Media reports 23 Americans killed by terrorists bombing a plane; Obama grabs a burger

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Just wow.

Want more proof we’re living in The Matrix, America? Check out our president. The guy can’t even muster up the effort to PRETEND anymore.

Media outlets everywhere yesterday were reporting that a Malaysian passenger flight was shot down by a missile over war-torn Ukraine, and the Ukrainian president called it an act of terror. Reportedly, 23 Americans were on that flight and there were no survivors.

So what did Obama do? How did he react to the news?

Well, we know what he didn’t do — and that’s cancel his burger photo op. See video below.

And here I thought he said he wouldn’t go visit the border as this immigration crisis continues to unfold — while he was already here in Texas, by the way — because he wasn’t interested in photo ops…

Oh that’s right. He did say that.

Story source: Twitchy

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  • Manny Buggers

    He knows he’s done and he’s got to find that well financed rock to hide under….and I’m sure he had something to do with this, as do most of the “players”!

  • Hammerun

    At this point, “what difference does it make”.
    They’ll just use the dead like a commodity or a bargaining chip.
    What the hell does he care, he didn’t know them. Fuck it, I’m hungry.

  • Justin OB

    Hes nothing more than a waterboy for the globalists who are destroying the country and creating misery all over the world

    • Rick E.

      Naw, he’s a gatorade boy, as he’s too prissy and elite for plain old water!

  • LibertyMonger

    Only one American. Good thing you didn’t them huh? What a tool.

  • Reverend Draco

    Oh, come on! Do you really expect Duh Prez to feign concern on an empty stomach? Fake outrage burns a lot of calories. . .

  • coalburner9

    The plane shootdown was either an intentional part of the economic War to, save the dollar/delay its fall, or a convenient accident. I don’t believe Russia wanted it to happen. But the short sighted or resigned to dollar failure elites of the US power neo-libs and bankster gangs and the Euro-bankster criminal elites are dancing with glee, one way or another. Germany(as in Deutch, Dutch relatives) is three times pissed at us, accident or not they will never trust us for hundreds of years as they turn to join the Euro-Asian Trade alliance with Saudi Arabia also extremely pissed at us for steeling their gold. Russia wins in the end even if this slows their progress.
    All resulting to destroy our dollar and way of life. We are being transformed to a third world country as Obama promised.