Mega Dose of Stupid: Cop Given Knife Found Buried on OJ Simpson’s Property Years Ago Kept It as a Souvenir

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This is so dumb, it’s hard to write about it.

Apparently it’s just coming to light that the LAPD is currently testing a knife found buried on OJ Simpson’s property years ago.

A construction worker on the property found the knife and turned it over to an off-duty cop sometime during 1998 or thereafter. The cop… wait for it… KEPT IT AS A SOUVENIR instead of turning it over as potential evidence in the commission of two still-officially-unsolved murders.

No one knew anything about this knife until… wait for it again… the now retired cop called up a friend at the LAPD recently to ask for the Ron Goldman/Nicole Brown case number so he could engrave it on a special frame he was going to put the knife in to hang it on his wall.

At least that officer was properly outraged and contacted his superiors to force the knife to be turned over. Even the average, casual TV crime show watcher who isn’t a police officer would know such a knife is potential evidence.

The word, ladies and gentlemen, is DUH.

Already the word coming out from those who have seen the knife is that it might have blood residue on it. No one will know anything for sure until the forensics testing is completed, but who knows how much potential DNA evidence was destroyed in the over a decade Mr. Cop over there held on to a knife instead of turning it in for testing immediately after he received it.

So many factors are at play here involving the way this knife was stored all this time. It’s sad that it would actually restore my faith in humanity here if the guy had just been attempting to cover up a crime or something, but that’s not it.

At this point, even if the knife is found to be the murder weapon, Simpson cannot be tried again due to double jeopardy.

Then again, that’s not even the point at this point, is it?

This guy who had the knife was supposed to be a police officer. Shouldn’t there be a modicum of common sense on what to do if someone gives you a knife found buried at one of the most infamous crime scenes of the last part of the 20th century?

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  • Broos

    OR, celebrity Coverup COMPLICIT! Happy Kardashians, Angelitos!! FOOLS!!!

    • Police officers are celebrities?

      • Reverend Draco

        In the diseased minds of some, perhaps.

        • Celebrities are only celebrities in the diseased minds of their fan(atic)s.

  • I guess that being sentenced to 33 years for another crime after losing most of everything he’ll ever own isn’t enough punishment for OJ, if a police officer that isn’t being investigated and prosecuted for obstruction of justice gets to walk for that.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    Does this really surprise anyone? Cops are self serving idiots. Un-elected law enforcement has absolutely no business near a crime scene; they are hired exclusively to extort money and protect the money changers.

  • Mike

    the whole world knows he did it, and that he had it covered up because of his status at the time.

  • L Garou

    America, on unreality TV.
    Pretty good timing, what with new O.J. TV show coming soon, eh?
    Here’$ my gue$$ why he did it.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Withholding evidence. Obstruction of Justice. Theft of evidence.
    PIG should get LIFE just for stupidity.

  • James

    He is retired. Such little things of interest can be sold then. They need raid his home to see what else he has to frame & sell in the future. Drugs? Guns? uniforms? You know all those little things that after retiring can make up for lost pay. Then if it is the knife criminal charges and his pension is gone. Not to mention a year or 10 in free housing & food gave to him.

  • John Conner

    Chain of custody was broke long ago this is a worthless story.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Double jeopardy,,, unless your a cattle rancher.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I am the Law!

  • mirageseekr

    How about we call it fake, like it is. Just another distraction from the masonic masters.

  • mirageseekr

    This is why it didn’t add up legally in many ways.



  • Seadonna ann

    Isn’t that considered double jeopardy… He could admit to it on tv and they couldn’t re try him

  • SP_88

    That knife is no longer the evidence that it used to be. It can only be tied to Simpson’s property by the construction worker. The cop who kept it didn’t see it come from Simpson’s property. It was given to him by someone who said it was found there. It’s all hearsay and conjecture.
    The right thing to do would have been to call the police when they found it so it could be confirmed that it indeed came from his property. But the whole thing is a moot point anyway. Simpson cannot be tried for murder a second time no matter what. The knife could have “Property of Mr. Simpson” on one side and “Murder Weapon” engraved on the other side, and it wouldn’t change anything.
    Protection from double jeopardy is our 5th amendment right. There cannot be a second trial for him. Proving that Simpson did it would only save them from wasting time looking for some other murderer. They can’t convict him for it. They tried and lost. Case closed. If someone else did it, they can prosecute them for it. Maybe it will be some poor sap who can’t afford a fancy lawyer and a big defense team to get them off the hook, and they will end up in prison whether they did it or not. That’s how the justice system works in America. Only the poor people are punished for a crime, guilty or not. The wealthy people get away, guilty or not.

  • SP_88

    There will not be a second Simpson trial. That’s double jeopardy, and we are protected against that by our 5th amendment right. Otherwise, what would stop them from having trial after trial after trial of the same person for the same offense until they finally got a conviction? If they could just keep having trials of someone until they finally got a conviction, everyone would end up being guilty. Or they could just have trials against people until they went broke from paying a lawyer to defend them over and over, and even if they were innocent, they would be punished by having to stand trial continuously until they ran out of money and are either found guilty because they can no longer afford a proper defense, or are let go because they have no money and that was the goal.
    So that’s why they can’t try him again. They already had their chance to prove he was guilty and they failed. And just because you think he is guilty, is no reason to upset the whole justice system and remove the protection of double jeopardy from everyone and turn America into a prison. It’s far better that a few guilty people go free than to have courts be able to run people through the system over and over until they are found guilty or until they run out of money and lose everything they have.
    How would you like to be charged with a crime that you didn’t commit, and when you pay a lawyer thousands of dollars and are found not guilty, they say that they are going to have another trial, and now you have to pay your lawyer again, and they find you not guilty again, and they tell you that they believe that you are guilty and they are going to keep having trials, and you are going to have to keep paying your lawyer until they finally get a conviction or until they get tired of prosecuting you? And because you are constantly going to court, you lose your job, and you run out of money and you either have to sell everything you have to pay for the lawyer, or defend yourself and risk being found guilty and going to prison for years. Is that how you think it should be? This is not something that you can do to one person and not everyone else. Once a court sets a precedent, they can use it to prosecute anyone else. Having another trial for Simpson would put everyone else at risk for being abused by the system. Who knows how far they would take it. I’d rather just let him go than give the courts that much power over us.


    This is what diversity gets for your dollar. It has lowered the standards so that the mentally deficient can qualify for the high paying jobs. As a business owner I can tell you that skin color does not give you an advantage. Even education doesnt give you the advantage. I have seen so many in supervision with their degrees in underwater basket weaving that are lucky to find their ass with both hands. Who trained this cop? Or may I ask did he receive any? or was he a rentacop?


    Prosecute the “cop” and whoever were involved in this situation. Murder weapons aren’t personal novelties to be kept…. before, during or after the “investigation”.