Mega Dose of Stupid: Cop Given Knife Found Buried on OJ Simpson’s Property Years Ago Kept It as a Souvenir

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This is so dumb, it’s hard to write about it.

Apparently it’s just coming to light that the LAPD is currently testing a knife found buried on OJ Simpson’s property years ago.

A construction worker on the property found the knife and turned it over to an off-duty cop sometime during 1998 or thereafter. The cop… wait for it… KEPT IT AS A SOUVENIR instead of turning it over as potential evidence in the commission of two still-officially-unsolved murders.

No one knew anything about this knife until… wait for it again… the now retired cop called up a friend at the LAPD recently to ask for the Ron Goldman/Nicole Brown case number so he could engrave it on a special frame he was going to put the knife in to hang it on his wall.

At least that officer was properly outraged and contacted his superiors to force the knife to be turned over. Even the average, casual TV crime show watcher who isn’t a police officer would know such a knife is potential evidence.

The word, ladies and gentlemen, is DUH.

Already the word coming out from those who have seen the knife is that it might have blood residue on it. No one will know anything for sure until the forensics testing is completed, but who knows how much potential DNA evidence was destroyed in the over a decade Mr. Cop over there held on to a knife instead of turning it in for testing immediately after he received it.

So many factors are at play here involving the way this knife was stored all this time. It’s sad that it would actually restore my faith in humanity here if the guy had just been attempting to cover up a crime or something, but that’s not it.

At this point, even if the knife is found to be the murder weapon, Simpson cannot be tried again due to double jeopardy.

Then again, that’s not even the point at this point, is it?

This guy who had the knife was supposed to be a police officer. Shouldn’t there be a modicum of common sense on what to do if someone gives you a knife found buried at one of the most infamous crime scenes of the last part of the 20th century?

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