Meanwhile In Venezuela, The Real Mad Max Emerges

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While Silicon Valley seems obsessed by ‘blood boys’, it’s another part of the world that appears to have gone full Mad Max. As the following clip shows a gang of bikers chase down and attack a truck (with Molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload

Not quite the “Guzzoline” or “Bullets” that Fury Road offers, but when all you have to eat is flamingos or black stallions, sugar may be a good substitute worth risking your life over…

With each passing week, the situation in Venezuela keeps on getting worse.

Not quite the socialist utopia that Bernie Sanders longed for? Or more pointedly – this is exactly the dystopia one can expect from such policies of ‘redistribution’ and central planning.

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    That’s us, down the road a couple five years…….

    • Freespirit

      Closer than that.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Yeah, I know. I was trying to maintain some small semblance of optimism…..I guess. What the hey is there to remain optimistic FOR, ennyhoo?

      • Mariaplanda

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        • Freespirit

          Bank Statements please

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    On further reflection, are youse guise SURE that is actually ‘sugar’?? C’mon…..biker gang and…..SUGAR? More like some Peruvian Pink trundlin’ through, or mebbe some home-grown crank (oops, showin’ my age here). I played in an outlaw club sponsored biker band for more than 5 years, back when. If there’s ANYTHING to make those guise want to hijack a truck, it AIN’T SUGAR. Even now, in Venezuela. Either that, or that ain’t a REAL “biker gang”….Where’d they get the GAS for all those bikes&molotovs, if they are in such dire straits, btw?

  • Farmer Scott

    Once and only ‘if’ the government there submits to the IMF and World Bank to ‘privatize’ the economy – will money and credit start to flow into Venezuela again.

  • Freespirit

    Does the author of this article NOT KNOW that the U.S. is behind the CHAOS in Venezuela.They do have OIL: you know and lots of it.

    Zero Hedge is sounding more like INFOWARS, every day.

    Socialism or “pre” Communism is NOT the problem.After all the U.S. is well on its way to becoming a Communist state thanks to the 200 odd DUAL citizen, Israeli/ Americans in congress.

    The SOUL of COMMUNISM is the SOUL of JUDAISM :

  • John C Carleton

    Of course the CIA had absolutely nothing to do with this!

  • TrevorD

    It will not stop until every country on this earth is `under the hammer` and so conforming to TPTB New World Order. Everything happening, the wars, the pain, the confusion, the despair, the division, the diversions lead only to one road. Unless we wake up that is..

    • Freespirit

      Well said, Trevor

  • SP_88

    I don’t think that Venezuela is the target of this oil glut, they are most likely collateral damage, an unintended consequence of their agenda to bring down bigger oil producing nations, like Russia and Iran.
    And the reason why Venezuela is taking it so hard is because of their socialist utopia. They had already spent a bunch of other people’s money, and had become reliant on oil to keep their debt fueled utopia afloat when the oil glut hit.
    Oh well. I’m sure it won’t be long before we are running sugar trucks off the road so we can rob them.

  • JCLincoln

    President Maduro should step down before he totally destroys Venezuela.