The Internet Brilliantly Responds to McDonald’s “Hacked” Anti-Trump Tweet

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This morning, a rather unusual Tweet from a huge international company was directed at President Trump…


The Tweet came from the McDonald’s corporate account – which has been verified by Twitter – and has 151,000 followers.

It was deleted several minutes later, and an explanation from the company followed…

Some people loved the Tweet, some hated it, and some took the opportunity to let McDonald’s know their thoughts about the company overall…

Some offered to buy loads of McNuggets in exchange for the Tweet being reposted…


This Tweet accurately summed up the entire debacle…

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  • huntress

    Who is being fired and prosecuted???? Names please!

  • McCommunists

  • Larua

    laugh my effing azz off,
    McDonalds calling Trump disgusting is like
    the skunk calling the rose stinky.
    McDonalds has been serving the American People (sheeple)
    chemicals and only god know what else in their
    disgusting so called food.
    anyone who still eats at McDonalds eats at their own risk.
    McDonalds, you are the armpit of America,
    I hope one day the sheeple wake the hell up.

  • Todd Burgess

    Brings to mind a Black Mirrors episode where social media has [d]evolved to sinister ends.

  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    Yeah, sure the twitter account was hacked! Just look back in pre-election news, and it is very telling how CEO’s will behave moving forward.

    McDonald’s CEO on Trump transition: ‘No one likes uncertainty’
    November 18, 2016: 1:10 PM ET

  • anonymous4u4me

    Shows to go you, they are probably eating the junk they call food.

  • Rick E.

    Their hamburgers taste like dried out cow pies! This is just one more reason to shun the disgusting shit they peddle as food!

  • Jimmy Yost

    McGarbage seems to be committing slow suicide, and the sooner the better for America and for the rest of the world.

  • It is not Paranoia

    So that’s the trick? You can post anything, then delete it and say you were hacked?

  • Kendo

    Ever notice how the burger in the picture in the window looks nothing like the burger you get over the counter… it’s the classic bait and switch.

  • Joel W

    Was it really hacked?????? Damage control?????