Meet the “Professional Agitator” Beaten at Yesterday’s Trump Rally: “I Was Protesting Trump’s Fascism”

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As reported last night, something surreal happened at Trump’s Saturday rally in Arizona: a man who, as part of a group that had donned KKK attire and was occasionally giving out Nazi salutes in attempts to mock and provoke Trump supporters, did just that when he was punched and kicked by none other than a black man while being escorted out of the building. The moment was captured on the photo below which will surely become part of the 2016 presidential race archive.

Who is the protester?

According to a profile by the Arizona Daily Star, his name is Bryan Sanders who describes himself as an indepedent “I’m not a republican, I’m not a democrat”, and in a video interview after he left the rally he said the crowd was like an angry mob. What he ignored to note is that it was him and his fellow protesters who were doing everything all they could to rile up this “angry mob” and provoke them, ostensibly in hope of being attacked – which is precisely what happened. In other words, this group of Trump protesters which seem to follow him from state to state may be nothing more than a group of provocateurs, who do their best to get beaten up in order to stem up anti-Trump sentiment, something Sanders implicitly admits.

This is what he said: “I was protesting Trump’s facism, his racism, his lies, his women-hating,” Bryan Sanders said in an interview with the Arizona Daily Star.  Sanders said he was holding a sign that said “Trump is bad for America.”

“A guy grabbed the sign out of my hand as I was being escorted out of the building and sucker punched me,” he said.  Sanders, who as noted above identified himself as an independent, said he also attended a Bernie Sanders rally the night before.

‘We’re gonna stop this; this is not going to continue,” he said. “If it takes somebody getting punched in the face, that’s what it takes, no problem.” And Sanders will make sure it is  no problem by continuing to provoke the “angry mob” at Trump rallies with everything he’s got.

Meanwhile, Trump himself said earlier today that protesters who’ve dogged his recent presidential campaign appearances should bear some responsibility for violence committed against them by his supporters.

These are professional agitators,” the Republican front-runner said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” “There should be blame there, too.”

As Bloomberg reports, “violence flared again on Saturday when a protester wearing a Confederate flag imprinted with the candidate’s face was struck by a black Trump supporter at a rally in Tucson, Arizona. The Trump partisan was angered by another demonstrator wearing a white sheet over her head in an imitation of a Ku Klux Klan hood. As local authorities attempted to remove the protesters, the supporter kicked the man with the sign three times and punched him once.”

At the time, Trump termed the protester wearing the hood “really disgusting,” saying that agitators at his events were “taking away our First Amendment rights.”

“They’re going to get a little television so their mom can say, ‘Hello,”’ Trump said at the rally. He criticized the demonstrators outside the event “making it so it’s a very narrow passageway” for people to enter. “What’s the purpose?” he said. “I apologize for the people that are coming in.”

The incidents have flared ahead of the March 22 winner-takes-all Arizona Republican primary, which polls show Trump is leading by by more than 10 percentage points over Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Utah also holds its Republican nominating contest that day.

In Sunday’s interview, Trump said he doesn’t “condone violence” but also didn’t condemn the man who kicked and punched the protester. Trump also praised his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who appeared — in a video of a separate incident on Saturday — to have yanked a protester to the ground.

“I give him credit for having spirit,” Trump said of Lewandowski. “He wanted them to take down those horrible profanity-laced signs.” Video of the incident showed the man in the incident was not holding a sign.

Expect increasingly more comparable provocations, either by paid “professional agitators” or otherwise, at Trump rallies, until one day someone gets seriously hurt or dies.

Finally, this is what Trump himself tweeted moments ago:

He does have a valid point.

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  • Jonny rRingworm

    He said it himself, Trump supporters aren’t at Bernie’s rallies acting like fools. But they are the ones at Trumps starting fights.

    • What other purpose could non-supporters have at a political rally? If it were my rally, and I had the financial resources that Trump does, I’d hire plainclothes security to detect agitators and remove them before they could engage in violence. That is why El Al has never been hijacked.

      • Jodie

        All you trump supporters know how to do a sucker punch somebody. You bunch of cowards.

        • When Trump finally stops pulling punches, he won’t be punching suckers. He’ll be punching traitors and liars.

          • Jodie

            Oh, so then he will be punching his supporters.

          • He has never punched anyone outside of pugilism.

    • Jodie

      The guy reached over and sucker punch em it’s right there caught on camera

  • Montana Man

    The guy sounds like an ignorant libtard to me.

    • Jodie

      No trump supporters act like liberals.

      • Since you left out a comma, I am forced to agree with you. No Trump supporters act like liberals.

        • Montana Man

          I’m sure she didn’t overlook it. She couldn’t be that ignorant.

        • Jodie

          I should have added the comma. I didnt mean they don’t act like liberals. They do act like liberals.

          • Now it is time for you to add some specificity about the type of liberal that you are talking about. The men who created our republic were liberals of a totally different kind than we think of today. They were what we call classic liberals today, or libertarians as they are better known to those who know little about what liberals used to be. Since I am a constitutionalist, I could be considered to be a classic liberal, but that is a far sight away from being a contemporary liberal, which is as close to being a communist as being a conservative is to being a fascist.
            Before you persist in abusing people with labels that you appear to lack a clear understanding of, you should take The World’s Smallest Political Quiz at and find out what you are.

      • Montana Man

        That’s really funny. Of course we both know you’re not serious, for if anyone actually believed that he would be ignorant.

  • jaguar

    This idiot looks like a druggy, trailer TRASH.. I’m sure he is being paid..probably his first job in years…you can tell he is low life, low class DOUCHEBAG…

  • Keebler

    “until one day someone gets seriously hurt or dies.” This is what the pretend conservatives are anxiously waiting for. They want people to die just so they can say ‘told you so’, while taking no responsibility for whipping up the professional protesters, and encouraging them to do whatever it takes.

  • Robert Raulerson

    i am glad he got his ass beat and by a black trump supporter

    • Jodie

      Only a coward sucker punch somebody

  • Gil G

    Those poor, non-violent Trump supporters.

    • Reverend Draco

      Really, huh. . . if only the Sanders-supporting fuckwits had as much of a clue.

      Oh, wait – they’re paid shills and if they had as much a clue as Trump’s supporters, they’d lose their yob. . .

    • Jodie

      Yea,alwaus the victims.

  • Reverend Draco

    Tucson Cop: Anti-Trump Protesters “Most Hateful People I’ve Ever Seen”

    (kind of like Gil the Shill)

  • Tatiana Covington

    So I went to the Party rally, and it was much wilder in the outdoors sideshow than anything indoors. Like the circus!

  • SP_88

    Why are these cretins never blamed by the media? Because they are being supported by the media. I’m sure that there is support from the RINO’s, the democrats and George Soros as well.
    I hope it has the same effect on Trump’s supporters as Obama’s anti-gun agenda has on gun sales.