Why The “War on Police” Is a Complete Sham

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Believe it or not, the power of the mainstream media doesn’t just reside in their ability to lie. While they’re known to publish falsehoods on a regular basis, that’s not really their strong suit. Their propaganda reaches its highest potency when they tell the truth. All they have to do obsess over a real news story, over and over again, until they’ve convinced you that this event represents a dangerous new trend.

That seems to be the case with the supposed ‘war on police’ that is all the rage in the media these days, especially on Fox News. Every time a police officer is killed, they will talk about the incident for days on end. In fact, they’ve had more stories on police deaths this year than the previous 4 years combined. Other news stations like ABC and CBS have similar numbers. Meanwhile, the number of police officers who are actually killed on a yearly basis is plummeting.

Actual incidences of fatal violence against police officers perpetrated by civilians, however, have not been on the rise. Data on police officer deaths compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund shows that the year since Michael Brown’s death has not been especially dangerous for police officers, at least when it comes to the danger of being maliciously attacked by another person. According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund’s data, in the year following Brown’s death, 43 police officers were shot and killed, which is significantly less than the average of 54 police officer shooting per year over the last 10 years. Looking back even further, policing is much safer now than any time in the last 45 years.

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The impression that civilians are targeting officers, then, is a reflection of media coverage, not reality. This is a phenomenon called agenda setting, a process by which the media put an item on the public agenda.

What’s particularly troubling here is not necessarily that the media has put police killings by civilians on the agenda, but that they have failed to do so when it was. Many more officers were being killed in the line of duty in 2011, the most lethal year for police officers over the last 10 years, and yet the news media gave scant attention to their deaths.

And 2015 is shaping up to be another uneventful year. If current trends hold, this year will likely have one of the lowest police murder rates in decades. And these statistics aren’t just being caused by better medical technology or the proliferation of bulletproof vests. Assaults against police officers are also falling. And all of this is happening despite the fact that in many of our major cities, overall violence is exploding.

And while this media fear mongering has convinced 58% of Americans that there is a war on police, they conveniently ignore the fact that police on citizen violence is off the charts. By September 1st of this year, only 25 cops had been killed by violence, while 776 people had been killed by the police, 161 of who were unarmed. More police officers are killed in traffic accidents than at the hands of malicious citizens.

So forget about this ‘war on police’ nonsense. At best, it is a media charade designed to drum up more ratings. At worst, the propaganda arm of our government is desperately trying to spark a civil war in this country to justify our police state. So don’t believe the lies, even when they’re being cloaked by a few real stories.

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  • YeahRightOkay

    …but you have to look at the percentage…25 cops killed is a huge number for such a small community…whereas 776 is a puny number compared to the US population…so yes…there is a ‘war on cops’…these percentages prove it…

    …//sarc off…

    • cmb

      as there should be

      • tanaberrys .

        Really? That’s an extremely ignorant comment…

        • cmb

          Really? How so?

    • Ray Jones

      take a look at my post above

      • YeahRightOkay

        …yup…except when you were a teen and just got his drivers license…to match his ‘new’ (old) 1959 Fiat…and forgot to turn the headlights on after work…

        …my buddy and I were shaking in our boots…not knowing what I did since we just left work…he walked up to my side…looking all mean and mad seeing how we were shaking…then he put a massive smile on his face and said ‘you know you forgot to turn your headlights on, be careful next time’…

        …yup…they were not aholes back then…and where I worked (McDonalds)…we gave them free food…with a big smile on our face and a big thank you…

    • jwclark

      One unjustified death of a citizen that the police are supposed to protect and serve by a police officer or officers who are protected by and enjoy a double standard. This is terrible.
      Then multiply this by hundreds each year since time out of mind and no adequate way for the people to seek redress of grievance.
      Looked at this way your comment is all numbers with no flesh and/or blood attached to them and, insofar, is meaningless.

      • YeahRightOkay

        …and it was sarcasm too…guess you didn’t see that last line…

        • jwclark

          I saw it at the beginning, but given the stupid and dangerous nonsense one finds in these comment sections, frankly I wan not sure. I enjoy nonsense as a form of humor but I was not sure about yours. But glad to find out it was tongue-in-cheek. JWC

          • YeahRightOkay

            …I always put ‘//sarc off’ on any post that I am being sarcastic about…and this was one…lesson learned for both of us…have a good one JWC…and there is no sarcasm on that…!!!

