Media Buries Bombshell Turkey False Flag Attack

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Turkish government officials were caught red-handed in a leaked audio tape planning a false flag terror attack as a pretext to invade Syria, but the mainstream media completely buried the key aspect of the story and made it all about Prime Minister Erdogan blocking YouTube.


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  • Anothereno

    Need people to download and re-up that video before it disappears.

  • Rick E.

    Turkey is just a fly on the ass of the world! They’d better stop stirring up the crap! But I guess they think that they have Obomba looking out for their mistakes.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Always the way, sorry Rick. The people in charge are unfit to govern because the games they play can cost innocent lives. Quite frankly it makes me sick.
      But talking about false flags the conspiracy that started me on this journey is Why did Osama destroy the ugly past their sell by date, smelly twin towers while leaving the totally Sacred to America and American values Statue of Liberty intact? Also the White House spared + hardly any real damage to the Pentagon.
      That tomb is probably less important to Turkey than we may 1st think.
      Either way, conspiracy to commit acts of terror should be punishable by Life in Guantanamo Bay.
      Take them down.

  • Oingo Boingo

    What has also been suppressed is the fact that a Turk government official was at the Benghazi CIA safehouse with USA Ambassador Stevens working out details of trans-shipment of arms and supplies to the phony “rebels’ in Syria.
    Turkey is a trained doggy that serves EU and USA scumbaggery inflicted on nations that DO NOT want or need a jew owned Central Bank, as in Libya.