randy wellman

    it’s not legal to shoot a handgun or rifle in the deep creek area. i suspect this was a bunch of simpleton city dudes out in the desert for a hike or campout, thinking it’s the desert, we can shoot a gun here….others at hotsprings nearby(lots of hippy-type liberals go there) think they are the targets, hearing all those “scary” gunshots…the police are called, and you know the rest…i wouldn’t like hearing gunshots there myself….lesson?….shoot in legal areas

    • jaguar

      They were wearing turbans and chanting and shooting guns!!! They are Muslims!!!!! Duuuuhhh……

      • randy wellman

        soooo, what’s your POINT?,,,,you didn’t know muslims live here in muricuh?…”if there was something to be made of this”, then why aren’t they in jail?…don’t be so closed-minded, you might THINK of some possibilities other than what was in the original story….and I’M not convinced they are all muslims…bottom line is we weren’t there, and we don’t have ALL information needed to form a worthwhile opinion on what went down,,,,or didn’t….a MONKEY can sit at a computer and make impertinent comments, many DO!

  • shadowsofiga

    I hate to be a Kilroy, but something is bothering me about these pics. After zooming in, I’m seeing a multi-ethnic group….South American, Somali skinny, Pakistani/Indian, White (or mixed race). That is such a diverse group….even for CA! Unless….they all just came from a Hillary Clinton rally. Ah, that makes sense now. Nevermind.