Media Director For Campus Reform Asks College Students To List Beto O’Rourke’s Accomplishments And They Couldn’t Come Up With Anything

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Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips asked college students to list Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s accomplishments and many were at a loss for words.

Phillips appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday to review the tape of his interviews and said the students were very enthusiastically supportive of O’Rourke, who is running for Senate, despite not knowing many of his positions or achievements.

“These people were very enthusiastic about their support of him as well. Many of them had Beto O’Rourke stickers and pins on their backpack,” he said.

“This is proof of what happens when you go through life never having your point of view value challenged,” Phillips added. “So many of these young students, they go to campus, they’re told by their professors, by administrators, by celebrities, social media — you have to be a Democrat. So a lot of these students, they just fall in line with supporting Democrat candidates.”

Phillips said most students are scared to speak out for conservative values because they see what happens to those who are open with their beliefs.

“They see what happens to anyone that dares to support a conservative or Republican candidate who’s young and so that peer pressure leads them to support candidates that they know very little about,” he added. “It’s sad because their vote counts just as much as everyone else’s vote.”

Phillips said colleges place a tremendous amount of stress on students to be liberal and said young conservatives tend to me more well-informed on major issues than students who identify as Democrats.

“I’ve been to over 100 campuses with the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform and they all have one thing in common and that’s this overwhelming pressure to be on the left,” he said, adding:

“Young conservative college students are far more informed than their liberal counterparts … When you go to college you don’t accidentally become a Republican. There is an overwhelming pressure to become a Democrat and support the left. And so if you are on the right you are constantly having to arm yourself with facts, with reasoning, because everyone’s against you for the most part. You’re always having to defend yourself. That makes conservative students born foreigners.”

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