Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Now Be Banned From Owning Guns

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The battle between the federal government and the states on marijuana legalization has been ongoing for years, but now it’s being fought in an arena that most people have never considered. Now the feds are trying to restrict gun ownership for legal users of marijuana.

Five years ago a woman named S. Rowan Wilson tried to buy a firearm in Nevada after she received a medical marijuana card. The purchase was turned down by the gun store, because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and there are federal laws that prevent illegal drug users from buying firearms. That led to a lengthy court battle which concluded this week.

The 9th circuit court decided 3-0, that banning the sale of firearms to a medical marijuana card holder, does not violate the Second Amendment. The court determined that since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and since it can be assumed that anyone possessing a medical card is probably using the drug, they can be prevented from buying a gun.

Senior District Judge Jed Rakoff of the 9th circuit court, explained his ruling by saying that marijuana “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.” So far there’s no word on whether or not the court will prevent gun sales for consumers of alcohol, or any other legalized drug that causes unpredictable behavior.

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  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Thus begins the descent down yet another slippery slope. First, it’s medical pot users. Eventually it’ll be anyone who has ever been convicted of DUI. Then it will be anyone who is taking certain prescribed pharmaceuticals. Then it’ll be anyone over a certain age. Eventually it’ll be anyone who breathes and does not work for the government. Practical leftist politics at its finest.

    • archer

      In Ma. a dui will keep you from getting a ltc, no matter how long ago it was. I don’t know about a fid card for rifles or shotguns.

    • SP_88

      This is the inevitable result of allowing the government to collect and store mass data on everyone and everything. It’s easy to convince the masses that banning guns for this person or that person is reasonable. And once the precedent is set, it’s easy to add things to that list. .
      Getting a DUI wouldn’t be a hard thing to convince people that you shouldn’t have a gun anymore. Then they could add people who take prescription drugs for mental health problems, and any other thing that people do that could be used against them to infringe on their 2nd amendment rights.
      None of this is within the scope of the Constitution. It is all a violation of our rights. The only way the government is able to do these things is by usurping power they don’t have the authority to have.

      • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        “Shall not be infringed.”

        Common sense and reasonable.

        • Rey d’Tutto

          Common sense is using both hands.
          Breathe, Relax, Aim, & Squeeze
          B.R.A.S. is control.

  • Adol Hintner

    It’ll probably be ‘registered’ gun owners. Never register a gun, the Feds know exactly where to go when the confiscating starts.

    • Mike

      They know anyhow if you buy a gun at a gun store. The gun stores are required to keep an A&D book that has who purchased the gun, what type of gun it is and so on. And if the ATF wants a copy of that book the gun shop is required to hand over a copy. So they have a defacto federal registry for guns already and it is ILLEGAL.

      • Adol Hintner

        That’s if you buy it from FFA. Never buy from FFA.

        • Mike


        • EgbertThrockmorton1

          FFA? Future Farmers of America?
          Dang kids in high school sell in’ guns in the hallways! I KNEW there was something fishy about their cool jackets, boots and jeans….

          • Adol Hintner

            Federal Firearms Ass.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Thats perfectly describes John M. Browning.

    • Smarty

      The same holds true for concealed carry “permits”.

  • It’s just one more thing the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that isn’t there.

  • kirkpatrick

    The Baby Boomers and their Reefer Madness brainwashing can’t die off soon enough.

    • You’re not kidding, this stupidity is irritating.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      News Flash, shitferbains – Reefer Madness predates the Boomers by a decade.

      Braindead fuckwits like you can’t die off soon enough, either.

      Get an education, slackjaw.

      • kirkpatrick

        Reefer madness brainwashed the Baby Boomer parents. The Baby Boomers have supported the drug war 100% based on myths about pot. PS – you know you are losing the argument when you resort to name calling-

  • Mike

    To the lady who got denied. Go buy a black powder revolver. Then go online and buy a conversion cylinder. No background check needed and perfectly legal. Have a nice day and give the feds the middle finger.