          • jwclark

            Got it. JWC

  • Mark

    Same trick with gun control. Even though rates of murder and other violence have generally fallen since the 1990’s, the media trumpets every sensational gun incident, real or fake, to promote their CONTROL agenda.

  • Mr Gadget

    Even with the lower numbers, obozo and his race baiting WH free rent couch lizard, sharpton, have the blood of several police officers on their filthy hands.

  • Just restore the Republic, remove all lawyers from office and as united States citizens as per the original 13th amendment. Get Constitutional and remove the constipation – freedom plugged up by lawyers

    • Dan Morgan

      I like the “Shakespeare solution” to the lawyer problem.

      • Jas

        I always add ‘shark infested’ in front of ‘sea’ to his comment.

      • it’s too quick

  • Infidel51

    Justification for the police state. The military industrial conflicts middle east cash cows are winding down and they need a new one. Why not here?

    • Dan Morgan

      Good point

  • cmb

    the only way to deal with municipal revenue generators is violence … man up cowards

    • Dan Morgan

      Nice try. You sound like a fedgov troll attempting to incite violence in order to discredit the Liberty movement.

      • cmb

        Try looking up my lawsuits against the city, the email to the Police Chief that I will kill his cops if they come onto my property again, the photos of my broken hand by a cop when he escalated a situation to the point of violence – nice try pansy

        • Dan Morgan

          Like I said, nice try tool-bag……

          • cmb

            Stick a 9mm in your mouth and do the world a favor – coward

          • Dan Morgan

            In the words of Infidel51 ” You first dumbass”.

          • cmb

            your mother would have aborted you if she knew what you would turn into

          • Dan Morgan

            And yours would have done the same had she known you would never leave her basement.
            Now go back to playing world of Warcraft, eating Cheetos, and drinking your code red mountain dew, you useless, inbread, f-tard.
            And leave the thinking to the adults.

          • cmb

            what a cowardly fag … here let me pull the trigger for you

          • Dan Morgan

            Is that some of the” self talk” they taught you at the psychiatric hospital? If so, I’d ask for a refund.

          • cmb

            since you are too much of a coward to pull the trigger at least get yourself sterilized – oh wait… not a single woman would go near your fat, stinking carcass.

          • Dan Morgan


    • Infidel51

      You first. Dumbass.

      • cmb

        Already have – how bout you little butterfly?

        • Infidel51

          Your keyboard Kung fu is strong grasshopper. Truly impressive stuff.

    • tanaberrys .

      You sound like the reason they promote eugenics!

      • cmb

        You too!

  • bill lopez

    Everytime I show the stats I get blasted by the cop fan boys. Go see for yourself, I tell them. The “officer down memorial page” lists the names, their ranks, departments and even shows their pictures as well as what got them killed “in the line of duty”. Overwhelmingly, officer deaths per year are caused by traffic accidents. But they also like to manipulate the data, as they include things like heart attacks as being a cause for killed in the line of duty, and include police dogs deaths to bolster the numbers.

    Being a cop isn’t even listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States.

    • juskom95

      Traffic accidents have lead officer deaths for many years. An officer sitting on the side of the road has always been VERY dangerous. It is not quite as sensational though.

  • Dan Morgan

    “Only 25”. That is cold comfort for the families of executed officers.
    Are there bad cops? Absolutely, and they should be fired, and prosecuted, if they committed a crime.
    TPTB are playing both ends against the middle. BLM on one side, killer cops on the other, with no middle ground. Their intent is to use chaos, mistrust, and ignorance to achieve their goal of federal control of law enforcement. We should be doing everything in our power to keep local control of local law enforcement.
    Most of us are caught in the middle, which means we outnumber both sides. If you have bad cops in your locality, pressure the local police chief/sheriff to remove those officers. Demand professionalism from YOUR public servants.
    Also, push back against groups like BLM and others who are nothing more than communist agitators. It is fairly easy to spot these groups, and we should use their own tactics against them. Isolate, marginalize, and dismiss.
    All of these problems have solutions, but alot of hard work and commitment is necessary. Those are two traits that seem to be in short supply in this age of critical keyboard commandos.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Here is the reason it is a lie:

    Breakdown of Law Enforcement Deaths throughout U.S

















  • tanaberrys .

