Media Manipulation: Father of Sandy Hook Victim Asks ‘Read the Card?’ Seconds Before Press Conference

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By Alex Thomas

In the week following the horrific mass shooting that left 20 children dead at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, independent minded journalists and researchers have continued to search for answers to what has become one of the worst mass shootings in American history.

From reports of multiples shooters, to the fact that the corporate media, in conjunction with the government, has launched a full-scale attack on the 2nd amendment in response to the shootings, the facts behind the shooting have led many to believe that this was some sort of black ops type false flag initiated and carried out with the long-term goal of disarming the American people.

Now, a startling video is making the rounds that seems to indicate that either there was some sort of media or government manipulation at a press conference for the victims families or, although less likely, actors are being used in what would be one of the most blatant false flags in recent history.

In the video, Robbie Parker, the father of slain 6-year-old Emily Parker, can be seen smiling and laughing before asking someone if he should, “read off the card.”

What is unknown at this time is what the above clip actually means although it does seem very suspicious and, at the very least, shows some sort of media manipulation.

In a report published on the Huffinton Post, the father was described as,” Fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath,” during a the heart felt press conference.

Robbie Parker’s daughter Emilie was among the 20 children who died Friday in the one of the worst attacks on schoolchildren in U.S. history. He was one of the first parents to speak publicly about their loss.

“She was beautiful. She was blond. She was always smiling,” he said.

Parker spoke to reporters not long after police released the names and ages of the victims, a simple document that told a horrifying story of loss.

An article published along side the above clip on noted how odd it actually was.

As unexplained factors in the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting continue to surface, independent researchers have pointed to an odd clip where Robbie Parker, father of slain 6-year-old Emilie Parker, asks if he should read off of a card, and is told that he should, during a press conference that took place the day after Friday’s shooting.


Is the establishment media trying to steer the victims’ reactions?

As of now there is simply no way to conclusively tell what was exactly going on during the press conference and it is very possible that the corporate media was simply coaching a grieving father who was dealing with the horror of losing his child in a way many of us couldn’t begin to understand without suffering a similar lose ourselves.

With that being said, something odd definitely took place.

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  • PB

    I think you are over-thinking it. That is what I think.

    • freepalestine

      Getting the disinfo out as usual i see.

      JIDF must be working overtime now.

      How much do they pay you, huh?

    • Dnpost

      You are what is known in the biz as a Dumb Ass…….

  • ManCavePatriot

    I was watching the news and another family was being interviewed [ I can’t recall their name]. But I felt uncomfortable watching their reaction to questions. They seemed almost giddy talking about their slain daughter who had exhibited a true artistic talent. I blew it off as people under EXTREME duress, or perhaps meds.

  • michaela

    I’ve thought this whole thing odd from the beginning. Too many connections and false leads.

    Robbie Parker did not look like a grieving father to me in this clip. His smile did not looked forced.
    What I saw was a man getting ready for a performance.

    He was getting into character, a technique I’ve employed myself before performing.


    I beleive this and the CO shootings were the result of
    MK-ULTRA whether thru Military Video Games or a BLK OPS mission was deployed for the very reasons stated.The Dis-Arming of America…Again- reports of “multiple” shooters at both scenes were reported. Military hardware and uniforms were present. In this case (CONN) the second suspect was found in nearby woods in BDU’s or ACU’s…..This scenerio played out- at both incidents- were too organized and highly sophisticated. Not the work of Kids with guns who were pissed off at the world….

  • Freedomfighter

    The man is obviously getting into to “character,” I mean watch the video, it’s clear as day! He was joking around, and smiling, then after he asked about reading of the card, he automatically starts breathing, and getting hisself ready for his performance. Our government is so evil! I believe we are on the brink of fighting (literally) for our liberty. When will we stand up, and fight evil?

    • spencerlighti

      Is robbie parker brian, from the call to art bell 2 yesrz ago about area 51 he works at? Or was it another reverse psychology trick becausr he made the shoe go down. Spotterrf snd serco

  • Rick25

    I see you like my video I sent you DS. Only thing is no kids were actually harmed it was a staged act. Thats what I wrote to you in email.