    • Lynseyjbailey3

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  • Dan Morgan

    Well that makes perfect sense, because stoner’s are always shooting up malls, restaurant’s, gay bars, and the workplace………..

    • Stop mass shootings by stoners!

      • Rey d’Tutto

        This is a stickup! Gimme yer Twinkies!

  • Yeah because we all know that cannabis users are well known for getting high and then gunning people down, makes total sense! :-/

  • G’ma G

    The 9th circuits opinion exposes the level of corruption in our justice system. Did you catch that their decision to violate the second amendment is based on nothing but a presumption? This subversion of the people’s Supreme Law of the Land is treasonous.

    • g.johnon

      an assumption with zero foundation. a totally false assumption.
      these judges are so much more dangerous than guns.

  • g.johnon

    3 more treasonous judges for the hangman’s list.

  • Czajk

    Sheesh, what will they do if they find out you bought a case of beer? I’ve found cannabis users pretty intelligent and peaceful, but know many angry drunks!

    • SP_88

      I’ve seen plenty of drunk people beating the crap out of each other, but I’ve never seen people who were stoned fighting with each other. People who use marijuana are pretty mellow and they don’t usually behave like drunk people do.
      And it’s pretty common for people to get “drunk muscles” or “courage in a can” and then go start a fight with someone. These things are common knowledge. And it’s also common knowledge that people who are stoned are just the opposite.
      This is just another example of how backwards these things are. Decisions about things like this are not made using common sense or rational thought, but rather by who makes money from it or who benefits from it.
      It seems like any industry that makes a lot of money is able to keep the “competition” from getting a foothold in the marketplace.
      Big pharma keeps medical marijuana from getting a big piece of the action by using the anti-marijuana laws against them. And the alcohol industry keeps recreational marijuana use from becoming a big industry by using the war on drugs against them.
      People who think that these things are being done with reasonable and rational thought are sadly mistaken. Marijuana is being suppressed to protect the profits of large industries. Nothing more.

  • SP_88

    Where in the 2nd amendment, or anywhere else in the Constitution does it say anything about marijuana use? It doesn’t. These laws are clearly unConstitutional. And these judges are in violation of the Constitution.
    It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

    • kirkpatrick

      The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. You can bet the Constitution didn’t make hemp illegal or say people who used hemp couldn’t have a gun.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    In related news. . . raging alcoholics still able to buy guns legally.

  • ahuxley

    Meanwhile, the drugged, alcoholic, socioopathic and psychopathic elite “allow” themselves to hold their filthy fingers only inches away from the triggers of WMDs so terrible that the unleashing of a mere fraction of them will destroy the global biosphere for many millennia.

  • Nod Nostrebor

    Take their drivers licenses away too.

    There is a group of people who use pot. If we put them all on a list, a subset list within that group includes users of all the other illegal drugs. That’s the truth every pothead knows is undeniable fact. It’s called the growth of the drug culture.

    You potheads are being duped into thinking smoking pot is innocuous.

    Marijuana is a narcotic drug. Potheads “love” marijuana in a narcotic sense. They “love” coughing their guts out, having their eyes turn red and water, and the euphoric rush is the reward for such idiocy. Woo-hoo, crap for brains!

    The whole medical marijuana and legalize marijuana thing is just something thought up by a bunch of greedy Democrats, to make money off selling dope to the kids. Tax it! Holy crap, what clueless dunces.

    Is there something I’ve missed? I don’t think so. The dope thing is being pushed on you fools by a rapacious commercial sector, from marijuana, meth, bath salts, Flakka , alcohol, tobacco and back again.

    If your life is worth nothing, raise your hand, surrender you right to bear arms and your right to drive a motor vehicle, and then, be my guest.

    The rest of you, smarten up, you stinking doped-up morons.