    The MSM promotes ignorance, violence and confrontation. They are the issue here…

  • Dan Morgan

    So what do want to do? Burn it all down? In case you haven’t noticed we have a serious problem with feral, welfare dependant ass clowns, who also wanna ” burn this bitch down”
    Maybe y’all can meet in the middle and fight over the ashes.
    Is there a time to fight, absolutely. But it should be avoided if at all possible.
    I have seen, first hand the results of civil war and no one but a complete psychopath or moron would want to go down that rabbit hole voluntarily.

  • Ray Jones

    in 1984 we went from peace officer to the LEO….the LEO is a revenu generator and wants nothing to with keeping the peace…while i do not condone the the murdering of the LEO,S i do infact understand why it is happening…they have had thei boot on our collective necks since 1984 and are increasing the the pressure every year…the courts have been upping the fines and the court costs regularly ….when you take into consideration thats the LEO no lomger has a derilection of duty laws they do NOT have to write tickets other than to meet their illegal qouta,s.and thats just the tip of the ice berg….we are coming up on 32 years of this abuse at the hands of the blue mafia and they cant seem to figure out why the civees are miffed can you???

    • Ray Jones

      great way to bury a comment

  • Ray Jones

    in the 70,s cop,s werent total jerks like they are now….

    • alphaco82ndairborne

      In the 70’s, the average citizen wasn’t either, respect went both ways. I am employed in a liberal state as a cop, and have as much to fear if I happened to be rude in reply to a person on a call or traffic stop who is rude to me if not more than if I had to use force against someone. I always treat people decently, reason number one being it is a hell of a lot easier to deal with them then. It does not matter how many times I tell someone on a complaint, that I did not just pick their house to come knocking on and bother them that the did something which “someone” a family member, neighbor etc, called and reported. Time that people go back to taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. I have been alive 41 years, and have had jobs doing everything from picking apples and flipping burgers in high school, to factory and warehouse work, a stint in the 82nd Airborne during OIF 1, and numerous other jobs before my present law enforcement job, now in its 8th year. The only times I ever was approached by the police were for traffic infractions 3 times in my youth, and for being in a bad part of Times Square at age 12 (NYPD said my buddy and I should not hang around in an area with crackheads and prostitutes, we were just lost after coming out of subway.) I was polite during these interactions, and the cops were polite. I still have people who are polite that I meet, but most of them are older, from generations where respect was commonplace (until you lost it.) Not every cop gets off on ticketing people. I can tell you in my large agency, my barracks is one targeted by NCO’s and Officers for low traffic ticket numbers. Mainly because we don’t like to write tickets to decent people. I would make it a point to stop dozens of cars for violations, call out the stops on the air, and only write 2 or 3 people out of 15 to 20 that I observed. Everyone else was warned to follow the V and T laws better. For the majority, that would be enough, as most people would drive more carefully after that. I was advised by Station Sgt. and Captain that I am not enforcing highway safety if I don’t ticket. In end that comes down to revenue that upper mgt., and the state, county, or local agencies want from the tickets. Not every cop is a thug. End of rant

      • Ray Jones

        thank you for your service….i dont know what to say other than good luck and God bless you and your family…

  • jwclark

    How many cops are “assaulted” because they themselves both start and escalate a situation and then misreport what happened, i.e., lie? How do we fix those statistics?
    What is the number of police reports that contain confessions by police that they escalated the situation? Answer, an unbelievable “zero.”
    So much for stats. JWC

  • Alleged Comment

    THE MSM is full of LIARS run by faggots, lieberals and girlie men.

    It amazing sissies are given so much power like the sodomite negro illegally in power.

  • Ray Jones

    generator and wants nothing to with keeping the peace…while i do not
    condone the the murdering of the LEO,S i do infact understand why it is
    happening…they have had thei boot on our collective necks since 1984
    and are increasing the the pressure every year…the courts have been
    upping the fines and the court costs regularly ….when you take into
    consideration thats the LEO no lomger has a derilection of duty laws
    they do NOT have to write tickets other than to meet their illegal
    qouta,s.and thats just the tip of the ice berg….we are coming up on 32
    years of this abuse at the hands of the blue mafia and they cant seem
    to figure out why the civees are miffed can you???

  • merrileerj

    No I think it’s real. Because blacks want something to do in their welfare days.

  • Sailor Uranus Star Power

    The number of annual police fatalities is way down whereas the number of civilian deaths is way up! Something is seriously wrong with this whole picture if you ask me.