Matt Drudge: “Putin Is The Leader of the Free World”

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Hours before President Obama was set to speak to the American people about what he intends to do with Syria, well known journalist Matt Drudge foreshadowed what the President may say in his speech when he tweeted that “Putin is the leader of the free world.”

After two weeks of posturing from the Obama administration, including claims that a cruise missile strike was mere hours or days away, President Obama backed off the possibility of a limited attack on Syria, saying that he wanted Congress to debate the issue and then vote on it.

It is believed that Obama backed down after being threatened with the possibility of large-scale counter strikes by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a staunch supporter of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Is Matt Drudge right? Did Putin give Obama the smack-down on Syria?

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  • Drudge Fan – Not!

    Drudge is a cunt. Always has been, always will be. Who fucking cares what he thinks or says?

    • T

      In this instance, I care. Putin is the shiznit. About time someone put the mass-murderer in his place. Peace and love to Syria.

    • Liberals SUCK

      Oh great, another internet warrior with an IQ of 2. Let me guess, you spend your whole day in your section 8 apartment collecting welfare surfing the Huffington Post and drinking koolaid, LOL.

    • big boobed blonde bombshell

      as soon as the IMF installs a Central Bank in Syria “Peace” will be miraculously manifested…..then N.Korea, or whatever “Axis of Evil” non IMF country is next

      • Ken, your UK friend

        Marry me Big Boobed Blonde Best-shell! Never before have I met a woman who thought the way I did Princess xxx

  • RickE.

    Shirley Temple could give Obama a “smack down”!

    This should be interesting, let’s see how this plays out.

    What’s debatable is whether Obama came to this decision himself or whether he was directly influenced by his masters.

    • Red dog

      Clarification…either Shirley temple the child actor OR Shirley temple the inamimate object(lacking a brain) could make obowel movement look like afoot

    • ENFP

      It seems there is some kind of conflict either b/w the puppet masters or b/w Obama and the puppet masters. Some want to start WWIII and some are resisting. No matter what Obama does now he will be unpopular. Lets hope in the end he doesn’t attack. This is the only way numerous lives will be spared, if he backs down!

    • Love seeing comments from those who have broke free from the FALSE left vs right paradigm and awoken to TRUTH. We live ina matrix. All wars are Bankers’ wars @

  • Smarty

    This has nothing to do with President Poon-tang. Our village idiot decided to blow congress first because if he goes it alone, he knows that congress will have no excuse to not impeach him because it will be the one scandal that is sooooo obvious, even the blindest of sheep will catch on. So, now he’ll go blow congress, and in a few weeks the missiles will be flying and we’ll be sucked into another fucking useless war so the assholes on top can make money. See Stu?

  • PJ London

    Putin said that a military strike without UNSC authority would be a “war crime”. Welcome to St Petersburg, you are under arrest.

  • Ponce

    Obama is a humiliating failure. If it isn’t bad enough that he was elected twice, ther eis a whole party cd Democrat that have stood behind him no ,atter what he has done. When it all falls down you will know who the peeps were. Bad thing is now he has had his ego tarnished what atrocity will he commit to restore his self image as imperior in cheif.

  • Miyagi

    I’ve been reading a lot of positive blogs and articles about Putin. Essentially, the articles state how Putin is better than Obama. I’m seeing so much of this lately that I think it’s conditioning for American’s to support Russia more than the US government.

    • ENFP

      Putin is better only in the sense he is supporting what is best for his country. It is very doubtful that Obama is doing the same for his country.

  • T

    Obama is an embarrassment to Black People. They deserved a real Black man in the White House, not this sly bitch. Too bad Tupaq was murdered. He was maturing into a leader who cared about his people if you watched his interviews. He was also a lion, not a bitch. Peace.

    • Jean

      Actually, I think the American blacks GOT a real black man in the White House… the leader they deserved…

  • akvalmet30

    Putin Rocks! Could he be our President maybe at least part time? Even on a part time basis he could accomplish more than Obummer ever could and improve things here. Oh, BTW, he doesn’t give a damn about Jews or Zionist, in fact, he hates them.

  • annie

    Obama out, Putin in.
    Obama never stood for justice. Putin may have a few rough edges but he knows what’s right.

  • Andyj

    So Obama the peace Nobel laureate was on the brink of committing a war crime. Again!
    I’m a Brit. Watching Haigh speak pro war on lies you could see his face squirming and trying to deaden the plain give aways in his demeanour.. Cameron saying very little.. All of a sudden it was all hands on deck, something has to be done. Its so very urgent! All the while looking stressed out and very scared.
    Something is going on behind the scenes they will not tell we the public about. The force that dictates to our elected leaders… We really need to know who they are. Just tell us everything and they will become nothing.

  • obama wishes he could run a country as good as putin,it realy kinda sucks when you know your leader is second rate when compared to the russian leader

    • T

      That’s an insult to Putin. You are forgiven. The US gov is a bad reality show nowhere near in touch with reality. I swear, when one watches the White House and CNN, one has to wonder what fucking fall-down loser puts these shitty scripts down on paper. Yet they still manage to pollute so many minds. Consider that the minds they are polluting come from the US “education system” and it all makes sense. Peace.

  • Andy

    It is a total shame that the money rules this country.In this day and age we are now the bad guys in the world,there was a time when we were looked up to,but with the NWO placing so much emphasis on taking over the world and using us to lead the way is not going too good.Thank you Mr.Putin for not letting Boobama start WW3,maybe we still have time to turn things around.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • hoyeru

    How funny, a Jewish gay man defending Putin!!!!! What is the world coming to?????