  • Steve

    Having professionally dealt with victims and the families of shootings, this is a shuck and jive show put on by an absolutely corrupt government. Having been to more than one homicide, and numerous suicides where family members have found the body, or I had to assist in the informing family members, I can tell you no one was laughing, smiling or wanting to talk. Major false flag, and if this pos government isn’t careful they may get the unrest they have wanted, and when they do it will not bode well for them.

    • chris martel

      Steve, you hit the nail on the head, noone, and I mean noone who has just lost their child is going to be laughing and joking, they will have all they can do to keep from falling apart. I also read where the government wants to ram through gun control before this wound heals, this is a page out Mein Kampf, it is all planned. No I am not a tin foil wearing weirdo, I stopped watching tv about six months ago and I am now seeing, clearly, how manipulative the media have become. Josef Goebbels would be ecstatic to have such willing and complicit agents such as the MSM has become, they are pitting us one against another, and we are letting it happen.

      • IdahoConstitutionist

        Read that and see what you think.

        It doesn’t surprise me in the least that these shootings are happening. There’s been fishy goings on with all of them.

        Neither did NObama winning the election…I told several people in Sept, that if the gov’t could confuse the people about Benghazi, he was already the elected President and it wouldn’t matter who I voted for.

        I agree with you Chris, the conservatives are too fragmented to come together to do anything to save us.

    • tayronachan

      I pray you are wrong.

  • seektruth319

    He said: “ready to start?” Its articles like this that make us consumers of alternative news look like a**holes.

    • Freedomfighter

      Even if he did say “Ready to start? ” you cannot deny the fact that he was getting into character….

    • Cecccc

      I agree, he definitely says ready to start and to be fair, it looks like a bit of a nervous laugh to me?

  • larsolfen

    The government perpetrated Fast & Furious, it didn’t work. What’s to stop the government from perpetrating this?

  • Locus

    I find it disturbing that there are so many (few but still too much) who are ready to jump in and claim that things like this did not happen at all, no one died and the event itself was staged. Such as that no kids died. They go off on the most ridiculous and extreme aspects of MK-ULTRA and it really sounds inhuman and awful. And schitzo to boot.

    Whether they are basement-dwelling weirdoes or paid shill sock puppets to kookify debate forums… I just wish they would stop.

    It’s the 9/11 no-planers all over again. Everything bad that happened did not happen, it’s all a dream, yeah right.

    Pisses me off.

    • GEEIJO

      did not say anything about it not happening. Its HOW it happened and WHY that are not what is being presented in the media truthfully.I myself have been on numerous major crime incidents.The circumstances that are being reported do not make sense in real world atrocities.The media reports are contradicting, as with this video here- its not a proper response from a father who just had a child blown away.Reports said in both cases,CONN and CO there were 2 shooters at both scenes…In CO the arrestee was found in his street clothes sitting in a car waiting for police. While witnesses said there were 2 men in full Black Swat gear with masks and body armour.They said shots and gernades came from both sides of theatre..The men were reported in Military attire in the CONN shootings.The subject found in nearby woods dressed in Military gear was not heard of nor mentioned again…The suspect in custody is claimed to be autistic. He was 20yrs old.This was a very sophisticated shooting and quite thorough.The weapon types keep changing.The weapon systems were the same as CO…Personally if you want to buy into the cheeze, feel free to take a bite…

      • Anonymous

        Can you please translate CONN and CO, as I’m from the UK.

        • CONN = the state of Connecticut, on the East Coast, where the school shooting took place.

          CO = the state of Colorado, in the Southwest, where the Aurora theater shooting during the Batman premiere took place.


      • Locus

        Sorry friend if that comment seemed directed at you, on second read it’s clear that I stirred an inappropriate amount of sentiment and judgement into it. I will try to explain better.

        Lacking real local networking, having trusted friends at the scene we are all pretty much helpless when it comes down to fact gathering. We must rely on posted news sources who have taken the buzz from the crowd and gone to press with it. The apparent contradictions among early reports should not be taken straight out as evidence that a coverup is in progress without a great deal of analysis and weighing of possibilities.

        I cannot let myself dwell too deeply and quickly on false flag possibilities and neither can you. How can one observe that corporate news consistently slants reporting and obscures facts for big issues, yet take them on faith for all the small details? Humans are fallible and their main weakness is rushing to repeat what they have been told, but also injecting bias and insinuations in real time.

