May the Stupid Be With You: College Goes on Lockdown Because Someone Thought a Lightsaber Was a Gun

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Stupid, this is. Hurt, your brain will.

Farmingdale State College on New York’s Long Island went into lockdown earlier today and students were advised to “shelter in place” after someone called 911 because they saw a man in a campus parking lot armed with a dangerous weapon…

That dangerous weapon turned out to be a lightsaber.

Police responded around 9:40 am thinking someone was assembling a rifle on a college campus. What they found was a student “heavily armed” with a toy Star Wars lightsaber.

Here is a lightsaber:


Here is a rifle:






Reminds me of the time a town went on lockdown because a guy was dressed up in a stormtrooper costume in the middle of the afternoon. Are there large segments of the population who cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction? Who do not know the difference between a lightsaber and a rifle? Because that’s a lot scarier than a rifle.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, hopefully the level of idiocy never quite reached the dazzling heights it has achieved in the politically correct fear mills “safe spaces” that represent modern American college campuses.

The sad part about this is, because we live in such a militarized police state in this country, the student with the lightsaber is actually lucky police responded and actually decided to “investigate” a call about someone potentially armed with a gun. They didn’t just show up and shoot the first person they saw who might fit the description, as typically happens in this country these days. Such a weapons call could have and has easily gotten an innocent person killed.

Although America’s college campuses may be gun-free zones, they are also quickly turning into critical thinking-free zones and free speech-free zones, on top of being a bastion of pervasive political correctness, and a place where everyone is afraid of everything (including their own thoughts, which may hurt other people’s feelings)… making college campuses some of the scariest places to be in the U.S. today.

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  • I forgot

    Who gave anyone the right to imprison people without a trial?

    • Becoming a judge. Contempt jailing doesn’t require adjudication.

      • I forgot

        That’s right, in the US anyone can be imprisoned for any reason…including ‘because’.

        • Reverend Draco

          Actually, it’s “because fuck you, that’s why.”

  • jaguar

    Parents these days are Raising big babies , who need Their safe place, when there is something scarey that frightens them!! Pussies!

    • BW83

      You say that like the typical parent actually raises their child today. They let the broken school system do most of that, hence incidents like this.

  • Eric Blake

    This is what a “time out” kid turns out to be when going to college.

    • There are plenty of time out kids here that just go play with their guns when their mom tells them to go out and play. The only place they can’t take them is to school, so far. Any school shooter better leave if the kid go towards their cars.

    • BW83

      He brings a lightsaber to mass murder his school mates? Wonder if he passed the required background checks? What we need are lightsaber-free zones and stiffer melter weapon legislation, that’ll fix it. If it saves just ONE life it’s worth it lmao.

      • otis cambell

        Well, he did not produce the required light saber permits as required by the authorities.

        • BW83

          Well if we make statutes that criminalize and make lightsaber ownership difficult to manage only outlaws will have lightsabers :p

  • BW83

    Why would a town shut down over a storm trooper? If Star Wars has taught me anything it’s that they never hit their target…

    The Jedi with the lightsaber though? THAT could have been a problem. Plenty of lucky cops didn’t get force choked that day lol

    • Rick E.

      WHY would a town shut down you ask? Please read my other post on this topic, I think that this may explain the ‘why’, thanks.

      • Reverend Draco

        Your sarcasm detector needs calibration and QC.

  • Rick E.

    WHEN are they going to ban stupidity, ignorance, and political correctness???

  • Clementine

    Lightsabers… umbrellas… what’s next? Are they going to mistake someones arm for a gun? Or maybe their backpack… or their shoe…! Maybe these timid little b*tches shouldn’t leave their houses if they are having hallucinations…

  • Reverend Draco

    Supposed to be a comedy, not a guide.

  • Mr Reynard

    Farmingdale State College on New York’s Long Island ! The Alma Mater of the “best” & “brightest” ??
    God Save America ??

  • Unapologetically White

    That’s not a rifle, it’s a shotgun. If you are gonna act like a journalist, research like one, or go home. Just picking photos at random to buttress your argument can make you look stupid.

  • ISpartaChrisI

    Oh snap!

  • traveler25

    We need to ban lightsaber’s, those things are a threat to humanity.

  • g.johnon

    you shouldn’t really be surprised that there are people who cannot tell a lightsaber from a rifle when you clearly cannot tell a rifle from a shotgun Melissa.

  • dspence

    It takes a village to raise an idiot…..