  • booger

    all good enough to stop talking about the NSA and booz allen hamilton and the Carlyle group right?

    so easily distracted….

  • Touche’, Matt Drudge.
    Sheep do not follow a shepard. They follow the dominant ram. In sheeple land, this is the Council on Foreign Relations’ CFRtv. And follow it they will. Right off a Goddamned cliff.

  • Paul @ of Stamford

    Just a month ago in answer to obama and feinkenstein’s constitutional complaint that we have to give up our liberty for their security, Putin actually rebutted them back with Benjamin Franklin’s quote on Liberty. Imagine that! Our rulers are against the Constitution and Putin is for it. Hah. And now, obama wants to start his, what is it, his 8th war?!#$%#@??? And Putin’s once again against war. Can the contrast be no clearer?

  • Ha, Obama is an American war criminal – Putin is not.

  • mt shasta drinks

    This is tricky. It does not look like it on the surface, but the Israelis and American Zionists are backing Russian leader and Asian economic Co-op groups. We see this in people like the multi-billionaire Rothschilde, Evelyn, who about a year ago was interviewed when he was in Dubai and said the future is in the EAst. Rothschilds are very shrewd Jewish business dealers and influence governments behind the scenes. There is more going on behind the surface of this. Israel knows that it’s current Cash-Cow, the U.S., is on the brink of economic collapse, (brought on by the economic powers moving Eastward), and that the NEW power house on the block is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This is about the purposeful intent to finish off the American dollar. Prepare yourselves if you live in the U.S. This is imminent.

  • big boobed blonde bombshell

    Russia is FREE , USA is SLAVERY

  • Locus

    To Matt Drudge the world is a termite mound and he enjoys poking it with a stick. Poke!

    Whether I follow his (eclectic) views or not I check his site a few times every day because the news stories he covers are chosen by REAL HUMANS with SHORT ATTENTION SPANS. People like me. There is a smooth roll of new items that actually represent new events occurring or new facts unfolding.

    Drudge Report is one of only a few news sites where Miley Cyrus items can actually be rolled under and out if something breaks in the Middle East.

    Meanwhile CNN and MSNBC are falling all over themselves to dredge up Liberal Opinions to pat the President on the back, Fox predictably front-pages the latest Anti-prez angsty dribble opinions put forth by its Personalities…

    Bing and Google news pages are like likes on a Youtube comment roll, they are cyber-mechanized by clickthrough popularity so news about Beyonce and Miley Cyrus zooms to the top, bouyed by a clicking crowd of sexually repressed drooling religious sin-haters and sexually repressed drooling fawning adolescents. It is odd and hilarious how these disparate groups come together as one in this fashion.

  • Evie

    Why are Russian, chinese and UN troops often spotted in the USA? Maybe training exercises?

    • lol where in the US did you spot Chinese or Russian troops?

      • RickE.

        At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

  • Are you people sick putin is controlled free nothing that’s why there communists and so are we USA gone betrayed by the sold out minions of luvifer

  • Frank

    Putin nationalized tbe Russian central bank, arrested one of the chairmen, killed another, and ran the rest out of the country. Russia may not be the perfect bastion of freedom, but it is a hell of a lot more free than the U.S. is… and they control their finance, much like Iceland, not the Zionist Israeli bastard bankers. He has told the Rothschilds to take their banks and shove them up their ass. I may not be Russian, but I have a lot more respect and support for Putin than Obuttlick.

  • Frank

    … and Russian girls have that sexy accent, so I won’t be too upset if they invade the U.S. for being a Rothschild puppet.

    In fact, if Obunghole gets his wish and burries his head neck deep up AIPAC’s ass by lobbing missiles into Syria, I sincerely hope Russia, China, and Iran flatten Israel to a pile of smoking rubble. Israel is the single greatest threat to global security. They have an unaccountable nuclear arsenal, the most aggressive spying program on Earth, a policy of sabotage and assassination, a human rights record on par with Hitler, an ideology that they are God’s chosen people, and are a central home to all of the major names in the criminal central banking cartel. Open your eyes people, Israel IS the problem. They are the worst “allies” the U.S. could possibly have, and they basically control the U.S. government. Did you see how many congressmen, ambassadors, cabinet members, and Obumfuck himself were at the last AIPAC meeting, all kissing the Israeli’s asses as fast and hard as possible? They are all owned by AIPAC and the financiers behind it…. The big banks.

    • RickE.

      Yes indeed Frank! Israel is always tugging at our shirt sleeves trying to get us to attack whatever country they’re currently paranoid about!

      They need to stand on their own 2 feet.

      There’s a good chance they’ll be annihilated anyway, as if we bomb Damascus, there’s a nuclear reactor that’s right in harms way!

      Imagine it being compromised then blowing to high heaven. Israel is mighty close!

  • Ceda

    What says international community about new usa aggression?
    95% of humanity (China, India, Russia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and largest Muslim countries Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria .. say fuck off Obama!
    What say 90% of the Western world? Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium,Germany .. total of 25 countries in Europe and Australia and Canada say fuck off Obama, we do not want to be allies of al Qaeda !
    What kind of international community usa propaganda saying?
    Al Qaeda – the United States and countries with the lowest human rights in the world (has more rights than women camel) Saudi Arabia – UAE – Qatar not the international community and 95% of humanity has sent a very clear message