        Thus we have a man apprehended in the woods, handcuffed, camo pants and dark jacket. Directly stokes ‘second shooter’ theories. Yet camo is standard winter wear, (apparently) the man’s name was heard over police radio and he was a distraught father attempting to sneak into the school. Something I would have done. In the early minutes it would be impossible for police to have covered the woods completely, so I agree with the assertion that he was circling the building after police arrived. Fits the MO of a Dad not a second shooter so I have tossed that person of interest out.

        What are we left with? Some confusion where the .223 rifle was, though police say .223 bullets did (mast, all?) of the killing. For me this is an open topic to watch. Though a homicidal asshole who played lots of violent video games would naturally favor such a weapon over a handgun.

        Remarks by or emotional state of parents at press conferences is completely irrelevant to me. I know that people have varying and sometimes surreal reactions to stress, including hysterical laughter (indicates denial stage of grieving). Not just possible but likely that network news would take the time to interview and take notes, from those notes even prepare cue cards for someone they suspect might just freeze when put on camera. Yes, even in a situation where having them freeze speechless would be the best and most honest thing to do, network news tends to be overstaffed with pushy busybodies who callously try to script life. As a result of this interference, subjects on camera will give off weird signals. The father asks “Shall I read?” on camera while looking at the busybody who has just ruined his moment and derailed his train of thought by over-preparing him.

        LIBOR connection is a dud, now the press is going after the mother too. This 20-year old man, who lived rent-free under affluent (though perhaps somewhat eccentric) conditions in a nice house, and was a voluntary recluse who chose to play violent video games… murdered the owner of the guns then went on a suicidal spree of violence with them. A young man who until four years ago (when he was 16) had been raised by two parents with an older brother…

        And the press is descending on his mother/gun owner/murder victim with both boots, insinuating deviant behavior regards ‘prepping’ (If I had the money you can be SURE that’s what I’d be doing with it!) and by giving whiny neighbors 10 seconds of fame. I wonder if these ‘other’ neighbors who make such a point that she did not invite them into her home are incensed to read their quotes placed into this context.

        Why do I get the idea that if the young man had murdered a police officer father to obtain same said guns, the press’s tone would be very different. It seems we are in the middle ages again where a woman living alone (this kid does not seem like good company or any company at all) with cats (or her stored food water and guns, her own possessions, what’s the difference) is suspected of witchcraft.

        • GEEIJO

          thank you for your response. You are well written and well read. I will continue to watch and gather info. as I said in below statement- some major facts and time lines do not add up. but I will let the dust settle a bit, before reaching out for another answer.

  • x

    criminal nwo illuminati. geo engineered hurricane sandy took a “hook” left and slammed into ny. sandy hook is also referenced in the batman movie as”we gotta take that out” you tube it. sandy also means “defender of mankind” yea, their kind. because people are waking up! these bastards hide their agenda and themselves in plain sight

  • snowmover

    Why he was smiling is strange, but he asks ” ready to start ” like seektruth said, not “read off the card”
    stop the bull sht. We want the truth

  • tayronachan

    “the facts behind the shooting have led many to believe that this was some sort of black ops type false flag…” Before the Iraq war, I would have said you were crazy, that no one could have a heart that black. Now…….

  • Ben

    In my opinion the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged psyop complete with actors and a complicit media. Watching the interviews almost no one who supposedly lost a kid or teacher can muster up even a tear. Its as if they are just reading their lines just like Robbie Parker did. Now seeing all the gun control demands from the media we know the motive as well. What also bothers me is all these actors can have a conscience to even participate in this fakery. Maybe they are all psychopaths.

    • GEEIJO

      copied from the site…Officials reported live from the scene that ALL victims had been shot by the “long rifle”…Hmmmmmm

      A late night video shows police destroying forensic evidence when they handle and eject rounds from a loaded firearm located inside the trunk of a car that was presumably driven to the scene by murder suspect, Adam Lanza.

      If the AR-15 remained in the car, as reported by federal and State authorities, it could not have been used as the murder weapon. If the firearm found in the car was not a Bushmaster AR-15 we must consider that this assault rifle, allegedly owned by Lanza’s mother, was never at the crime scene.

      If .223 bullet casings were found in the school how did authorities know for sure they were fired from a Bushmaster AR-15 if the gun discovered in the trunk was a shotgun? More baffling is that the car trunk was opened hours after authorities had already confirmed they found a Bushmaster AR-15 in the car.

      If .223 shells were found at the scene who else could have been firing an assault weapon inside the school?

  • Steve

    Each and every one of you grieve in a different way. You can speculate what he is saying but it’s not clear. He may be saying this is gonna be hard, or he could be saying I like my bread hard, matter of fact I don’t care what he said, he lost a child. I could never imagine being in his shoes ever! The news station should be ashamed of them selfs.

  • summersquash

    Remember the liberals’ guiding credo: Never let a crisis (or disaster) go to waste.

    I’m not saying they caused this to happen, but once it did they intend to milk it for all it’s worth.

  • Felix Barre

    even the sheeple are catching on now. thats how bad their fucking up these operations. damage control won’t stop the bleeding on this one. we aren’t breaking gun sale numbers just cause we think the assault weapons ban is coming back. we all know their gonna pop the cork on some all out flip mode civil war type shit soon.

  • Anonymous

    Shitballs that’s crazy!

  • Anonymous

    This stinks of psy-op all the way.

  • barry1817

    If a person is going to be asked questions then there is no need for cards to craft a response.
    If the person was going to give brief interview, and the actions involve him personally, having cards to read, takes away from the moment.

    But the bigger problem, to me, seems a simple one to me, people looking for a thinking that they need a moment in the spotlight.

    And can some one explain how much information has to be gathered from a crime scene which had one shooter, dead at the site. To me it just seems overkill in that regard, being somewhat simple, person killed people, he was killed, what else is needed at the crime scene.

  • John

    I will give you that he could be laughing and smiling as being overwhelmed with the lights and the camera for the first time even in this tragic situation. What does not make sense is his question, “Read off the card?”. That is a smoking gun that this is scripted. This is likely a false flag operation in which no children were actually killed.

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt that this was a false flag and this guy is an actor, but I don’t hear him saying “read off the card”. I hear “Start” at the end of his smiling intro. It’s sad that they will get away with this. People are too dumb… they don’t want to invest time to connect the dots or investigate holes. Even if you show people these holes they still don’t care enough to really get involved and spread the word. Or they’re just too scared to think that shit like this goes on. The only way you would open their eyes is if they saw it on the mainstream news. If only there was one media outlet not controlled and corrupted that would expose all of this shit. I get depressed when you try and educate people and they just look the other way. I refuse to be a HSEEP

  • Mel

    Check out the video with Obama and the Sandy Hook Parker family. … Guess who comes waltzing out to stand next to the President when he calls for the Parker girls?? … EMILY Parker — you know, the girl that is supposed to be dead…. and the Parker family along with United Way (who created a donation page Dec 11 giving condolences to the Sandy Hook Elem families…. 3 days BEFORE the actual shooting takes place) … These people are milking you all for all your heartstrings have. …. I have lost all respect for the United Way after seeing the evidence. and, I’m sorry, but IF these ARE Marine’s on a mission, they have sold their souls to the devil a thousandfold. They are not worthy of any medals whatsoever, although I’m sure they’ll get them for obeying orders. … Don’t let the trollers (you know who you are) side-step the issue in order to downplay the role the govt has had in all of these. … do the research, check the dates on the creation of the United Way pages… check out the pics of the girl on the Parker page to the girl standing next to Obama for his staged photo-op….

  • sunshine101

    Does anyone remember the interview of the parents laughing and joking about how they had written and drew pictures all over their daughters coffin?
    My parents lost my brother at 14 and many years later were still devastated. Seems that everyone in this town has dry cheek syndrome. This is SICK !!!
    And what’s up with one “mom” playing the part of a grieving parent and in other pics, she is the ‘dark knights’ attorney?
    ….another sign of the times people…

  • Heres whats the weirdest part.One of the parents gave Anderson Cooper a drawing their daughter did and Anderson showed it on CNN.It was a frickin owl??? Just like their bohemian worship idol that they sacrifice children too.We all know plain and well they love their owl!! That was enough.Not to mention the same Mom had a triangle or a weird symbol on her neck in another clip too laughing and smiling.